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I should like to express my great indebtedness to Mr. J, G. Hananian for the care and thought with 
which he has turned my book into fluent English. In places the translation presented considerable 
difficulties, but no efforts were spared to make the English version as readable as possible. 


Copyright 2000 by George H. Malkmus All rights reserved 

This reprint has been made after substantial effort to contact A.T. Hovannessian. It is printed with only minor grammatical 
revisions to improve readability of the original printing. The publisher intends to offer health information to help you cooperate 
with your doctor or other health practitioners in your quest for good health. In the event you use this information without your 
doctor's or health practitioner's approval, you prescribe for yourself. This remains your constitutional right. The publisher 
assumes no responsibility. 

This edition published and distributed by: 

Hallelujah Acres Publishing 

PO Box 2388 

Shelby, NC 28151 


Printed by: 

Shelby, North Carolina 

E-book made by: 

Haik Nazaryan 

Glendale, California 



A New World Free From Diseases, Vices and Poisons 

Third Edition 


Shelby, North Carolina, USA 

Order and Spread RAW-EATING 





The Forgotten Prophet 10 


Howl Conceived the Idea of Raw-Eating 11 

The Efficient Operation of Every Factory is Subject 

to the Uniform Supply of All the Raw Materials 

Specified by the Engineer 12 

Direct and Indirect Nutritional Diseases 13 

The Cancer Cell is the Direct Offspring of Degenerated Food 14 

Addiction to Cooked Food is the Most Dangerous of All Vices 16 

The Demand for Cooked Food is Not Hunger 17 

Cooked-Eating Forces the Human Organs to 

Work at Three to Four Times Their Normal Capacity 18 

Human Nourishment Should Consist of Living Cells 

and Not Corpses of Dead Cells 19 

Short-Sightedness is the Greatest Defect of Medical Science 20 

The Weight of a Cooked-Eater Cannot be Regarded as a 

Criterion of Good Health 21 

No Medicine Can Replace the Raw Materials Destroyed on the Fire. . 22 
Cooked-Eating and Drug Therapy are Leading the Human 

Race to Utter Annihilation 25 

Natural Foodstuffs Must Not be Utilized by Doctors as 

Merely Temporary Therapeutic Means 26 

We Must Never Upset the Integrity of the Human Raw Materials 28 

How Diseases are Born 33 

It is the Worst of Crimes to Accustom a Baby to Cooked Foods 38 

Gastrolatrous Biologists Must Prove that 

Nature Has Made a Mistake 40 

A Baby Detests the Taste of Cooked Foods 41 

The Practice of Raw-Eating in My Family 43 

All the Evil Habits and Beastly Inclinations of Man 

are the Result of Cooked Eating 44 

The Conception of Diet Should be Limited to the Replacement of 

Unnatural Nutrition by the Natural Method of Feeding 45 

The Use of Artificial Vitamins and Minerals Must be Stopped 47 

The Comparison Between the Health of Raw-Eating and 
Cooked- Eating Children is the Best Means of Confirming 
the Harm Incurred by Eating Cooked Food 50 

Scientific I nstitutions and Responsible State Bodies Must 

Examine the Problem of Raw-Eating 51 

It Is No Sin to Speak the Truth 52 

No Legal Barrier Exists Against the Destruction of the 

Raw Materials Intended for the Human Factory 52 

Raw-Eating Ensures I mmense Benefits in Public Economy 53 

Everyone Must Recognize the Real and Intergral Raw 

Materials of His Body 54 

The Age of Cooked-Eating is the Age When Addictions, 

Superstitions and Microbes Reign Supreme 56 

Appendix 57 


The Construction of the Human Organism 61 

What is Nutrition? 65 

All Varieties of Raw Vegetable Bodies Consist Essentially of 

The Same Constituents 67 

The Properties of Particular Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals 

Should No Longer Form a Basis for Discussion 70 

Real Man and False Man 77 

Diseases Are Caused By the I nfringement of the Laws of Nature 79 

The Resistance of Man to I nfectious Diseases Weakens 

From Generation to Generation 88 

Cancer is the Result of Extreme Degeneration of Cells 92 

The Labour and Expense of Preparing Cooked Foods Are 

Nothing But Sheer Waste 101 

The Medicine of the Cooked-Eater is an Entirely Erroneous Science 105 

Mankind is at Present Far From Being Civilized Ill 



The Achievements of RAW-EATING 125 


In 1978, I first read Arshavir Ter-Hovannessian's book, Raw-Eating. This 
inspirational work was one of the most influential forces in moving me to a raw diet. 
Mr. Hovannessian had two children die because of the diet they consumed. He writes, 
"My children died of the gradual emaciation and wasting away of all their organs caused by 
unnatural feeding and poisonous medicines." All of this could have been prevented! 

One of the reasons that we continue to be become sick is because society is addicted 
to cooked food. We cannot help but to crave the taste of cooked food. When food is 
cooked, the genetic make up of the food is compromised; therefore, the nutritional value is 
compromised. God showed us in Genesis 1:29, that all things are provided for us. Arshavir 
Ter-Hovannessian shows us through his own tragic story and his subsequent research that 
God is truly omnipotent and that by following his plan, we will lead a long life, free of 

My original copy of "Raw-Eating" has dog-eared pages and has become quite tattered. 
I still refer to it often for inspiration and confirmation that the right diet is the cure for 
all diseases. I have tried for years to find Mr. Hovannessian to obtain more copies of 
his book. Unfortunately, all attempts have been unsuccessful. However, I found his 
message to be so necessary that we at Hallelujah Acres decided to reprint this classic. 

Raw-Eating was written 40 years ago. Imagine how our world would be today if 
everyone had changed their vicious habits then. I encourage you to read this book from 
cover-to-cover and to pass it on to everyone you know. Spread the message that you 
don't have to be sick! 

Rev. George Malkmus 


The first part of the present book was published in 1963 under the title of RAW-EATING. 
In that little volume, which comprised a brief summary of my conceptions on nutrition, I had 
touched upon almost every important aspect of raw-eating. Generally speaking, there is no 
need to enter into long-winded details in order to declare to the world the simple truth that 
the operations of cooking and refining, by means of which natural nutriments are 
degenerated into unnatural substances, are not only harmful operations that break the laws of 
nature, but they are the chief cause of all diseases. The most ignorant person can clearly 
perceive that, instead of freeing people from diseases, the medical science that is based on 
cooked foods and poisonous drugs leads mankind into a multitude of serious ailments, from 
which all other living creatures are immune. 

After reading only a few lines on the subject, the clear-sighted person wakes up from 
his lethargic indifference and realizes the full gravity of the situation. The vast majority of 
people, however, being blinded by current misconceptions of medical science and prejudiced 
by a host of preconceived ideas, wish to have further information on the subject. That is 
why, in the second part of this book, I have come forward with additional and more detailed 
explanations on a number of crucial questions. At the same time advantage has been taken of 
the opportunity to make several small revisions and corrections in the first part. During the 
first edition of the book the idea of raw-eating was still in its rudimentary stages; today is has 
been put into practice in a great many countries. By giving up cooked foods and poisonous 
drugs, thousands of sensible people all over the world have cured themselves of their long- 
standing illnesses and are now able to enjoy a carefree life of health and happiness. At the 
end of the book I have given a small selection of the numerous letters received from such 

When a new machine or instrument is invented, a few successful tests are deemed 
sufficient to confirm or prove that invention. Today, thousands of healthy people 
throughout the world are living proofs that raw-eating saves mankind from the ruthless 
clutches of every disease on earth. One might well have thought that this would have sufficed 
to arouse the scientific world from its sluggish apathy and convince everybody of the 
enormous benefits that raw-eating brings for us all. Today people who are blinded by 
addictions organize international conferences to combat supposed world shortage of 
foodstuffs and deliver endless speeches on ridiculous subjects, while 80 percent of the real 
foodstuffs given to us by nature are thoughtlessly destroyed with their own hands by cooking 
and refining. 

I appeal to all true humanitarians to raise their voices and by their continual demands 
invite the authorities to take immediate steps to put the principles of raw eating into practice. 
The time is ripe for action. 

- Aterhov 

Arshavir Ter-Hovanessian 

The Forgotten Prophet 

Armenian raw vegan Arshavir Ter-Hovanessian will one day be remembered as not only 
the father of the modern day raw food movement worldwide, but also one of the greatest 
humanitarians and environmentalists who ever lived. His book Raw Eating (first published in 
Armenian in 1960) will not only be regarded as the bible of raw foodism but also one of the 
greatest books ever written. After his awakening from raw eating, he found it his life's passion 
and mission to spread this universal truth to everybody across the world. With his own money 
he printed and distributed 10,000 plus copies all around the globe free of charge. He found it 
immoral to charge anybody for such simple and beneficial knowledge. Due to his efforts, 
thousands and now millions of people have been given a second chance in life, free of diseases 
and sickness. Much about his life is unknown and the parts which are known are forgotten. His 
work has also been completely plagiarized by opportunist "health gurus" such as Stephen Arlin, 
David Wolfe, Fouad Dini, R.C.Dini, and Ken Seaney in their book Natures First Law: The Raw- 
Food Diet. Aterhov (Arshavir Ter-Hovanessian) has not been given any credit whatsoever by any 
of these dishonest money hungry authors. He has done so much for humanity and the least we 
can do is remember, appreciate, and honor his work. Aterhov is truly one of the most 
underestimated philanthropists of our time and his philosophy on raw eating is beginning to 
resurface because mankind is in a desperate need for a natural and healthy way of living. The 
raw food diet is not only remarkably beneficial to our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing 
but it is also beneficial to the whole environment and the economies of all nations on earth. 
This lifestyle is the only true way we are designed to live and the result of whole nations 
converting to a raw food diet will be revolutionary to say the least. Aterhov himself believed 
that raw eating will bring forth the "world's greatest revolution", so let's try to not let him 

I thank Hallelujah Acres for republishing this masterpiece in English and I have made 
this E-book so everybody can spread it to anybody they know. Don't let this message go 
unheard because it can certainly be life changing. A transition to a new age is taking place, an 
age of raw eating that will free us from the ills and degeneracy in which the old age of cooked 
eating has bought upon us and usher in a future brighter than we can ever imagine. 

- Haik Nazaryan 
11 March, 2012 
Glendale, California 


A. T. Hovannessian 


How I Conceived the Idea of Raw-Eating 

Raw vegetable food should be the only nourishment taken by man. The habit of eating 
cooked food should be abandoned in this world once for all. This is the unerring demand of 
nature. The consumption of cooked food is the most terrible barbarism in the history of 
mankind, a barbarism that no one seems to be aware of and to which everybody falls an 
unconscious victim. No matter how strange the idea may seem to some, it is the absolute truth 
with which we cannot but acquiesce. 

This truth became evident to me when, after 18 years of careful study and investigation, I 
became convinced that the deaths of my 10-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter were caused 
by unnatural nutrition. The great number of medical examinations carried out in Iran, France, 
Germany and Switzerland in various attempts made to discover some specific disease in their 
organisms and the subsequent administration of numerous remedies had a considerable share, 
too, in bringing the tragedy to a head. My children died of the gradual emaciation and wasting 
away of all their organs caused by unnatural feeding and poisonous medicines. 

I have been able to penetrate into the secrets of medical science and to observe its good and 
bad aspects all the more clearly, because I have not been inspired by the prospect of becoming a 
doctor or of making any financial gains. My incentive has been in the first place the wish to do my 
best for the recovery of the health of my beloved children, and later the ardent desire to 
perpetuate their memory by being useful to humanity. 

Another factor which has contributed to my better realization, of the shortcomings of 
medical science is the entirely new system by which I have carried out my studies by self- 
education, free from the encumbrance of an academic programme. I have never become 
intoxicated by the exaggerated claims of progress made on behalf of medical science or by all the 
fanciful tales of the fabulous benefits to be derived from medicines. I have approached these 
questions with a critical mind and have always laid greater stress on their shortcomings. 
Moreover, I have constantly kept in view the fact that, in spite 


Raw Eating 

of the existence of millions of qualified doctors and a large number of Nobel prize-winners, 
civilized man falls victim to various illnesses more often than any other animals, and diseases like 
sclerosis, diabetes, heart attacks and cancer increase at an alarming rate, threatening to wipe out 
mankind from the face of the earth. I have not wasted my time in memorizing the symptoms of 
diseases, the names and doses of medicines and those numerous complicated formulae that are 
seldom needed, because I have never had the intention of sitting for examinations and obtaining 
degrees. Instead, so far as possible, I have devoted my time to the study of a great many branches 
of science and to the examination of the multifarious sources of knowledge, from the fundamental 
and general principles of which I have been able to draw certain essential, vital conclusions. 

The results of 18 years of painstaking study and labor have been embodied in a work of two 
large volumes, the first of which, a book of 568 pages, was published in Armenian in 1960. 

The Efficient Operation of Every Factory is Subject to the 

Uniform Supply of All the Raw Materials 

Specified by the Engineer 

Until the discovery of fire, along with the rest of the animal kingdom, man had developed 
and carried out his evolution by the consumption of natural, raw nourishment. But since the 
discovery of fire, without much reflection, men have put natural foodstuffs on the fire, have 
destroyed their essential constituents, have debased them and have then nourished their bodies 
with them. As a direct consequence, there have resulted all the diseases from which all mankind 
suffer today. 

The human organism is the masterpiece of nature. Man is the most complicated and the 
most perfect living factory constructed by the unceasing efforts of nature over a period of 1.5 
billion years. Simultaneously, with the construction of this factory, our wonderful nature has 
made use of the rays of the sun to develop all the raw materials which are necessary to coordinate 
the thousands of complicated operations of our organism and to ensure corresponding 
production. Furthermore, nature has placed those raw materials in their entire perfection and in 
the faultless harmony of their various constituents in a tiny grain of the corn, in a pulpy seed of 
a pomegranate, in a berry of the grape or in a leaf of a plant. Each of the "paltry" foodstuffs taken 
separately contains all those factors that are necessary to keep alive the living organism of a being 
like man. 

In the material world the smallest deviation from the details developed by an engineer for 
the smooth working of the mechanism of a factory, or a fault in the raw materials specified to 
ensure its normal productivity, results in a corresponding breakdown in the operation of the 
plant. In the same way, the 


A. T. Hovannessian 

slightest deterioration or alteration in the raw materials prescribed by nature to ensure the 
smooth operation of the complicated processes of the human organism causes disorders in the 
normal biological functions of our organs and these disorders appear in the form of diseases. 

The various methods employed by man in destroying or degenerating the fully-balanced 
raw materials prescribed by nature for the normal operation of his organism do not bear 
thinking For that purpose, civilized man has invented demoniacal factories, ovens, furnaces and 
kitchens. Every degeneration in the quality of natural foodstuffs is followed by a corresponding 
degeneration in the human organism. Natural nutrition ensures the normal operation, of 
our organism, while unnatural nutrition is followed by an abnormal discharge of its 
functions. The multiplicity of illnesses is the result of the great diversity of degeneration in the 
constituents of natural foodstuffs. 

Provided that all its needs are satisfied by the laws of nature, the human organism, which is 
the most perfect organism in the animal kingdom, can live in excellent health from a 
minimum of 150 years to a maximum of 200-250 years. Cooked foodstuffs force human 
organs to work in several times their normal capacity, tire them out prematurely, cause various 
illnesses and shorten man's life to a fraction of its normal span. In the present age of scientific 
advance, man could get rid of all the diseases by complete abstinence from cooked food and 
he could then devote his energies to the study of the problems of longevity only. 
Simultaneously, with natural nutrition, man must also make certain that the rest of his 
natural requirements are satisfied. These are clean air, early sleeping, early rising, physical 
labor, abstinence from artificial heating, cleanliness, and so forth. 

Direct and Indirect Nutritional Diseases 

Nutritional diseases are divided into two main categories: direct and indirect 
ailments. Direct nutritional diseases are those that are caused by a superabundance of certain 
nutritional constituents or a deficiency of others. Fire and animal foodstuffs have the effect of 
concentrating and increasing the proteins and the fats in the diet, while at the same time 
eliminating substances of high nutritive value. Science has so far been able to recognize only a 
negligible number of these substances, which have been named vitamins and without which 
life cannot exist. Among the direct nutritional diseases are to be placed all chronic disorders 
and deficiency diseases. The diseases develop with extreme slowness and secrecy. So long as the 
disease has not entered its final stages and the organs have not stopped working, the individual 
regards himself as healthy. In the event of partial and mixed vitamin deficiencies, the disease 
does not appear by the symptoms particular to avitaminosis, that are described in 
textbooks; rather it makes its appearance by complaints which are not easy to explain. 


Raw Eating 

Indirect digestive ailments are the infectious diseases. In the human organism there 
live usually a large variety of microbes which in normal circumstances render useful 
service to the organism and which are subject to the control of specialized (differentiated) 
human cells, to whose commands they compliantly submit. But through faulty nutrition the 
degenerated and emaciated cells are so weakened that by the Law of Survival those 
microbes get the upper hand, set themselves free from the control of those cells, rebel against 
their masters, become pathogenic and cause the infectious diseases so well-known to us. 
Sometimes the invading army of assailing microbes, which would have met with irresistible 
opposition in a healthy organism and would have been destroyed at once, do not meet with 
such opposition in an emaciated organism and causes its specific infection. 

In the second volume of my Armenian book, I have devoted considerable space to the 
problem of infectious diseases, for the examination of which I have analyzed certain portions 
of the first volume of the treatise on "Pathological Anatomy and the Pathogenesis of Human 
Diseases" by the eminent Soviet scientist I.V. Davydovsky, published in 1956. By means of 
numerous convincing facts, the author proves that it is not the microbes themselves that are 
guilty of causing infectious diseases, but the poor condition of the body, the decline in its 
power of immunity. But unfortunately, like all food addicts,* Davydovsky, too, is unable to 
explain how we can restore that immunity or, better still, prevent its decline. 

The fear of microbes has so frightened men that to escape them they have recourse to 
the most dangerous measures and yet they obtain entirely opposite results. The cooking of 
raw foodstuffs in order to avoid microbes is one of the most fateful mistakes in medical 
science. We cannot exterminate microbes from the face of the earth. They are found 
everywhere, they will always exist and can enter our organisms through multifarious channels. 
In particular, by cooking our food we first of all weaken the resistance of our cells and then we 
destroy in our foodstuffs those natural antibiotics that are destined by nature to fight against 
microbes. Even those doctors who are addicted to cooked food confirm that many vitamins, 
which are destroyed on the fire, have bacterial properties. That is why animals that feed on 
rubbish heaps are not nearly so subject to infectious diseases as man is. 

The Cancer Cell is the Direct 

Offspring of Degenerated Food 

Many cooked-eaters are inclined to believe that because man has fed on cooked food for 
centuries on end, he must be accustomed to it and may now suffer if he starts eating raw food 
all at once. In other words, if we have filled a 

*By the expressions "food-addict" and "food-addiction" we rfer, of course, to the habitual consumption of cooked food. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

motor-car with dirty and inferior petrol for a certain time, the engine may have become used 
to it and it may be damaged if the dirty petrol is replaced by clean fuel. 

First of all, a period of a few thousand years is nothing compared with the 1.5 billion years 
during which, along with his ancestors, man lived and developed exclusively on raw food. Besides, 
that man has not, in fact, become habituated to cooked food is proven by the very existence of 
diseases, which disappear and the organism then returns to its normal functions once man has 
recourse to raw nourishment. 

It is true that by the laws of evolution our organism tries to adapt itself to the food it 
receives, but not in the way that some people imagine. Those nutritive constituents of food that 
are essential for the complicated processes and the specialized major functions of the cells are 
easily destroyed under the influence of fire. Therefore, the foodstuffs that are considered 
nutritious by cooked-eaters lack those essential constituents, but instead they have an 
abundant supply of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, several times in excess of the demands of 
the cells. 

Being continually deprived of those nutritive constituents that are essential for the 
discharge of their higher functions, the cells either do not attain their full development and 
specialization or, having once attained them, they later lose their faculty of performing those 
functions. After several years of privations and endurance, there comes a day when one of 
several of the milliards of cells, deprived of their remaining capabilities, are finally freed from the 
mechanisms that limit the growth of cells. They then separate themselves from communal life, 
become autonomous and avariciously devour those tissue-building materials which swim in the 
inter-cellular fluid in large quantities, having been rejected by the normal cells as being greatly 
in excess of their needs, and which are proudly praised by gastrolatrous biologists — the proteins 
(especially animal proteins), the fats and all the nitrogenous substances. After that they grow at 
an alarming speed, heedless and defiant, and multiply in a disorderly manner to form a terrible 
mass, a new living creature, which in the course of its growth subdues, destroys everything in its 
surroundings and at last one fine day downs that wonderful edifice, the human body. The name of 
that new creature is cancer. It is the true offspring of cooked food, the living proof of how the 
cells are adapted to the structure of the foodstuffs men consume. 

When life first appeared on our planet, nature had at its disposal only the most elementary 
building material (proteins, fats and carbohydrates), from which it succeeded in creating the first 
single-celled organisms. Just as by the addition of a cylinder, an apparatus or a small detail an 
engineer adds a new function to his factory, so by subsequently adding a new constituent to its 
building materials (vegetable bodies), nature adds a new function to animal organs. This arduous 
task has kept nature busy for 1.5 billion years, during 


Raw Eating 

which period it has developed its raw materials from a common bacterium to the fruits that 
we know today, and through the agency of those vegetable raw materials, but simultaneously 
with their evolution, it has developed the single-celled animal organism that it had created 
into a perfected wonder like man, just as man himself has developed his own handiwork, the 
first steam-engine, into a complicated nuclear reactor. 

Unfortunately, after the discovery of fire, man's natural evolution has stopped and, what 
is worse, it is retrogressing at a giant's pace. Fire and the other ridiculous means of 
degeneration invented by civilized man destroy all those superior nutritive properties that 
have been stored during a period of a milliard and a half years in natural foodstuffs and 
consequently in animal cells, and return them to their primitive type, but with the greatest 
diligence they supply the most common building materials that serve to ensure the aimless 
growth of those cells. The cancer cells are true specimens of those primitive cells. To 
shortsighted biologists the building materials of the body are the proteins, namely the mere 
stones and bricks of a very common structure. They are not interested in the different kinds of 
mortars and in the numerous details which are indispensable for the construction of a 
complicated factory, and which do not exist in a beefsteak or a barbecue. 

In the second volume of my Armenian book, I have devoted nearly 300 pages to the 
examination of the problem of the origin of cancer. For this purpose, I have reviewed an 
important treatise by the famous American cytologist E. V. Cowdry entitled "Cancer Cells" 
(1955), which is the most exhaustive of the various studies on the subject and in which are 
collected all the important studies, data, opinions and conclusions that have been published 
by numerous well-known scientists. On the basis of the research data obtained by the 
cytologists themselves, I have conclusively proved that cancer cells originate from a 
deficiency of superior nutritive constituents and a superabundance of those common building 
materials that encourage the aimless growth of cells. 

Addiction to Cooked Food is the Most 
Dangerous of All Vices 

The reader may naturally wonder why none of the .numerous eminent scientists and 
professors sees these simple truths and why nobody tells us that the habit of eating cooked 
food is unnatural and dangerous. The reason is that the whole of mankind are food-addicts 
and food-addiction has blinded everybody. Nobody realizes that cooked-eating is a vice 
and that it is indeed the most terrible of all vices. It is not a craving after only one kind of 
substance, but the sum total of one's voracious longings for thousands of substances (and what 
"marvellous," "desirable" substances at that!). Besides, short-sighted cooked-eaters see 
richness and excellence in the multiplicity of the debasements 


A. T. Hovannessian 

to which foodstuffs are subjected, whereas it is that very multiplicity of the debasements that 
give rise to a multiplicity of harms, the true reflection of which can be seen in the large variety 
of illnesses that prevail in the world. 

Man becomes addicted to those substances that contain poisons, such as tea, coffee, cocoa, 
tobacco, alcohol, opium, cocaine, morphine, etc. The strong craving for those substances is 
stimulated by corresponding poisons collected in the human organism. Cooked foods produce a 
large variety of poisons which, in course of time, are stored in different parts of the organism, such 
as on the walls of the veins and the capillaries, between the joints, in the center of the fat cells 
and elsewhere. Just as the craving of a drug addict for heroin does not arise from the normal 
physiological needs of his body, so the desire of a cooked-eater for cooked food, his feeling of 
hunger, is not the normal demand of his organism; rather it is the demand of his addiction. It is 
the expression of impulses that are stimulated by the poisons collected in the human organism; 
it is the demand of the diseases nestled in the body, the call of man's worst enemy. 

That terrible vice is introduced into the body of every human being by his own parents 
right from the cradle. That is why the moment a baby begins to take notice and start talking, 
food-addiction has already secured a firm hold on him and from that moment till the very end 
of his life he regards cooked food as his normal diet and his strong craving for it as his physiological 
demand; it is this that he mistakes for real hunger. 

The Demand for Cooked Food is Not Hunger 

When a cooked-eater tries to feed on exclusively natural foodstuffs, such as honey, walnuts, 
grains, raw fruits and vegetables, and he has no further appetite for any sort of raw food, the 
natural demands of his organism are at that moment completely met and he is satiated to the full. 
But in spite of this, even if he should have already taken several times his normal daily 
requirements of foodstuffs, he still behaves as though he had eaten nothing and feels a great 
demand for a dish of highly-seasoned meat, rich and appetizing This is not hunger any more. It is 
the irritation caused by the poisons which have been stored in the body and which now demand 
fresh poisons. It is the cry of the demon that lies there sprawled and demands new tools to tear 
the human organism to pieces. The prudent, strong-willed raw-eater hears that cry in all its 
vehemence day in and day out, but he ignores it with all his soul and does not make one jot of 


Raw Eating 

Cooked Eating Forces the Human Organs to Work at Three 
to Four Times Their Normal Capacity 

All the human organs have a store of natural reserve energy. Usually, they work at a 
quarter of their potential capacity, keeping the rest of their energy for later use in a special 
emergency or during old age. Thus, in "normal" circumstances the pulse rate of the heart is 70-72 
beats per minute (while that of a raw-eater is only 58-62), which in exceptional circumstances 
may be raised to over 200 beats per minute. Again, during normal respiration 500 c.c. of air passes 
into and out of the lungs, but by a special respiratory effort we can inspire as much as 3700 c.c. 

The raw-eater makes use of his digestive organs at one-quarter their potential capacity, as a 
result of which his organs are never overloaded or fatigued. The cooked-eater, on the other 
hand, after stimulating his appetite by means of conditioned reflexes, irritating spices, aperitifs 
and other absurd stimulants, fills his stomach to such an extent that the digestive organs are 
forced to bring into action all their reserve energies and even then they are unable to cope with 
the demand placed upon them. Whereupon man is forced to return the loathsome food by the 
same channel as he sent it down or to expel it from his intestines with purgatives. 
Surprisingly, enough such nauseating acts are not considered strange by a cooked-eater. 

By the overloading of the digestive organs a great many accessory organs are set to work, too, 
such as the heart, the liver and the kidneys. The additional work performed by these organs soon 
has the effect of tiring them out and putting them out of action prematurely. It is not surprising, 
therefore, that as a result one's life is shortened several times. By feeding on useless, harmful and 
poisonous substances the food-addict gratifies his passions, paralyses the action of his stomach, 
and creates for himself the illusion of being satisfied, whereas his cells are, in reality, moaning 
with hunger for lack of essential nutrients. The stomach of a raw-eater is always at rest, even 
though it is generally empty, but his body is indeed full and satisfied in the true sense of the 

When a cooked-eater decides to change over to raw-eating, at first he never feels satisfied, 
no matter how much he eats. Usually instead of feeling happy, food-addicts feel discontented 
with that condition. In their opinion, the reason for their continuous hunger lies in the fact that 
the foodstuffs which they consume are of low nutritional value and are worthless as 
nourishment. This is a terrible misconception. On the contrary, those foodstuffs are both 
nutritious and fully-balanced. The human cells have suffered for years from their absence. The 
capacities of the human digestive organs fully correspond to their composition and the 
arrangement of their constituents. That is why the stomach gladly welcomes those foodstuffs, 
softens them quickly and passes them to the intestines without much delay, while the cells in 
their own turn. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

emaciated and weakened as they are with starvation, avidly absorb those valuable 
substances and repeatedly demand more and more of them. 

The diseased cells are healed, the emaciated ones recuperate, the inactive regain their 
vitality. The fat cells, on the other hand, begin to melt away through starvation, the accumulations 
of poisons gradually disappear and the superfluous water leaves the body. Then normal, active 
cells take the place of those sluggish cells that were fattened with indolence and inaction. The 
quick loss in the weight of the body is a sure sign of regained health and vigor. 

This fact should fill the heart of a man with joy and happiness. For those nutrients 
immediately spread throughout his body and grant him health, strength, vigor and energy. It 
is the first time in his life that although all his organs and glands obtain a most copious supply 
of nourishment, they are able to work in comfort and ease. Even if on that day, he takes a 
greater quantity of raw food than his organism requires, or his intestines and cells are able to 
absorb, his stomach will not refuse it, nor will it generate in him a feeling of nausea, causing 
him to expel it with violence and force. The foodstuffs in excess of his normal needs will not 
stay in the stomach to cause putrefaction; they will not be turned into poisons or bring about 
any digestive disorders. Instead, without undergoing digestion they will at once pass form the 
stomach into the intestines and will then leave the body with the faeces on that very day, not 
having caused the least harm to the organism. Thus, his stomach will always be light, while 
his intestines and his blood will be loaded with fully-balanced nutrients. 

Then in such a moment, let him just try to eat a few morsels of cooked food. His 
stomach will indignantly refuse those strange and unwanted substances. In spite of the 
extreme pleasure that his palate feels, those morsels will lie in his stomach for a long time, 
they will act as a stopper to close his appetite and will paralyze the normal course of his 
digestive activities. But a cooked-eater is quite contented and happy with that condition, 
because he has satisfied his passions, he has stuffed his stomach and is now "full." The man 
who realizes the value of raw-eating dreads that condition. He fully comprehends that it is the 
raw vegetable nutriments that nourish the body, while the dead corpses that come out of the 
fire are mere fuels, and sources of various poisons and diseases. 

Human Nourishment Should Consist of Living Cells and 

Not Corpses of Dead Cells 

Fully-balanced foodstuffs consist of living cells. Now vegetable bodies, after leaving the 
earth, remain alive for a long time. A rosebud continues to blossom in a vase, while grains 
sprout on being planted years after they are gathered. But the cells of animals that are killed or 
those of milk that is removed 


Raw Eating 

from their bodies die at once, and then they begin to disintegrate and tarn into poisons, while 
cooking converts them into something really terrible. To regard animal proteins as superior to 
vegetable proteins is a most unfortunate error of judgment, a manifest proof of the short- 
sightedness of meat-worshipping biologists. If we admit that the animal organism transfers 
vegetable proteins and turns them into fully-balanced nutrients, then the flesh of those 
animals such as foxes, wolves, dogs, cats and tigers that feed on such "fully-balanced" proteins 
should be of the highest nutritive value; whereas the poisonous character of the flesh of such 
beasts is so obvious that even the most devoted meat addict does not dare to feed on it. 

Those biologists who are urged by their personal predilection to look for special 
advantages in meat, in discovering the so-called irreplaceable amino acids have not taken 
into consideration the act that those amino acids are formed from the commonest grasses 
consumed by animals By what rule of science has the organism of a cow the capacity to make 
amino acids from the meanest weeds and grasses, but the organism of a man has not the means 
to prepare the same compounds from vegetable foodstuffs of the highest nutritive quality? How 
do millions of Buddhists live in the absence of the amino acids provided by meat? 

Short-Sightedness Is the Greatest Defect of Medical Science 

The greatest mistake of biologists who are addicted to cooked food is their short- 
sightedness. They close their eyes to those harms that appear small and do not foresee the 
serious consequences that sooner or later result from seemingly negligible causes. Let us 
illustrate our statement by a few examples. Cooked meals, especially meat dishes, are full of 
poisons. Now, nobody takes any notice of the chronic poisoning that goes on imperceptibly 
all the time and even when as a result of such poisoning the liver, the heart or the kidneys are 
damaged in time, the condition is attributed to unknown causes. When the poisoning is still 
severer and is accompanied with diarrhea and vomiting, it is regarded as a gastric disorder. By 
poisoning they understand only that condition which affects the whole organism and 
threatens the victim with immediate death. How many innocent lives are sacrificed in this 

Men do not see the filth that passes into their arteries and veins through the medium of 
food every day, and when it sits layer after layer on the walls of the vessels, narrows their 
passages and suddenly stops the circulation of the blood one day, short-sighted people regard 
the occurrence as "unexpected." 

Men do not notice the terrific pressure exerted by heavy floodwaters rushing towards a 
mammoth dam that has a capacity of millions of tons. But when that dam, tottering for long 
under the impact of those floodwaters, collapses at last, the cause of its final breakdown is 
ascribed to the stone that was accidentally thrown at it by a little child. We have already seen the 
correct conception that a raw-eater holds as to the causes of cancer. Against this, the 


A. T. Hovannessian 

400 "carcinogenic agents" presented to us by research scientists, who are addicted to cooked 
food, among which there are such items as mechanical irritations and cigarette burns, have no 
greater value than the stone thrown by the child. 

Every organ has millions of cells by the concerted labors of which the work of that organ is 
carried on. When the nourishment forced up on those cells lacks certain essential constituents, 
the cells begin to lose their vitality and fall into disuse. The energy reserves now come into the 
field, but they, too, are soon exhausted. So long as the organ carries on its functions somehow or 
other, short-sighted people do not see the red light; but when at last it lags behind in its 
activities, they say that such an organ is ill and have recourse to medicines. But, is it possible that a 
little pill or a dose of poison could ever replace the nutritive constituents of foodstuffs that have 
been burned over fire for years on end and return to the disabled cells their lost capacity for 
specialized work? 

After lying in the alimentary canal for days, masses of meat, eggs, butter and cheese 
undergo putrefaction and cause inflammation of the intestines, the most common symptom of 
which is diarrhea. But when a child does actually show signs of diarrhea, the whole blame is placed 
on a few fruit skins seen in the faeces. Nobody asks how fruit-skins can cause any inflammation 
in the bowels of the child when, without undergoing any putrefaction or decay, they leave the 
body unchanged within a few hours of their entry. The whole tragedy arises from the fact that 
people regard eggs, meat, butter and cheese as normal and essential foodstuffs, but fruit as 
something secondary, which may be either eaten or not eaten. Sometimes, it is even considered 
necessary to forbid children to eat fruit so as "not to put their stomach out of order." 

The Weight of A Cooked-Eater Cannot Be Regarded As A 

Criterion of Good Health. 

Obesity Is a Most Dangerous Disease 

As long as the human organism is still able to resist an unnatural diet and to carry on its 
struggle against it, various complaints make their appearance, such as loss of appetite, indigestion, 
gastritis and other stomach disorders, colitis, and so on. All these are the outward expression of the 
struggle of the organism to use every means at its disposal to neutralize the harmful effects of an 
unnatural diet and to expel from the body the poisonous substances produced by it. The patient 
begins to lose weight and then they try to strengthen him by giving him "nutritious" meals. The 
day when the organism is finally defeated and its struggle ceases, man either bids farewell to this 
world or, on the contrary, his appetite increases and he begins to eat insatiably, to digest well, 
to put on 


Raw Eating 

weight, "to regain his health and strength." In other words, on that day the human organism, 
abandoning its struggle, "adapts" itself to the unnatural diet and the foundation is laid of one of 
the most dangerous of human diseases — unnatural corpulence. 

Subdued by the pressure of unnatural diets, the body is forced to accommodate itself 
and to admit into the organism accumulations of various harmful substances produced by such 
diets. Deposits are then formed of fats, uric acid and its derivatives, cholesterin, common salt, 
excess liquids, calculi, scirrhous formations, tumors, inactive and parasitic cells, multinucleated 
giant cells (polykaryocytes), cells with oversized nuclei (megakaryocytes), etc. Sometimes 
these cells attain several hundred times the size of normal cells, but they lack the capacity of 
doing any useful work. 

All those monstrosities accumulate in the body to create in a man the illusion of health 
and strength, while in reality he suffers from gradual emaciation. His muscles become thin 
and feeble, the number of his specialized and active cells grows less, and his organs are wasted 
away. Those "stout," "robust" men with bulging paunches, thick fat arms, podgy hands and 
overhanging layers of fat, of whom our world abounds, are, in reality, skeletons covered with 
skin. Each of them has loaded his weak and emaciated muscles with a fat sheep, which he 
feeds gratuitously and carries everywhere with himself. But, strange to say, such people 
continually boast of their health, vigor and strength. They are so proud of their stoutness that, 
whenever a reference is made to it in conversation, they touch wood or, in the East, cry 
"Mashallah" ("What God wills"), lest they should lose a grain of their cherished weight. One 
may fill a dozen volumes with examples of such deplorable short-sightedness. 

No Medicine Can Replace the Raw Materials 

Destroyed on the Fire 

All the drugs in general use are symptomatic. In other words, they serve as palliatives to 
give temporary relief to the patient or to conceal the symptoms of the disease. In no case can 
they take the place of the raw nutrients destroyed in the cooking pots and pans. Many great 
scientists strictly forbid the use of drugs. In England, after a painstaking research stretching 
over a period of four and-a-half years on a large section of the well-to-do strata of the English 
people, Peckham biologists came to the conclusion that only nine percent of the population 
enjoyed good health; the remaining 91 percent of the people were ill, although most of them 
were not aware of their illness. After clinical treatments their conclusion was that almost 
without exception all the disorders that are selected for therapy responded to the treatment, 
but that subsequendy a marked deterioration was observed in the general health of the 
patients. This means that drugs merely conceal the symptoms of a disease, while the 


A. T. Hovannessian 

harm that they do is added to the already weakened organism to make its condition even 
worse. Therefore, whoever wishes not to get ill or, if he has already become ill, to regain his 
health must not pin his hopes on drugs; rather he must abstain from taking unnatural foods 
and drugs, and must live according to the laws of nature by raw-eating! 

This is the true, safe and scientific way, whereas drug therapy is, to quote Bircher-Benner, 
only "deceit and trickery." In my opinion, it may be more appropriately called an illusion and 
self-deception. Nietzsche has called drugs "the lashes of the whip." Doctors can easily 
convince themselves of the truth of my statements by dividing their hospital patients into two 
equal groups, treating one of the groups by means of drugs and cooked foods, the other by a 
purely raw-eating diet, and then comparing the two results with each other. This is the basic 
and decisive test, otherwise every argument against raw-eating will continue to be without the 
least worth or value. Let us illustrate our statements by a few examples from symptomatic 
drug therapy. 

Pain is the warning sign that the body is in danger, the cry of our organism for help. But 
instead of eliminating this danger, we deaden the nerves that convey the sensation of this 
danger to our brain and silence their voice by a dose of poison. Meanwhile, the disease takes 
its inevitable course, aggravated now by the harmful effects of the drugs. To give another 
example: when the passages of our arteries grow narrow by being filled with impurities, the 
heart has to use a greater force to circulate the blood through the body and as a result the blood 
pressure rises. But instead of cleaning our blood vessels of those impurities, we merely use 
poisons to stimulate those nerves that are capable of stretching and widening their passages. So 
long as the efficacy of the poison lasts, the blood flows through the vessels more freely and the 
pressure temporarily falls. However, as soon as its effect passes off, the vessels return to their former 
condition all the more weakened by the action of the drugs used. 

There is no drug that has not a harmful aftereffect on the organism. But it is only lately 
that a small number of publications have appeared dealing with this subject, one of which, 
"Reactions with Drug Therapy" (1955), by Dr. Harry L. Alexander, Emeritus Professor of 
Clinical Medicine, Washington University Medical School, gives us a great deal of useful 
information. Of course, generally drugs are held responsible for only those complications and 
reactions which immediately kill the victim or make their appearance in the form of serious 
diseases. Even then only one in a thousand of those complications is actually recorded; the rest 
remain in eternal oblivion. 

It has been established that every one of the 350,000 substances that are used for the 
preparation of drugs is capable of causing complications. But among them the most dangerous are 
penicillin, aureomycin, streptomycin, mercury compounds, sulphonamide group of drugs, 
digitalis, vaccines, serums, synthetic vitamins (thiamine, niacin, etc.), atophan, cortisone, liver 
extract, insulin, adrenaline and many other drugs in common use. 


Raw Eating 

It is important to give this question the most careful consideration. Synthetic vitamins and 
organic extracts, by which people wish to replace the nutritive constituents and their products 
burned in the kitchen, kill a person at a lightning speed, very often within five minutes after 
their entry into the body In 1951, 324 million, and in 1952, 350 million grams of penicillin alone 
were injected into the human blood in order to replace the natural antibiotics burned in the 

After their introduction into the human body, drugs kill thousands of people, sometimes 
within five to ten minutes, through anaphylaxis, while tens of thousands of others are subjected 
to a multitude of diseases, of which we may mention nettle-rash, dermatitis, prickly heat, eczema, 
purpura, bronchial asthma, polyarteritis, cirrhosis of the liver, jaundice, nephritis, nephrosis, aplastic 
anaemia, serum sickness and scabies. 

People wish to turn a blind eye to the responsibility of those drugs in causing these deaths 
and diseases, and to lay the blame on the super sensitiveness of the body. But as to what causes this 
super sensitiveness, they pass over the question in silence. 

My poor children used to be affected by such illnesses and skin diseases several times a year. 
We would always try to look for the fault in the food they ate, while the doctors who gave 
bundles of prescriptions never said a word about the dangers of the drugs that they prescribed. 
Like millions of others, we believed that medicines were only to cure people, not to make them ill. 
Once both my children were laid up with jaundice on the same day. We were struck with 
astonishment, for we knew that jaundice was not an infectious disease to affect them both 
together. Today, there is nothing I can do to alleviate the stings of my conscience but to warn 
other parents of such dangers. 

Nowadays it is sad to observe how the most dangerous drugs are popularized by the help of 
sweet songs and attractive pictures as things beneficial that may be taken every day. In certain 
countries, indeed, medicine and pharmacy have been turned into huge concerns of 
commercialism and profiteering. 

Raw-eating will at once put an end to the use of all kinds of drugs, for in the absence of 
diseases there will naturally be no need for drugs. Diseases are the products of the degeneration 
of foodstuffs; they can only be conquered, therefore, by the correction of our diet. All our attempts 
to conquer diseases by means of drugs are extremely dangerous, senseless experiments that are 
doomed to failure. Already their deplorable consequences stare us in the face. 

New types of diseases continually make their appearance; slight ailments give place to more 
serious disorders. As a result men continually prepare new kinds of serums and vaccines, discover 
stronger and stronger antibiotics and gradually become involved in a maze of errors, 
complications and disasters. 

An unprecedented and basic change must be made in the field of medical science. All honest 
and public-spirited doctors must at once rise and take active 


A. T. Hovannessian 

steps to prevent the destruction of the integral raw material intended for the human factory. 

In the opinion of short-sighted people, raw-eating is tantamount to a return to the 
primitive life of the prehistoric man. In point of fact, there is no greater disgrace to civilization 
than the operations of cooking and refining. The raw-eater merely forgoes the miseries caused by 
the so-called diseases of civilization and refuses to turn the technical progress bestowed upon him 
by civilization into a means of destroying the purity of the human raw materials. Otherwise, he 
does not forgo the convenience of speaking by telephone, traveling by air or keeping his fruit 
fresh in his refrigerator. 

For centuries men have been so blind and ignorant that they have always regarded the eating of 
cooked meals as a natural operation. And now, when for the first time they hear about raw- 
eating, they regard it as something strange and curious, whereas in reality it is precisely the 
degeneration of natural foodstuffs by means of cooking that is most unnatural, strange and 
curious, and which must be recorded in history as the greatest folly committed by Homo sapiens. 

Cooked-Eating and Drug Therapy are Leading the Human 
Race to Utter Annihilation 

Many species of mammoth animals have once inhabited this earth and have then met with 
complete extinction owing to adverse environmental conditions. Nowadays, it is with his own 
hands that man is creating such adverse conditions as will one day extirpate him from the face of 
this earth. Paralleled with the process of the degeneration of foodstuffs, there is an increase in the 
variety and frequency of various diseases. Before the passing of many more generations, people 
will die of cardiovascular diseases or of cancer prior to reaching the age of puberty and having 
the opportunity to develop their procreative faculties. On the basis of the alarming speed at 
which those diseases have increased during the last few decades, it is easy to foresee that, 
should men still persist in their folly, that fateful day may not be far off. 

The scientist who points out the benefits of cooked-eating and drug therapy is like the 
merchant who, on the verge of bankruptcy, is happy counting his pennies, while closing his eyes to 
the millions of losses that stare him in the face. The ultimate result of every business must be 
judged by its final balance sheet. Let us see what benefits and advantages has civilized man 
been able to acquire for himself by his discoveries of cookery and medicine, in comparison with 
those enjoyed by the myriads of different animals. Nothing, save the fact that although he is the 
most perfect being on this earth, yet he is more subject to various illnesses than any other 
creature of God. 

After the discovery of the vitamins, man should have had the sagacity to 


Raw Eating 

perceive at once that by means of cooking he is destroying in natural foodstuffs those very 
constituents the absence of which hastens his end. He should have put an end to that waste 
once for all and should have safeguarded the immunity of natural foodstuffs from 
degeneration. But so great is the charm of cooked food that it thwarts all such attempts at 
reforms. Addiction conquers science and takes it into its talons. Meanwhile, still clinging fast 
to cooked food, men try to penetrate into the secrets of foodstuffs, to recognize those 
constituents that are destroyed in cooking and processing, and then to replace them by 
synthetic substances. Is it not foolishness to burn and destroy those essential constituents by 
one's own hands, to become ill, to stand on the brink of the grave and then make hopeless 
attempts to save oneself by deceptive means? We must bear in mind the fact that those 
constituents are not limited to the 40 and 50 vitamins recognized by biologists. There are so 
many of them that it will not be possible to form an accurate picture of their qualitative 
and quantitative properties for thousands of years to come. Let us suppose for a moment that 
one day scientists may succeed in recognizing all their varieties. Then, in order to replace by 
artificial means the constituents thrown out of wheat alone, thousands of prescriptions and 
preparations will be needed for every individual, not to speak of the prohibitive costs 

By the researches carried out on separate varieties of fruits, vegetables and grains, food- 
addicted biologists themselves prove that natural foodstuffs possess the property of curing 
almost every kind of disease. But people do not wish to admit that the human organism will 
remain free from those diseases if it is fed exclusively on natural foodstuffs from childhood 
onwards. Right from the beginning the very thought of abstaining from cooked food deprives 
them of the ability to think clearly, and then science yields its place to addiction. 

Natural Foodstuffs Must Not Be Utilized by Doctors as 

Merely Temporary Therapeutic Means. They Must be 

Declared As the Only Diet Suitable for the Human Being 

Many progressive doctors condemn drug therapy. Some of them are so disappointed with 
the inefficacious results obtained from drug treatment that they abandon medical practice and 
devote themselves to the study of the fundamental problems of prophylaxis. Among them is 
the famous Swiss physician Bircher-Benner, from whose German studies I have introduced 
several short translations in my Armenian book. At the onset of his medical career, Bircher 
Benner became so disillusioned with the current methods of therapeutics that when he happened 
to make his acquaintance with the nutritive values of natural foodstuffs, he began to cure his 
patients by the help of natural nutrition, without any drugs. Very soon a great number of 
patients, who had been unsuccessfully treated by various doctors all over the world without 
any results, 


A. T. Hovannessian 

went to his sanatorium in Zurich and in a very short time obtained complete cure by means 
of a strictly raw vegetarian diet. 

But Bircher-Benner regarded raw foodstuffs as a "therapeutic means," not as the only diet 
fit for man. As if men were obliged to nourish themselves on unnatural foodstuffs right from 
their childhood and then, having got ill, to be cured by the "therapeutic diet" in their advanced 
age. But this apparent paradox had its definite reasons. First of all, there is nobody in the world, 
not even the foremost expert in raw nutrition, Bircher-Benner, that realizes that cooked- 
eating is an addiction and that the desire people feel for cooked food is neither hunger nor the 
biological demand of the cells. 

Then, as a physician, Bircher-Benner had been trained to cure existing diseases. Nobody 
would have paid him any fees, or even taken him seriously, if he had publicly advocated a 
system of nutrition that would have kept mankind free from all disease. 

At the present moment there are two opposing views on nutrition. One of them 
defends raw-eating, the other favors cooked food; one of them advocates vegetarianism, the 
other prefers an animal diet. Now science is not politics. The man who holds a wrong point of 
view has no right to impose his erroneous and harmful opinions on innocent children. It is the 
imperative demand of our times that those two viewpoints should be examined in 
international scientific and cultural circles, so that the one that is wrong may be condemned, 
while the true one may be announced to the public and put into general practice. 

At first sight, those simple-minded people who do not wish to penetrate the depth of 
the problem think that the ideal of raw-eating is not something that can be realized quickly 
and that men will not be too ready to abandon their deep-rooted habits. But this is the 
voice of addiction, not of science. Science, however, must be separated from addiction. We 
must first admit that raw foodstuffs are the real and complete raw materials suitable for the 
human organism, after which let those who wish to degenerate the raw materials of themselves 
and their children do so to their hearts' content. 

In the first place we must make use of the experience gained from raw-eating to correct at 
once the false notions prevalent in the science of nutrition, according to which the most 
essential foodstuffs are regarded as harmful, while the really harmful ones are recommended 
as wholesome. It must be clearly realized that, without any exception, all those cases where raw 
foodstuffs are forbidden to the weak, the sick, the sufferers from stomach disorders and other 
ailments, it is precisely those forbidden foodstuffs that would heal, sustain and strengthen the 

In such cases is no longer a question of breaking off a bad habit. On the contrary, the 
patient now asks for fruit, but we refuse it; he feels sick of cooked food, but we persuade him 
to have a little more; we snatch away the fruit from the hand of a child and force some 
cooked meal down his throat. In other 


Raw Eating 

words, we hasten their ends by compelling them to eat those very foods that have been the 
cause of their illness and incapacity. The correction of misunderstandings of this kind alone 
will reduce the number of untimely deaths by 50 percent. 

In order to convince ourselves of the truth of these statements there is no other means but 
to put raw-eating into practice for a few months, and this experiment should be tried by every 
sensible person. It is in this way that a final end will be put to the existing erroneous and 
contradictory viewpoints on nutrition. 

In the light of raw-eating the basic principles of nutrition no longer remain confined to 
universities and research institutes; rather they become matters of primary importance to all 
mankind. For the man in the street, the scientific names of thousands of foodstuffs, their 
complicated formulae and the long, tiresome descriptions of their nutritive properties and 
supposed benefits can be summed up in three words only: RAW VEGETABLE FOOD, or the 
complete raw material for the human factory. 

Thus, raw-eating becomes an ideal apart from the science of medicine, an ideal that is 
explainable not by scientific formulae, but by logic, its proofs being the irrefutable laws of 
nature and the basic results obtained from basic experience. 

We Must Never Upset the Integrity of the 
Human Raw Materials 

The human body is the most perfect and at the same time the most complicated factory 
in the world. It may be still more appropriately regarded as a huge world of factories and 
systems in the sense that every cell taken separately is in itself a complicated factory which, in its 
own turn, consists of numerous other factories. Up to the present, research scientists have been 
able to discover as many as ten thousand parts in each cell Every gland or organ is composed of 
milliards of such cells, and it is from the combination of those glands, organs, systems, skeleton 
and skin that the human body is formed. 

In order that they may carry out their functions properly, these highly-complicated 
factories and systems must be provided with raw materials containing tens of thousands of 
different substances, each of which has its special duty to perform in the general organization of 
the human organism. All those substances are constructed by the help of sunlight and are 
concentrated in vegetable bodies. For instance, a seed, a leaf or a grain of corn contains in 
itself all those nutritive constituents that are essential to an animal organism. Now, although 
those constituents differ in various plants as regards to their composition and arrangement, this 
does not matter much, because after their introduction into the organism they are broken down 
and synthesized again, during which process one substance is changed into another substance. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

the organism is able to change the quantities of the various constituents according to its 
needs, but in the absence of a certain chemical element it cannot bring that missing element 
into being inside the organism or substitute it by another element. 

For instance, it has not been possible to discover in the laboratory any massive 
concentrations of calcium, vitamins or proteins in clover, yet it is from clover and from still 
commoner grasses that animals take all their vitamins and mineral salts, and construct their massive 
bones, flesh and fat. In other words, in place of the milk, the butter, the cheese, the brains, the 
liver and the meat that short-sighted people recommend as sources of calcium, phosphorus, 
vitamins and "fully-balanced" proteins, clover alone may be recommended, for it is from clover 
that all those substances originate. Therefore, it is completely meaningless, worthless and even harmful 
to claim that such-and-such a foodstuff is rich in a certain vitamin, while another abounds in a 
particular mineral, because, apart from misleading and confusing people, such claims do not serve 
any useful purpose. 

The main functions of nutritive constituents in the organism are threefold. First of all, they 
serve as building material for the construction and renewal of cells; then they produce the 
necessary energy for putting those cells into motion and giving warmth to the body, and lastly, 
they supply the specialized cells with the raw materials needed for their productive activities. 

It is imperative that we should look after our organism with the same care as a 
manufacturer looks after his factory. Accordingly, for the operation of the foregoing threefold 
functions we must supply our bodies with all the necessary nutritive constituents as an integral 
whole and in the same balanced proportions as nature presents them to us. Otherwise, should 
there be a deficiency in any of the constituents, this fact will inevitably have an adverse effect on 
the construction and working of the organism. 

But how does the civilized man of today treat his own body? He dissipates, burns, kills and 
upsets the integrity of his raw materials and then he fills his stomach at random with the dead and 
poisonous corpses of only a few of the thousands of nutritive substances. In this way, his 
consumption of a certain constituent may exceed the normal requirements of his organism by 
hundreds of times, with a corresponding deficiency in the intake of some other constituent. 

Out of cooked meat, white bread, macaroni, rice, sweets, clarified butter and margarine are 
produced incapable, parasitic cells of a quite simple structure, under the weight of which the food 
addict stoops. Research scientists can easily prove that 50, 100 or 200 years ago human 
indispositions were mostly accompanied with excessive thinness. In those days, man had a 
greater power of resistance and the human body was able to withstand unnatural foodstuffs and 
to prevent the introduction of inordinate quantities of such substances by 


Raw Eating 

loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting and other such means. However, in course of time the human 
organism yields to the pressure of degenerated foodstuffs, "adopts" itself to them, and allows 
unceasing plumpness of their babies and the chubbiness of their faces. These people became the 
first to construct and then to sustain simple, worthless, inactive cells corresponding to their own 
structure. That is why nowadays thinness is less common and the world is filled with the ugly, 
unnatural corpulent. 

Today, many children are born with a terrible burden of worthless and inactive cells. Their 
simple-minded parents are proud of the plumpness of their babies and the chubbiness of their faces. 
Sometimes this plumpness is of such enormous dimensions that it terrifies those who 
understand its true nature. Yet, foolish people represent those monstrosities on their packages 
of baby foods as sure signs of good health. 

The human organism makes great efforts to keep under some control the inordinate increase of 
the parasitic and useless cells, by distributing them over all the free parts of the body: at the 
upper and lower extremities, round the chin, under the skin of the belly and the hips, and 
elsewhere. It so happens, however, that occasionally some of those cells manage to shake off that 
control, to separate themselves from communal life, to become independent, to start an 
individual existence and to multiply without limit. Very often the organism succeeds in keeping 
groups of those cells enveloped at one spot and prevents them from spreading. The resulting 
growth is then called a "benign neoplasm" or "benign tumor" and it must be distinguished from 
that growth which branches off freely to the different parts of the body in order to thrive on proteins 
(and especially animal proteins), and which is known as a "malignant neoplasm" or simply as 

It is necessary to emphasize the fact that cooking is not the only factor that causes a loss in 
the nutritive value of foodstuffs. White flour and polished rice are harmful foodstuffs even when 
they are eaten raw. Even dried straw is not a perfect foodstuff, in spite of the fact that it is able to 
keep a living creature alive. The perfect foodstuff could be the stalk of the wheat along with the 
ear, if it is eaten green in the summer and dry in the winter. For the cow and the sheep the 
common grass on the mountain cannot be regarded as perfect food. Those animals have gone 
through their evolution in free nature, feeding simultaneously on grasses, leaves, fruits and 
vegetables. That is why particular cases of diseases occur among those animals that have been 
denied, through the intervention of man, the foodstuffs proper to the requirements of their 
cells. Nevertheless, at no time are the organs of animals feeding on the commonest grasses 
subject to such perils as man's are; nor are microbes of such terror to them as they are to us, for the 
simple reason that they have no kitchen. Should it not be possible to confer on the cancer cells 
the high qualities possessed by normal cells and to return them to the bosom of the community 


A. T. Hovannessian 

by the consumption of fruits, which are indeed poor in proteins, but rich in vitamins and other 
constituents of the highest nutritive value, then no drug on earth will ever be able to perform 
that task. All attempts to cure cancer by means of medicines and operations are absolutely futile 
and are doomed to utter failure. But a prudent man should never suffer from cancer if he does not 
upset the integrity of his raw materials. 

Thus, the cells that are produced from chicken and rice, soup, broiled liver, bread and 
butter, jam and sweets are devoid of the capacity to perform any useful work. The active, 
specialized and completely healthy cells of the human body are born exclusively of raw fruits and 
vegetables; in other words, of those proteins which introduce into the human body thousands of 
different nutritive constituents in their natural and living state, and which the food addict 
deigns to eat sometimes as a sort of "non-nutritive" luxury. Everybody should now be able to 
realize the enormity of the crime committed by the parent who tells her child not to spoil his 
appetite with fruit before dinner because he must have his meal soon. This is tantamount to 
telling him not to eat the thousands of different raw materials that are essential for his organism 
in their natural and living state, but to wait for the dead and lifeless corpses of a few of them, 
which she is going to give him soon in the form of a meal. 

Cooked-eaters are happy at the thought that the foods which they consume are rich in 
calories. Now, calories can be useful only when full advantage is taken of them. When the 
number of muscular cells is small, and even those are weak, diseased and devoid of elasticity, the 
greater part of the calories remain unused and, after causing a considerable amount of trouble to 
the body, leave the organism in the form of unwanted heat, and are lost to no purpose. When we 
light a fire in the open air, the energy of that fire is uselessly lost, but when we burn that fire in the 
motor of a factory, it fully serves it purpose. By means of cooked foods, the food addict introduces 
into his body an intake of calories three or four times in excess of the functional requirements of 
his organism. The calories that are obtained from raw foodstuffs fully serve their purpose, because 
such foodstuffs are accompanied with all the factors necessary for the utilization of those 

A vast literature has been created dealing with the study of the separate constituents in 
foodstuffs, a study which is no longer confined to scientific circles, but has become highly 
popularized. Yet, the great attention paid to individual constituents springs from the fact that we 
have upset their integrity and have deprived our body of an important part of them. The study 
of individual nutritive constituents is still in its most elementary stage and not one in a 
thousand of their secrets is known to man. Hence that study should at present be confined to 
scientific circles and all experiments for the testing of individual nutrients, especially of animal 
proteins, synthetic vitamins and minerals should be carried out only on animals. In our present 
imperfect state 


Raw Eating 

of knowledge, it is most dangerous to experiment on the human body. In any case, surely there 
is no need to have recourse to artificially-made individual constituents, when we have them all at 
our constant disposal in their wonderful integrity all the time, and especially as no nutritive 
substance can serve any useful purpose if it is taken in isolation. 

It should be the duty of biologists and doctors to encourage and even to enforce people 
not to separate the nutritive constituents from one another, but always to consume them 
together, in their naturally-balanced proportions and with their living cells. They should never 
talk about the usefulness of individual nutritive constituents, but should emphasize their 
indispensability; just as we regard the purity of petrol not as merely useful for the aeroplane, but 
as indispensable. They should never speak about the benefits of any particular vitamins, but should lay 
stress on the dangers of upsetting their integrity and of destroying them. 

Generally speaking, the whole science of nutrition may be summarized in two main 
points and made the concern of all mankind: 

1. Human nourishment should consist entirely of living cells. Only those foodstuffs that 
consist of living cells have all the qualities necessary to satisfy the demands of the human 
organism. Man is not a necrophagous animal. He could no more be carnivorous than catch a fly in the 
air and swallow it alive, or tear a prey to pieces like a wild beast and devour it with all its 
entrails and bones to boot. 

2. There are both common and choice vegetable bodies in nature. The most perfect and 
highly-nourishing vegetable bodies are the better varieties of fruits, green vegetables, cereals and 
roots. Among all the animals man has developed and has attained a high degree of perfection, 
precisely because he has been able to obtain foodstuffs of the highest quality by the labor of 
his hands, and to develop his physique by means of those foodstuffs. Therefore, as far as 
possible, man should choose the most valuable nutriments for his consumption. 

By eating cooked food man closes his appetite with three of four varieties of degenerated 
substances and deprives his organism of the thousands of other essential constituents. A striking 
proof of this assertion is the fact that among thousands of medical prescriptions it is hard to find 
one in which some vitamin or other is not specified, but you will scarcely meet a prescription 
where the names of proteins, fats and carbohydrates are mentioned. 

In short, man enjoys perfect health when he feeds solely on raw vegetarian foodstuffs, he is ill 
to the extent that he consumes cooked food and he dies when he subsists exclusively on such 
a diet. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

How Diseases are Born 

Let us take a gland that is composed of a milliard or two of cells. These cells are of 
numerous kinds, each of which has its particular function or duty to perform. Thus, there are 
muscular cells and epithelial cells, and there are nerve cells and cells for a great many other 
purposes. But the main function of the cells of any given gland is the secretion of fluids. 

The glands of a man who eats cooked food have their full complement of cells, perhaps 
even more, but only a quarter or a fifth of them are fit for any useful work, and that not quite 
adequately. Protein alone, especially the dead animal protein which is regarded by short-sighted 
people as the perfect building material, can at most call into existence only the simplest structure of 
a shapeless, incapable and useless cell of a primitive type. In their structure, these cells 
resemble those primitive organisms of the most elementary character which made their first 
appearance on the earth in the earliest stages of evolutionary development and which were 
constructed with the commonest building material: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. 

In the course of the ensuing millions of centuries, however, those primitive unicellular 
organisms have undergone a long evolutionary process by the help of nutritive substances of 
the highest quality, namely the vitamins and the minerals known and unknown to us. During 
that evolutionary development they have become perfected and have given birth to various 
more complex organisms, the most perfect of which is the human being. We can see the brief 
recapitulation of this historic development of the organisms in the embryo of an animal, 
from the moment of its fertilization to its full development. The same process is repeated 
during the development of the individual human cells. 

In a given gland, every specialized cell possesses particular mechanisms, which can only 
be organized and made to acquire the capacity for active work by the supply of special 
nutritive constituents. Now, the raw materials necessary for the productive functions of those 
mechanisms can be provided solely by aw foodstuffs. No bee can make honey from the 
nectar of cooked flowers! 

When the special constituents do not reach the cell in sufficient quantities, its development 
slows down or it may even stop. This gives rise to a variety of imperfect and diseased cells, such 
as fatty, anaplastic, malignant or cancer cells, macrophages, megakaryocytes, polykaryocytes, 
and so on. 

Thus, not only do most of the cells of the gland in question not attain specialization 
(differentiation), but also the raw materials necessary for the secretion of fluids do not reach 
the few cells that still retain the ability to work as a result of which the gland is not able to 
maintain its proper level of production. It is in this way that the gland is affected with disease. 
Unsatisfactory development and improper functioning of the cells may also occur in all other 
organs and systems, resulting in the appearance of corresponding diseases. 

Sometimes a certain gland or organ is damaged to such an extent that its 


Raw Eating 

removal becomes unavoidable. Instead of adopting the most natural measures to prevent the 
destruction of that organ in the first place, men take the greatest trouble to remove it and then 
pride themselves on the performance of such a miracle. To a raw-eater it is quite clear that no 
drugs can restore a degenerated cell to its normal condition and return to it its proper 
capacity for work. 

The raw-eater has no fear of microbes, because he is protected against them by natural 
forces. Microbes cannot harm the fully developed and specialized (differentiated) cells. 
They spread their ravages on the weak and delicate cells. 

In reality the cooked-eater owes his existence to those few raw nutriments that he 
sometimes eats merely for pleasure, without taking into consideration their full importance. 
Now, because the human organism can maintain its existence on an unbelievably small 
quantity of nourishment, those small amounts of raw nutriments suffice to keep him alive 
for some time. 

Today, even the greatest nutrition experts usually consider putrefaction and 
contamination to be the only defects of foodstuffs. They regard as nutritious, wholesome and 
normal all those foods that are fresh, clean and "well-cooked." The absence of thousands of 
essential constituents in them does not seem to worry them at all. When they are reminded 
about it, they reply that they eat fruit, too. This is a most senseless reply. The diseases of the 
human organism originate from the very fact that we separate the nutritive constituents 
from one another and then consume them separately, as it were by chance, without any 
proper plan. 

The nutritive value of foodstuffs must be sought not in the variety of foods consumed, 
but in the variety of the constituents composing those foodstuffs. The commonest grass, in 
itself, is richer in the quantity of its nutritive constituents and the whole collection of the 
multitude of dishes served in the most sumptuous of banquets. This is the verdict of science. 

Numerous medical conferences take place for the prevention of diseases where, after 
discoursing for hours upon secondary subjects, the foremost representatives of medical science 
gather round richly-decorated tables for their dinners. Then, ignoring the basic and fully- 
balanced foodstuffs, which are formed in the wonderful laboratory of nature for the prevention 
of diseases and which comprise thousands of living substances, they fill themselves through 
"delicious" dishes with the degenerated and dead corpses of four or five of their commonest 
varieties. Worse still, many of them, regarding natural nutrients as not quite essential, complete 
their programme of nutrition with coffee and cigarettes. Let doctors excuse me for this 
stricture, but after a little contemplation they must surely agree with me that this is not the 
right system of nutrition and that it is high time they seriously considered making a basic 
change in the present erroneous customs of feeding. 

At one time in certain Asiatic countries, criminals who were condemned to death were 
fed on a diet of cooked meat alone. They usually died within 28- 


A. T. Hovannessian 

30 days, whereas in the event of complete starvation a man may remain alive for as long as 70 
days. This means that not only is cooked meat a poor foodstuff, but, with the toxins that it 
produces, it is really a poison that kills a person in a relatively short time. 

It is generally known that people who consume an excessive amount of polished rice are 
subject to beriberi, which kills the patient after causing a great deal of suffering. Now perhaps the 
most important symptom of beriberi is polyneuritis, but this is not the only symptom of the 
disease; it is merely one of a great number of symptoms. Nor is deficiency of vitamin Bl the only 
cause of this disease, as it is generally supposed. Polished rice does not contain any of the 
known or unknown vitamins. White bread and, in general, all the preparations from white 
flour have exactly the same characteristics as polished rice has. The same is true of artificial sugar 
and clarified fats, which are the representatives of only one or the other of the thousands of 
nutritive constituents. 

The above foodstuffs, which form the staple diet of the cooked-eater, are the main factors 
that cause death, only they kill a person under the guise of diarrhea, infectious diseases, 
rheumatism, gout, sclerosis, diabetes, apoplexy, cancer and numerous other diseases. Sometimes 
they kill at the age of only a year, at other times at the age of five, 10, 50 or 70, depending on the 
relative proportions of the two categories of foodstuffs consumed (cooked foods and raw 
nutriments) and the degree of hereditary resistance transmitted to the individual. 

As a result of faulty nutrition, nowadays many mothers have no milk to nurse their babies, 
and so some of them feed their infants on dried milk, biscuits, white bread and tea. Quite naturally 
the child begins to become wasted and emaciated. The children's hospitals and orphanages of 
the world are full of such patients. 

It is sufficient to give such children only two tumblers of fruit juice daily in order that they 
may completely regain their health in a fortnight. But food-addicted dieticians, ignoring the necessity 
of fruit, carry out all sorts of painful experiments on the wasted body of the child, and after 
drawing out the last drops of blood from it, they try to nourish him with dried milk, meat extracts, 
artificial vitamins and various drugs. In other words, disregarding the harmonious balance of 
the nutritional constituents liberally provided by nature, they begin to make experiments on the 
emaciated body of that child by means of a few constituents about which they have obtained 
some fragmentary knowledge in their laboratories. If that child does not obtain any natural 
foodstuffs somehow or other, he will, certainly die and such deaths, indeed, occur in 
thousands. But, what is still more terrible, many naive dieticians do not permit such children to 
eat raw fruit in the belief that their weak stomachs will not be able to digest it or, at best, they 
leave the question of fruit to the 


Raw Eating 

discretion of the children's parents, regarding it as an unnecessary luxury of minor importance. 
Witness the fact that in many hospitals you will find meat, biscuits, dried milk, sugar, tea, 
margarine, rice, white bread, artificial vitamins and medicines as much as you like, but you will 
not see a single device for squeezing out fruit juices, and the purchase of fruit is not even 
compulsory. Dozens of children's corpses are taken out of such hospitals, but nobody wishes to 
hold the unnatural system of nutrition responsible for those deaths. 

I appeal to the humanitarian feelings of all doctors. Let them give serious consideration to 
this matter. I ask all university lecturers and all responsible bodies and health ministries of 
every country in the world whether they are anxious for the health and well-being of their 
people or not. If they are, they must set to work without delay. My statements are not mere 
hypotheses, but irrefutable facts, which I present to the reader not as a result of experiments on 
guinea pigs, but by the living example of my family and myself. 

The best means of preventing and curing illnesses and at the same time of raising the 
standard of living is for every ministry of health to set aside a negligible budget for the 
establishment of information departments, with the express purpose of bringing to the notice 
of the masses the harm done by cooking, as well as by foodstuffs that lack vitamins, 
especially white bread, rice, meat, clarified fats, sugar, tea, coffee, and alcoholic and non- 
alcoholic drinks. They should then persuade people to reduce the consumption of cooked food 
as far as possible and to introduce gradual changes into their nutritional habits. 

Naturally, as all men are not sensible, it is not possible to make everybody a raw-eater all at 
once, but it is essential that people should become acquainted with the proper raw materials of 
their bodies right from their infancy, should free themselves from erroneous and dangerous 
prejudices, and should realize that it is not chicken soup, rice, cutlets, eggs and beefsteak that 
give them and their children health and strength, but sprouted wheat, carrots, tomatoes, nuts 
and grapes. Taking my own case as an example, as a result of eating meat and other cooked 
foods for 52 years, I had lost all my strength and could not go up two steps without feeling 
breathless; but today, after abstaining from cooked food for eight years, I can run up 
mountains with the utmost ease. 

I do not know on what scientific grounds nowadays at a great many children's homes 
and day nurseries they place boxes of biscuits at the disposal of the children, to help 
themselves whenever they wish. The boxes of those pernicious substances should be replaced 
by baskets of fresh fruit, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes in the summer, and of dried fruit in 
the winter, from which children should be allowed to eat freely and as much as they like at all 
hours of the day. Then everybody will see how, by the very laws of nature, children will 
automatically begin to consume more fruit and less degenerated food, thus assuring their own 
health by their own hands. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

The raw-eating system should be adopted in hospitals for all kinds of patients and the public 
should be informed of the results obtained. Very useful reforms may be made in public restaurants, 
especially in the provision of army rations. Without completely depriving the food addicts of the 
"pleasures" of cooked meals, deadly as they are, for the time being, it is possible to reduce their 
quantity by at least 50 percent and replace the loss by fresh salads and raw compotes, and by the 
numerous varieties of the fruits of the season. In this way, not only will meals become more varied 
and pleasant, but the health of the people will be fortified, too, and a considerable saving will be 
effected in public economy. 

Once the public is acquainted with the harms done by cooked foods, they will try to avoid 
them. There will be found, also, a great number of sensible people who, drowning the voice of 
their addiction, will follow our example and by the practice of complete raw-eating will assure 
the perfect health of themselves and their families. People who have lost all hopes of recovery 
or who have become disfigured by unnatural corpulence will realize that, by a strict observance 
of raw-eating, within only a few months they will be able to attain the health that they have 
always dreamed of. 

People publish numerous books to demonstrate the therapeutic properties of separate fruits 
and vegetables, such as grapes, dates, apples, organs, onions or radishes, and, by developing special 
methods of consuming them, they try to invest those operations with the semblance of scientific 
proceedings. In point of fact, all edible varieties of raw vegetable bodies are perfect nutriments 
and have the same qualities. No matter from what disease a person suffers, they satisfy the 
demands of the organism, they regulate the functions of the organs, they restore the health of the 
patient. Information about such truths should be placed at the disposal of the public free of cost, as 
it is inhuman to receive any money for such advice. 

The dietetics of a cooked-eater is full of fatal contradictions. In a great many cases harmful 
foodstuffs are recommended as useful, while quite essential ones are represented as harmful and are 
strictly forbidden. This is because the experience of cooked-eaters is based on the immediate, 
apparent and contradictory effects of foodstuffs and on the erroneous calculations made in the 
laboratory. Millions of innocent people perish as a result of those contradictory and 
erroneous calculations. 

The most reliable guide is the fundamental and perfect experience of the raw-eater, as a 
result of which all the errors, contradictions and misunderstandings that exist in medical 
science, in general, and in dietetics in particular, are brought to light and corrected once for all. It 
is necessary to multiply the examples of that experience far and wide and to acquaint all 
mankind with the results obtained. 


Raw Eating 

It is the Worst of Crimes to Accustom a 
New-Born Baby to Cooked Foods 

When it becomes apparent to everybody that cooked-eating is an unnatural habit, that 
it is the cause of all human illnesses and that it is such a terrible addiction that once a man falls 
prey to its remorseless grip, the victim is seldom able to free himself from its clutches again. 
What right has a sensible person to introduce it into the organism of an innocent newborn 
child by her very own hands? What right has she to ravage the organs of her little baby by 
foods that have been burned, destroyed, killed on the fire? Is it not the most ruthless of all 
crimes, is it not in effect a homicide, a brutal filicide? I myself have killed my two beloved 
children by my own hands in that way and I am quite aware of the enormity of the crime. 

In reality, all food-addicted parents are filicides. In the present century nobody dies a 
natural death. All deaths are the result of diseases that are caused by cooked meals, and the 
people who teach children to eat cooked food are their parents. Cooked-eating parents must 
fully realize that the responsibility for every illness and disorder in their children rests squarely 
on their own shoulders. They must weigh up this matter most seriously before persisting in 
their usual mistaken course. The foundation of every cancer or heart-stroke is laid with the 
first morsel of cooked food given to the baby, even when the disease makes its appearance at 
a most advanced age. 

It may be argued that it is difficult for grown-up people to be completely deprived of cooked 
food. Very well then, in that case let them persist in their pernicious habits to their hearts' 
content. But what is it that compels them to burn the integral raw materials of an infant child, 
to destroy, to deprive them of their most essential constituents, to convert them into harmful 
substances and then to give them to the baby? This inhuman behavior towards innocent children, 
this barbarism, must surely cease. 

There is no rule of science that prevents a parent from giving her child sprouted wheat 
instead of white bread, polished rice or macaroni; honey instead of sugar; fresh juices of carrots, 
oranges, grapes and apples instead of dried milk; raw fruit instead of compote; walnuts, almonds, 
sprouted beans and peas instead of meat and fats. By eating raw food the child enjoys a healthy, 
happy, long life, whereas the alternative diet leads him to disease and untimely death. You may 
rest assured that the child desires raw food with all his soul. He demands that he should 
receive his raw materials in their intact state and he has an indisputable right to them. The 
doctor or the parent who is not devoid of common sense and conscience must act 
accordingly, without the least hesitation. 

When at the age of three or four months the organs of a baby begin to operate irregularly, 
the short-sighted doctor prescribes two or three kinds of 


A. T. Hovannessian 

artificial vitamins in place of the thousands of substances that have been burned over the fire, or at most 
he recommends, as a sort of medicine, a few measured spoonful's of fruit juice, thus setting at rest 
both his own conscience and that of the baby's parents. Why should a child suffer from vitamin 
deficiency, if by her very hands her mother does not destroy the vitamins that exist in natural 

Let us close our eyes for a moment and picture to ourselves in all its entirety the miracle 
that nature performs. As soon as we introduce a single grain of wheat into the human factory 
through the mouth, the organism takes that grain, breaks it down and distributes it throughout the 
body. The thousands of different substances that are concentrated in that grain move in all 
directions and each of them goes to perform its respective duty. Thus, the various nutritive 
constituents in a grain of wheat perform tens of thousands of different tasks and conduct the 
biological functions of the organism without any fault or flaw. 

But what happens when we introduce into the stomach a morsel of white bread? It aimlessly 
sets the stomach to work; it is burned and turned into useless heat, or, at best, it goes to add a few 
mortarless bricks or stones on some indolent, worthless cells. The heart of a man who feeds on pure 
wheat is as firm and strong as a grain of corn, while the heart of a person who eats the white 
bread is as weak and friable as the bread that he consumes. To this, bear witness the ever- 
increasing number of heart failures. 

Should by some miracle the whole world come to its senses today and adopt the practice 
of raw-eating, with the exception of some particular cases far too advanced in their diseases, 
there will be no untimely deaths during the next three or four decades, until elderly people reach 
extreme old age. As it is, deaths caused by cooked-eating exceed several times those incurred in 
the greatest of wars. 

In the name of every helpless child, I again appeal to all scientists, men of learning, leaders of 
nations, ministries of health, parents and kind-hearted men throughout the world to put an 
immediate end to that terrible crime against little children. Every day's delay costs thousands of 
innocent lives. Grown-up people are free to sacrifice their lives to the fatal pleasures of cooked 
foods and thus to commit suicide, but who has given them the right to massacre their poor 
children, especially as those foods, far from giving them any pleasure, merely fill the children 
with disgust? It is senseless to argue that when a child grows up he will see others eat and then he 
himself will feel a desire to eat. First of all, a barbarism such as cooked-eating cannot last long and 
we may confidently look forward to the early victory of raw-eating. Then there are millions of 
people who see the alcoholism or the drug addiction of others, but keep themselves well away 
from such vices. My child is already 6 years old * and she can understand everything; she sees the 
cooked food eaten by other people, but she herself loathes it with all her soul. Which opium 
addict teaches his 

*This refers to 1963, when this section of the book was written. 


Raw Eating 

infant child to acquire the drug habit right from the cradle? Which common sense prompts a 
man to sacrifice his own son and make him an early companion to his loathsome habits in order 
to sanction and perpetuate his personal addictions? Let parents first bring up a healthy child 
according to the laws of nature and then, after he is grown up, let them leave his future course of 
action to his own free will, just as they do in the case of all other vices. 

After reading these lines no sensible parent can find justification in the fact that other 
authorities have given quite different advice. Should she persist in ignoring the voice of truth, she 
must take on her shoulders the responsibility for ruining her child's health and undermining his 
future. A person must be devoid of the most elementary judgment to replace 10,000 substances by 
two substances, living cells by dead cells, fully balanced raw materials by degenerated material, natural 
nutriments by unnatural nutriments, sprouted wheat by white bread, green peas by cooked meat, 
and fresh fruit by jam. 

Gastrolatrous Biologists Must Prove That Nature Has Made 
a Mistake in Not Presenting Us with Foodstuffs in a 

Cooked State 

I publicly appeal to all scientists either to confirm my views and declare them to the whole 
world, or to prove that when natural foodstuffs are put on the fire, no losses are incurred in their 
nutritive constituents or energy contents; no deaths occur of the living vegetable cells and no 
changes take place in the constitution of the atoms. They must further prove that in the creation 
of nutrients for the human organism our Creator has made a mistake in not presenting them to 
us with the foodstuffs in a "purified", cooked or burned state, that the operations carried out in 
factories and in kitchens are scientific measures aimed at correcting the errors of the Creator and 
that the artificial vitamins made by man have greater nutritional values than the vitamins found 
in nature. Failing that, they must admit the tragic mistakes that have been made hitherto and, 
doing away with cooked meals once for all, they must take refuge in the wisdom of the Creator 
and stop interfering with the composition of the natural foodstuffs created by Him. Let those 
who regard themselves as meat-eaters consume their meat, if they can, fresh and entire, like 
carnivorous beasts do, without killing its cells or degenerating it in any way. 

We have no right to upset the integrity of the raw materials created by nature for the 
human organism when, with all the scientific means at our disposal, we are not able to create 
the tiniest single-celled organism; when, with the help of all the nutritive constituents known to 
us, we cannot feed an organism artificially and keep it alive for long; and when we have barely 
succeeded in recognizing a thousandth part of the substances in a grain of corn. It is true that a 
great deal of research has been carried out and considerable 


A. T. Hovannessian 

progress has been made on the recognition of various nutrients and as a result many 
important nutritive constituents have been discovered, but all those discoveries cannot be 
of greater significance than the invention of the artificial satellites. The difference between 
artificial vitamins and the nutritive constituents composing a grain of corn is of the same 
order as the difference between man-made artificial satellites and the heavenly bodies 
forming our whole galactic system. The scientists who make artificial satellites, however, 
never presume to annihilate the existing galaxies and replace them by heavenly bodies newly 
created by themselves. 

Our best course is to study carefully the laws of the natural evolution of animal and 
vegetable organisms, and then to assist the work of nature by using every natural means to 
speed up that evolution. But, under no circumstance, must we undo the work of nature and 
then try to reconstruct it by the help of miserable gland extracts and artificial vitamins. 

When we place a piece of potato or marrow in butter and begin to fry it, we start the 
process of its destruction right from the first moment. It immediately begins to sizzle, to 
shrivel, to become brown and then to dry up, and if we continue the operation a little 
longer, it chars up and turns into mean ashes. That appetizing smell which tickles our nostrils 
is the smell of the most valuable constituents of natural foodstuffs, which laugh at our 
senses and vanish into thin air. 

The terms "cooking" and "baking" must not be used in the sense of preparing, 
constructing and improving, as they have been uses until now; they must be employed, 
rather, to convey the sense of ruining, destroying, burning, killing or annihilating, because by 
those operations we destroy the most valuable substances that are of vital importance to our 
organism and thus we commit the most heinous crime against humanity. 

A Baby Detests the Taste of Cooked Foods, Which Appear 

Appetizing Only to the Food Addict, Just As Opium Seems 

Pleasing to the Drug Addict 

Simple-minded people might think that it would be cruel to deprive children of the 
pleasure derived from the taste of cooked foods. Such people should realize that in point of 
fact, cooked foods are not tasty at all; they seem tasty only to the food addict, just as opium 
seems pleasing to the drug addict. Until now there has been nobody to tell us this simple 
truth, because from time immemorial nobody has been free from food addiction. 

The organs of a newborn child are adapted to the composition of raw foodstuffs only. 
The baby greatly enjoys raw fruit and vegetables. He eats, with the greatest satisfaction, raw 
grains, potatoes, beans, aubergine, green peas and lentils, which taste very good to him, but 
are distasteful to a cooked-eater. The 


Raw Eating 

little child does not derive any pleasure whatsoever from the taste of cooked meals; he loathes 
and shuns them with all his soul and it is with great pain that he swallows those unnatural 
foods. But the poor, simpleminded parent does not understand this. She is guided solely by 
her own addiction and, in her anxiety to feed the child well, she keeps on forcing those vile 
foods down his throat to such an extent that she turns the child into a perfect addict, thus 
ruining his health and happiness. 

During the first few years of his life, the baby carries on a terrible struggle against unnatural 
foodstuffs. This is evident from the numerous children's ailments and the frequent stomach 
disorders with which children are afflicted, as well as from the high rate of infantile mortality. A 
baby is a newly-constructed, perfect factory. He will never become ill if we supply natural 
nutriments for the normal nutritional activities of his organs. 

The universal adoption of raw-eating is the only way to free all mankind from the curse of 
illnesses once for all. The propagation of raw-eating must begin with sick people, newborn 
children, ^as^men endowed with the necessary willpower and wisdom, and the sensible parents 
of raw-eating children, who will be obliged to exclude from their homes all traces of debased 
food so as not to put temptation in their children's way. This initial period of voluntary 
abstention from cooked food will last until the day when the authorities will come to their 
senses, and will resolve to declare raw-eating compulsory, thus enforcing the prudent will of 
nature upon the ignorant, uninstructed masses. The time will come when raw-eating will 
prevail in the whole world. In those blessed days the degeneration of the integral raw materials 
necessary for the human factory will be declared the most atrocious of crimes and will be 
punished by the severest penalties. 

The supposed difficulty of abolishing the cooked-eating habit quickly must not serve as 
an excuse for denying the harm done by it. Nobody tries to justify theft, robbery and murder, 
although it has not been possible to eradicate these baneful plagues from human society. The 
essential point is for scientists to admit in principle and to declare to the public that the operation 
of cooking foodstuffs is wrong, unnatural and dangerous, and that it is the direct cause of 
illnesses. The secondary question of putting raw-eating into actual practice may then be left 
to the subsequent course of events. 

Cooked-eating has successively given birth to food addiction, diseases, medical science 
and pharmacology. The ultimate purpose of medical science is to mend and renovate the 
degenerated and mangled organs of man. In place of medical science, the raw-eater has his science 
or health, the aim of which is to prevent the degenerations mentioned above and to ensure a 
healthy, happy, long and peaceful life for present and future generations. All diseases are caused 
by the violation of the laws of nature. Raw-eating compels people to respect those laws. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

The Practice of Raw-Eating In My Family 

The fact that at age of 60 I am able to write these lines is due to raw-eating. Seven or eight 
years ago my heart was in such poor condition that a heart-stroke seemed inevitable. I used to 
get breathless climbing a few steps; I had not strength enough to lift a bucket of water. 
Constipation, indigestion, heartburn, insomnia, headache, piles, gout, sclerosis, high blood- 
pressure, tachycardia, chronic bronchitis, hemorrhoids and frequent colds had been the 
companions of my life for a long time past. Thanks to raw-eating I have gotten rid of all those 
disorders. I have permanently lowered my blood pressure from 18-20 to 13, and my pulse rate from 
80-90 to 58-60. Without any sign of fatigue, I can walk to Tajrish and back (a distance of 24 
kilometers) in four hours, climb up mountains like a goat, lift heavy suitcases up the staircase and, 
when I have time, take a stroll of 12 kilometers as an ordinary daily routine. I, who at one time 
suffered from chronic bronchitis and was laid up with influenza several times a year as a matter of 
course, have not even had a common cold in the last few years and have slept in the open air all 
the year round in winter and in summer, without the least fear of either cold or microbes. 

Years ago, I had such a severe attack of gout that I could not touch the joints of my big toe; 
today I can twist them with all my might without the least sign of pain. Where in the world have 
similar results been obtained by means of atophan, ACTH, digitalis, bromides, iodine, aspirin, 
antibiotics and thousands of other medicines? 

The heart that works at the rate of 58 beats a minute can be confidently expected to carry on 
working for a great many years without ever being subject to the danger of a stroke. Under 
cooked-eating conditions such as fall in the pulse rate occurs only when the heart is weak, but in 
my case it is the natural result of the regularity in the operation of my digestive organs. 

It is extremely significant that whenever I try to overload my stomach with several times 
the normal quantity of natural foodstuffs, they do not stay in the stomach for long, but pass into 
the intestines at once and leave the body in a few hours, without undergoing any decomposition 
and without producing the slightest digestive disorders or causing me any discomfort whatsoever. 
Under this condition, my pulse rate is increased by no more than four or five beats a minute, 
whereas when I try to "satisfy" myself with cooked food like "an ordinary human being," my heart 
beats immediately jump up to 85-90 and it takes days for my stomach to regain its normal feeling 
of lightness. 

Along with myself, I am bringing up my third child as a raw-eater. She is already a little lass of 
seven years of age, but she has never put a single morsel of degenerated food into her mouth. Her 
health is the embodiment of perfection. I can now see what a great difference there is between raw- 
eating and cooked-eating children. It is easier to bring up a hundred raw-eating children than a 
single cooked-eating child. One never has the occasion to worry about children's 


Raw Eating 

ailments such as chills and colds, diarrhea and constipation, or trouble about the child's eating too 
much or too little. She is as cheerful as a lark and whenever she wishes she goes to the table and 
helps herself to anything that she likes to eat. She plays, sings and dances all day long without 
any whims or caprices, without crying without causing trouble to those around her. She goes to bed 
at exactly 8 o'clock in the evening and, after singing to herself for a few minutes, she closes her 
eyes and sleeps like a top until 6 o'clock in the morning. Moreover, it is a most remarkable fact 
that after the first few months we can remember only three or four occasions when she has 
woken up during the night. So deep and sound is her sleep that no noise or movement causes 
her to wake up. 

When other children in the kindergarten sit at their breakfast table to have bread and 
cheese, bread and butter, pastries, etc., she brings out her bag of fruit that she has taken from 
home and enjoys it quietly. When we are on a visit to friends, she looks with complete 
indifference at those overloaded tea tables round which people seat themselves and "enjoy" all 
kinds of pastries and sweets. Very often she fills the plates of her toy tea set with those sweets and 
plays "cooked-eater's tea party" with her dolls and her playmates. She never expresses a wish, not 
even out of curiosity, to taste any of them. It is in this way that all raw-eating children should be 
brought up. 

My wife, upon whom I have never forced my views, gradually changing her system of 
nutrition for the sake of her child and her health, has now become a complete raw-eater and is 
quite content with her condition. To begin with, she gave up meat altogether and then she 
reduced meatless cooked dishes to one or two a week. As the child grew up a little more, these 
were replaced by a few boiled potatoes taken occasionally. Finally, these too were entirely given 
up when one day the child asked, "What is that nasty smell from, Mommy?" After that she took 
only a thin slice of whole meal bread which she sometimes ate with honey and walnuts, unseen by 
the child.* Today, she sees the wonderful effect of raw-eating on her organism and it is not 
surprising, therefore, that she abstains from all cooked foodstuffs. And all this was accomplished 
without much difficulty, once the decision was made in earnest. When there is no smell of 
cooked food in the house, raw-eating becomes a very simple matter. This is the way that should 
be followed by all those parents who value their health and love their children. 

All the Evil Habits and Beastly Inclinations of Man Ate the 
Result of CookedEating 

Raw-eating will drive out of the arena all other vices, too., such as alcoholism, tobacco 
smoking, drug addiction and avarice. These addictions 

*In those days my conception qfraw-eatingwasstillin its rudimentary stages. It has now become clear to me that total abstinence from 
cooked fod should be the general rule right from the start, especially in the case of people who are inpoorl. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

can no more accompany raw-eating than the devil can ally itself with an angel. These vices are the 
satellites of food addiction. 

By the victory of raw-eating, lasting peace will be finally established in the world and 
cooperation will be set up between nations. All crimes, hatred, enmity, arrogance, jealousy and, in 
general, all the evil habits and beastly inclinations of man are the offspring of cooked-eating. By 
the abolition of cooked-eating the passions of men will calm down, their minds will be ennobled 
and life will become so easy that men will no longer be obliged to tear each other's flesh or sell 
their conscience for a mess of pottage. 

The Conception of Diet Should Be Limited To the 

Replacement of Unnatural Nutrition by the 

Natural Method of Feeding 

Complete raw-eating is the only way to free mankind from diseases. Half-measures have never 
given and will never give any results. Under the present conditions of cooked-eating all the 
accepted calculations of the nutritive values of specific diets must be treated as of no account. No 
matter what the illness is, when the question of diet is being discussed we must think only in terms 
of the raw and the cooked, the natural and the unnatural, the pure and degenerate. The 
recommendations made every day on the radio, in the newspapers and by various other means on 
the use of specific vitamins, minerals and proteins, and the information given on their calorie 
values, are wholly impracticable, worthless and dangerous, especially when they are based on the 
use of artificial drugs and animal foodstuffs. 

In considering the properties of individual nutritive substances, we must not worry 
ourselves at all as to what particular vitamins or other constituents exist in a particular nutriment. 
It is the invariable presence of all the various constituents in every mouthful of food that must be 
compulsory. We must, therefore, take care that none of the constituents is absent from the food 
that we consume. This is the case when we eat any raw vegetable foodstuff, whereas in cooked 
food they are absent in their thousands. 

For centuries on end, thousands of specialists have made dietetics their particular study. But 
as they have paid attention to secondary problems only and have not taken into consideration 
the damage done by the kitchen fire, their researches have failed to produce the desired results 
and, worse still, because of their numerous contradictions, they have been disastrous for mankind. 
Even the vegetarians, who may be regarded as the most progressive among them, have not only 
tolerated the damage done by the fire, but they have also put up with the use of white bread and 
refined sugar, which are devoid of all valuable constituents. Nevertheless, it must be confessed that in 
the conquest of human addictions, vegetarians have passed the steepest road. The most difficult 


Raw Eating 

is abstinence from meat, after which the replacement of a meatless diet by raw foodstuffs is only 
a small step, although it is by this small step that they must reach their final goal. Therefore, it 
is to be expected that vegetarians of all shades of opinion will accept the principles of raw- 
eating and will collect together under the same banner, in order to lay the foundation of that 
happy life which has always been the dream of mankind. 

As an expert in dietetics, great reputation has been won in America by G. Hauser. But 
even Hauser, progressive as he is in comparison with other dieticians, does not take into 
consideration the harm done by cooking and he therefore tries to restore the damage done in 
the kitchen by means of prescriptions. Let us suppose for a moment that his advice might 
serve some useful purpose. But where is the worker, the farm laborer or the ordinary man in the 
street to find the thousand dollar fee that he must pay in order to obtain information as to how 
much black molasses he must take in the morning, how much yeast in the evening, or how 
many thousand units of a particular vitamin he must swallow every day? 

This is not the right approach. It is necessary to acquaint the whole world as thoroughly as 
possible with the integral raw materials of the human organism, to change radically the present 
nutritional habits and to put a stop to the recommendations of specific diets and individual 

Men of science know that no person feeding exclusively on a diet of white bread, 
polished rice or cooked meat can hope to live long But the ordinary man does not know this. In 
his opinion, those foodstuffs provide excellent nourishment. How can we guarantee that under 
the force of circumstances or through the pressure of poverty an individual will not foolishly 
feed himself and his children on those foodstuffs alone and will not ruin himself in 
consequence? Even the most eminent scientist, acquainted as he is with the whole subject, is 
unable to resist the urge of his greed and he eats so much of those cursed substances that he 
kills himself slowly but surely, and commits suicide all too soon by means of cancer or a heart 
attack. It is not sufficient, therefore, merely to propagate these ideas in books; it is necessary to 
mobilize the proper organs of the state in order to introduce basic, planned changes into the 
nutritional habits of the people. Active measures must be taken to limit gradually the massive 
waste of nutritional constituents and to encourage the consumption of raw and undefiled 
foodstuffs. The final objective of every kind of diet is raw-eating, when the word "diet" loses its 
meaning and gives place to the expression NATURAL NUTRITION or THE 


A. T. Hovannessian 

The Use of Artificial Vitamins and Minerals 
Must Be Stopped 

The relative quantities of the nutritive constituents in natural foodstuffs vary greatly, in the 
sense that against one milligram of one constituent there may be one thousandth of a milligram 
of a second constituent and one millionth of a milligram of a third. But the constituent weighing 
one millionth of a milligram is just as essential for the human factory as that weighing one 
milligram. Now, during cooking it is precisely those constituents that exist in small traces only 
that are destroyed in the first instance. 

One may wonder why with such defective raw materials the human factory does not stop 
working at once, as an ordinary factory would do, but continues its operations for quite a long 
time, thus leading people to the erroneous conclusion that whatever satisfies their appetite is 

The fact of the matter is that the human body is not an ordinary factory. It is an enormous 
world with milliard of inhabitants, innumerable factories, various organizations, systems, stores, 
reserves, and so forth. Even if it does not obtain any nutrition at all, it can still keep itself alive up 
to 70 days by calling into use its stored-up reserves. 

After entering the organism, the nutrients are distributed throughout the human body by the 
medium of blood and each of the cells receives the substances suited to its structure and specialty. 
But the cells of the glands and the organs take nothing from the few degenerated constituents that 
are present in cooked food in such small varieties as can be counted on one's fingers. They keep on 
waiting, in hunger and privation, until their master deigns to extend his fingers to help himself to 
a piece of onion, green vegetable or fruit. 

Man does not feel the starvation of individual cells as, notwithstanding the extreme hunger 
of the glandular and organic cells, his stomach is full, his addiction is satisfied, he himself is 
content. But still more content are the worthless, indolent and inactive cells, which greedily devour 
the "fully-balanced building materials" corresponding to their structures and "strengthen and fortify" 
the body by increasing its bulk. 

This is the reason why with 50-60 kilograms of superfluous, useless cells, the so-called healthy, 
stout and vigorous person does not possess a few hundred grams of active, specialized cells, by 
which one or other of his glands may function regularly and manufacture faultless products. As 
long as the glands and organs have not been deprived of the last remnants of active cells, a man 
is able to drag on his existence somehow; but when they are at last spent, death becomes inevitable. 
Then the "satiated," "stout" and "vigorous" person dies through having starved his glands and 
organs. For example, the heart cells lose the necessary power and elasticity for making the 
normal contractions. The heart then tries to save the situation by increasing the number of its 
cells, as a 


Raw Eating 

result of which it becomes enlarged with cells formed from animal proteins and white bread. - 
But this is of no avail, because these cells lack the capacity of performing any useful work and it does 
not take long before the organ stops beating altogether. 

We do not know for certain, how many different constituents go to the making of a grain of 
wheat or of any other vegetable body. Let us take a hypothetical, approximate number, say 
10,000. By the most elementary laws of nature we should then have to reason that the raw 
materials necessary for the human factory are composed of 10,000 different substances, and in 
supplying those materials it is important to take particular care that one or other of the constituents 
is not absent. This is the most natural system for ensuring the normal operation of the human 

Now let us see how topsy-turvy the dietetics of this cooked-eating age is. Men carry mass 
destruction of those essential substances and nourish their bodies with only a few varieties of 
their constituents. 

After years of painstaking research biologists find that there are only 1015 kinds of 
substances in cheese, butter, liver or brains. One would have expected them to confess that as a result 
of their long labor they have found that such and-such foodstuffs consist of only 10-15 kinds of 
debased, unbalanced, poison-bearing, degenerate and dead substances, and that of the constituents 
forming our raw materials, 9990 varieties are absent and, therefore, those foodstuffs are so 
deficient, harmful and dangerous that their use as nutriments must not be recommended by 
anybody. But instead, they specify one by one the names of all the substances that they have 
managed to find in those foodstuffs, they describe in detail their functions in nutrition and, after 
enumerating their properties, they recommend them as "beneficial" nutriments. Not a word do 
they mention about the absence of the thousands of nutritive constituents, nor do they speak 
about their role in nutrition or the disastrous results that invariably follow their absence. Yet, 
these considerations are quite essential aspects of the question. 

It must be borne in mind that so manifold are the functions of raw foodstuffs in the 
organism that even if by some miracle man came to know them all, a whole lifetime would not 
be sufficient for their mere description. We must regard as one of the elementary laws of 
nutrition the fact that no nutritive constituent can serve its true purpose if it is taken in isolation, 
apart from the whole. 

When one points out even to the most famous scientist that there is no trace of any 
vitamins in the white bread which he eats, he retorts, without the least hesitation, that he also 
eats foodstuffs containing vitamins With equal justification a bricklayer may lay his bricks all day 
long and raise his wall without any mortar, and then argue that there are times when he uses 
mortar, too. Such is the blindness that is cause by food addiction. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

What is white bread if not starch, sugar, fats, proteins and several kinds of dead salts — in other words, 
only the lifeless ashes of a few of the 10,000 constituents forming our raw material? What is refined sugar if 
not one of the above 10,000? What is meat if not poison-containing proteins and traces of a few 
degenerated constituents? Yet, man fills his stomach to the brink with these few substances and deprives his 
organs of thousands of really essential nutriments. As to the resulting disorders that come about in his organs, 
one may form some idea by visiting hospitals or examining the illustrations in medical textbooks. How 
could such terrible deformations, sores and ulcers be caused, if not through the absence of superior nutrients? 

Although scientists have so far discovered only 40-50 kinds of the thousands of nutritive 
constituents, a large section of medical literature is devoted to the description of the effects of those 
substances, which also form the basis of a great deal of other medical activities. Besides, a vast net of 
commercial establishments has spread throughout the length and breadth of the world for the manufacture 
and distribution of those substances. 

We may well picture what the situation will be if, instead of those 40-50 constituents, research scientists 
succeed one day in finding 400 or 500, not to speak of 4,000 or 5,000 kinds of substances. The man of today 
seems to have lost sight of the integrity of the real raw materials needed for his body, either they are not 
immediately at his disposal or he finds it impossible to obtain them. So he has to look into every nook and 
comer to find them one by one in order to satisfy the needs of his organism Research scientists regard as 
scientific only those substances the formulae of which are known to them and are printed in books. As they 
have no knowledge of the complete formulae of the constituents of a grain of wheat, they do not see 
anything scientific in it It is a "common" substance that is easily obtainable, abounds everywhere and is known to 
everybody. But it is quite a different matter when they succeed in discovering a new nutritive constituent and 
finding its formula. It then becomes scientific; its discovery is hailed as a great triumph in the field of 
medicine and, what is more, it introduces fresh fervor and enthusiasm into factories, pharmacies and 
clinics. And this is all because man does not wish to give up his white bread. 

Come what may, people must at last admit that the only way to get rid of disease is first to limit strictly 
and then to prohibit altogether the mass destruction of our nutritive constituents. 

To this end, responsible bodies must carry out intensive publicity and must take active measures to 
prevent the mass destruction of nutritive constituents. They must obtain new varieties of dishes from 
mixtures of raw foodstuffs and recommend them to the public, whose nutritional habits will then undergo 
gradual changes. As a result, the diseases that now afflict humanity will be progressively eliminated and an 
immense economy will be affected in our cost of living. 


Raw Eating 

Before we became raw-eaters, our family used to consume a kilogram of bread daily, 
whereas now a kilogram of wheat lasts us from eight to 10 days. On a diet of white bread I 
should have been dead long ago, but thanks to the life-giving wheat I am still living, and I 
feel sure that I shall live for at least another 40-50 years. 

The Comparison Between the Health of Raw-Eating and 

Cooked-Eating Children is the Best Means of Confirming 

the Harm Incurred by Eating Cooked Food 

The principles must first of all be adopted in day nurseries, children's homes, 
hospitals and restaurants, and they should then be popularized by means of publicity among 
the public at large. With such plain and irrefutable facts as I have presented, it is to be 
hoped that clear-sighted scientists will set to work at once. But if they wish to have further 
concrete proof, I propose the following test. Let the infants in one of the children's homes 
be divided into two equal groups, one of which should be fed by current medical methods, 
the other be brought up by the principles of raw-eating. Then let the health of the two 
groups be compared with each other. I have no doubt whatsoever that right from the 
beginning it will be clear to the whole world which of the two system), of nutrition is truly 
scientific and humanitarian. The same results may be obtained by adapting the method for 
the cure of hospital patients. 

Many simpleminded people may object to the test on the ground that it is sinful or 
injurious to carry out such "experiments" on children. However, if such people think a little 
deeper, they will see that it is not an experiment to safeguard the life and health of a child 
by feeding him with the complete collection of the pure nutritive constituents intended by 
nature for the human organism. The real experiments are those inhuman tests that are 
conducted under the guise of science with a few varieties of synthetic substances barely 
recognized in the laboratory as yet, as a result of which millions of children depart from 
life in their infancy, leaving their parents in bitter grief. Experiments are those operations that 
play with the health of the people by 1,001 degenerated foodstuffs and poisons and create new 
diseases. These diseases are ludicrously named the diseases of civilization, without the least 
feeling of shame at such a "civilization" and without reflecting that the conditions which 
gave birth to such diseases may be named ignorance, savagery or barbarism, but never 


A. T. Hovannessian 

Scientific Institutions and Responsible State Bodies Must 

Examine the Problem of Raw-Eating 

Without Further Delay 

I have proposed a radical and at the same time a very simple and natural method by which 
mankind will be freed from every illness on earth. This is a very important matter to which all 
scientists, doctors, intellectuals and responsible state bodies must give immediate attention They 
must either prove publicly that I am wrong in my views and refute them by basic experiments, or 
they must confirm their truth and take the necessary steps to put them into practice. In particular, 
should any indifference or silence be exhibited by doctors, it may be construed by the general 
public as a clear case of unwillingness on their part to ward off diseases, in order that their field or 
operation may not be reduced. Personally, I do not believe that this is generally true, because few 
human beings could be so ruthless; but doctors must give positive proof that they have a higher 
and nobler aim than the making of money, and that their object is, in fact, service to science, 
service to humanity. 

Noble, public- spirited and altruistic doctors reach their aspired objective by the acceptance 
of raw-eating, whereas inhuman, selfish and covetous doctors see in it their personal loss. The 
alleged difficulty of changing deep-rooted customs can only serve as a flimsy excuse to veil the 
niggardly self-interests of wicked people. The discovery of raw-eating is the best opportunity to 
distinguish the noble from the ignoble, the good from the evil, the wise from the unwise. 

There is no activity of greater humanitarian value than the propagation of raw-eating It is 
necessary to arouse all mankind from its centuries-old slumber, to open its eyes, to shake it out 
of its lethargy and to free it from its present nightmare. The rich must donate their money to 
this cause; the intellectuals their brains. It is essential to form societies, establish clubs, publish 
newspapers and print books. Furthermore, it is requisite to construct spacious sanatoria with 
all the amenities for rest, amusements and sports, and by means of a few months' "imprisonment" 
to heal, to rejuvenate, to free from destructive prejudices, and to help and enlighten those 
people who lack the necessary information and willpower. It is much more useful and desirable 
to devote money and energy to this purpose than to construct churches, establish schools and 
multiply hospitals. Raw-eating is a touchstone by which we may verify which intellectual is really 
in possession of free and unfettered judgment, or which responsible government official is 
indeed interested in the health and well-being of the public. It is in letters of gold that history 
will record the names of such people. 


Raw Eating 

It Is No Sin to Speak the Truth 

Some people accuse me of having a sharp tongue. When I call cooked-eaters murderers, 
filicides and criminals, I am not making an accusation; I am merely telling the truth, bitter as that 
truth may be. When a mother fills the mouth of her beloved child with hot food by her own 
careful hands, she impairs the organs of her baby and leads him to illness and to death. When a 
doctor prepares a diet of "nutritious" and "easily digestible" meals for little children and 
prescribes pills of artificial vitamins at the expense of vegetables and fruit, he commits an even 
greater offence. 

Every day I observe how, by a strange irony of fate, the weak and the diseased regard as 
curative those very substances that have been the cause of their illnesses, and devour them 
greedily, while, on the contrary, they shun with fright the only substances (raw vegetables and 
fruit) that can restore them to health, just because they regard them as the cause of their afflictions. 
Millions of lives are sacrificed solely because of this fatal misconception. The person who 
penetrates the full depth of the tragedy can never remain cool and indifferent. 

No Legal Barrier Exists Against the Destruction of the Raw 
Materials Intended for the Human Factory 

When a slight defect comes to light in the proper balance of the raw materials supplied to 
the industry of a county, the persons responsible are accused of negligence and brought to book, 
whereas those who commit the most hideous adulteration in the raw materials necessary for the proper 
working of the human factory often go scot-free. In the present century of scientific advance, 
the most ignorant and stupid person has an absolute right to look for new methods of 
degenerating natural foodstuffs, and to concoct and offer for sale the most ridiculous eatables. But 
what is particularly strange is the fact that the great scientist, the great cytologist, who has 
devoted his life to the study of the biological functions of the living cells, or the dietician, whose 
chief aim in his life is the working out of the ideal diet for man, buys a heap of such degenerated 
substances and offers them to his cells, with the utmost indifference and carelessness, guided 
by the dictates of his palate alone. 

At first sight it seems unbelievable that we could free ourselves of all illnesses by means of 
raw-eating. But the greatness of the proposition lies in the very fact that the "unbelievable" 
easily becomes an accomplished reality. The difficulty of relinquishing food- addiction must not 
be regarded as an obstacle to the realization of the ideal of raw-eating; on the contrary, it must 
serve as a measure to gauge the strength of the enemy to the human race and must spur us to 
make every effort to prevent the entry of such a dreadful monster into the organism of the new-born 
child. Even those people who find it difficult 


A. T. Hovannessian 

to abandon cooked meals themselves, and still persist in their harmful habits, must affirm the 
truth, and for the sake of the rising generation and the future of mankind they must fight for 
the victory of that truth by preaching and expounding the principles of raw-eating and by all 
other available means. 

Of course, for those narrow-minded and backward-looking people who are irrevocably 
biased in favor of cooked foods and drugs the principles of raw-eating are far too advanced, but 
today we live in the Cosmic Age, and not in the Middle Ages, when every progressive idea or 
great invention was for years persecuted by the ignorant rabble. Today, it is the question of the 
survival or the annihilation of the human race that is placed before us. Hesitation is inhuman. 

Raw-Eating Ensures Immense Benefits in Public Economy 
and Raises the Standard of Living Several Times 

An unbelievable quantity of nutrients is destroyed on the fire and by the numerous forms of 
peeling, refining and processing. As an example it may be said that 1 00 grams of sprouted wheat 
has a greater nutritive value than the white bread obtained from a kilogram of wheat. The same is 
true of all other varieties of corn, pulses, vegetables and fruits. If we dispense with all animal 
foodstuffs today, the vegetables produced in the world will be able to feed by themselves several 
times the present population of the world, provided that they are eaten in the raw state. The 
real meaning of raw-eating will become all the more understandable, when we think of the labor, 
the time and the money that people waste in destroying those nutrients, and then consider all 
the medical expenses incurred both by the various ministries of health and by the general public in 
the hope of eliminating the ravages brought about in our organs by the destruction of those 
selfsame nutrients. I am ready to demonstrate the truth of my statements by concrete proofs to 
anyone who may wish to have further particulars on the subject. History will never pardon those 
responsible people in authority who show indifference in this matter and shut their ears to these 
crying truths in order to justify their personal addictions. 

There can be only two reasons for their refusal to accept the principles of raw-eating. Either 
they must declare that they prefer to tolerate the existence of diseases rather than to "deprive" 
mankind of the "pleasures" of cooked meals and to give up the possibility of putting into practice a 
whole series of "scientific achievements" attained as a result of much hard work or, by the 
performance of the basic tests proposed by me, they must prove that, far from freeing people from 
diseases, raw-eating actually harms them all the more. This they will find quite impossible to do. It 
follows that they have no alternative but to rely on their first reasoning, the extreme inhumanity 
of which is evident to all. 

Therefore, on behalf of all innocent children, I demand that the opponents of raw-eating 
should submit their objections to the press, so that they may 


Raw Eating 

obtain their proper reply and public opinion may have the opportunity to draw the necessary 
conclusions and to pronounce its final and just verdict. 

Everyone Must Recognize the Real and Integral Raw 
Materials of His Body 

Every individual is the proud possessor of one of the most complicated factories in the world 
and it is he alone who is responsible for the smooth operation of the given factory. It is 
necessary, therefore, that he should be thoroughly acquainted with the real, faultless and integral 
raw material of that wonderful factory. 

The integrity of those raw materials is not determined by the quantities of proteins, fats, 
carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and calories that are specified by the present day biologists in 
their textbooks on nutrition. Nor is it possible to determine it by putting side by side long lists of 
recipes for cooked foods. 

Through millions and millions of years and by the most precise calculations our wonderful 
nature has brought together the integral raw materials necessary for the human organism, has 
combined them in perfect harmony and in the requisite quantities, has given them life and has 
concentrated them in vegetable bodies in the form of living cells. The whole secret of nutrition 
lies in those cells being dead or alive. Under no circumstances can substances consisting of dead 
cells serve as raw materials for the human factory. 

Man should not lose his sense of proportion and gloat over his inventions beyond the bounds 
of reason. It is true that in the study of individual nutritional constituents biologists have taken an 
immense amount of trouble and have made a great many important discoveries, which fully 
deserve our appreciation. All those achievements, however, may be regarded great only in 
relation to the present technical and mental development of man. Against the supreme wisdom 
of nature even the most eminent scientists, with all their learning and their countless discoveries, 
have no greater insight than a child of five. They have no right, therefore, to upset the harmony 
and integrity of the raw materials constructed by nature and to impose upon the public their 
childish smattering of knowledge as perfect science. 

Undoubtedly, in trying to penetrate into the secrets of foodstuffs the ultimate aim of 
scientists is to recognize all those nutritional constituents that are essential to the human 
organism, to determine their relative quantities and to integrate them together. In other words, 
they wish to prepare artificially a grain of wheat or lentil and to give life to it. But what man has 
been unable to obtain after thousands of years of incessant labor, nature presents to us 
gratuitously today. What more do we want? Do we entertain any doubts concerting the 
wisdom of the Creator or does addiction to meat incite man to commit the most unbelievable 


A. T. Hovannessian 

It is most senseless and dangerous to suppose that we need more proteins or other 
nutritional constituents than there are in vegetable bodies. If the latter contain only small 
quantities of proteins, it follows that our bodies do not need more, for it is precisely with those 
quantities that our organism has been constructed and developed over a period of millions of 

Some people are very fond of talking continually about body-building materials. If the "fully- 
balanced" animal proteins and "nutritious meals" could increase the height of every generation by 
as little as one millim eter, today the height of man would have increased by several meters 

Mass-produced artificial vitamins can never serve as nutritional constituents for the 
very obvious reason that quite often within five minutes after their entry into the human body 
they stop the functions of our organism altogether; in other words, they drive us to death. 

It is deplorable short-sightedness to regard any particular foodstuff as a source of a specific 
vitamin or of any other nutritional constituent. All organic compounds are formed of almost the 
same constituents, but they differ in their physical and chemical properties because of differences 
in their composition and molecular structure. Thus, everybody knows that alcohols and sugars are 
composed of the same chemical elements (carbon, hydrogen and oxygen), but they differ greatly 
in color, taste and appearance. Birds are kept in cages with one kind of seed or grain and 
domestic animals are often fed on one kind of grass only. Yet, these creatures obtain their full 
supply of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals from the one kind of foodstuff given to them. 

The treatment of diseases by means of false vitamins, destructive antibiotics and various 
poisons are hopeless experiments that are based not on aetiological and basic reasoning, but on 
symptomatic, apparent and contradictory data. 

No artificial vitamin can restore the wonderful balance of the natural vitamins burned on 
the fire; no poison can regulate the normal biological functions of degenerated organs and glands; 
no antibiotic can replace the natural antibiotics destroyed in the kitchen. 

Animals heal their sores by licking them. Their secretions and saliva are endowed with 
bactericidal properties. The secretions of a cooked-eating man, however, are devoid of such 
properties. The raw-eater wards off the danger of a serious cold through the agency of secretions 
released by the tissues of the respiratory tract, whereas a cooked-eater produces streams of sputum 
and saliva, but is still not able to resist that very same danger. 


Raw Eating 

The Age of Cooked-Eating Is the Age When Addictions, 
Superstitions and Microbes Reign Supreme 

Modern medicine is surrounded by a tangled net of vain superstitions. The whole 
medical activity is based on symptomatic, apparent, deceptive and contradictory data, while the 
most essential and fundamental principle has been buried in oblivion. This is the fact that THE 

Intoxicated by a few technical successes, the man of today imagines himself at the zenith of 
civilization, while in reality he drags on a most primitive, unnatural and gruesome life of 
nightmare. Generally speaking, in the fields of politics, economics, morality and health the 
mind and feelings of man are ruled and his actions are directed by loathsome addictions and vain 
superstitions. Forgetting the most essential and basic problems of life, men exaggerate quite 
trivial matters of secondary importance and turn them into vital questions, and then they 
waste an immense amount of time and resources, create enmities, shed oceans of blood and 
spread universal ruin and destruction. 

Historians of the past have painted in the most abhorrent colors the imposts and tributes 
levied by foreign conquerors. Whereas today, the moment they take the helm of the state, 
men who are regarded as civilized and enlightened use various legalized pretexts to 
confiscate more than 90 percent of the total earnings of their own people in order to satisfy 
their personal addictions and ambitions. They encourage the production of tobacco, alcoholic 
and non-alcoholic beverages, tea, cocoa and coffee, all of which undermine the health of 
the people, and then pride themselves on the increase in government income obtained 
from those sources. As well might the foolish father of a family gloat over his paltry penny 
gained at the expense of a pound squandered by his children and, what is worse still, at the 
heavy price of undermining their health. 

That current suggestions and recommendations of individual vitamins and minerals do 
not achieve any useful results whatever is apparent from the fact that, spurred on by the urge 
of the all-powerful addiction, the nutritional habits of mankind gradually develop on a frightful 
pattern that encourages the production of dangerous foodstuffs lacking in vitamins and 
minerals. Without the least rest or respite, there arise continually factories for the production of 
tobacco, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, biscuits, sweets, ice cream, sausages, canned 
food, white bread, margarine and various other dangerous substances. 

All these come to prove that in the conduct of their daily life people are 


A. T. Hovannessian 

guided not by common sense, but by the destructive addictions and vain superstitions 
particular to cooked-eating mankind. There exist in this world numerous political parties, religious 
sects and other groupings that concern themselves with trivial and secondary questions of strictly 
limited interest. Henceforth, the primary duty of civilized man should be to wage an urgent and 
decisive campaign against addictions and superstitions of every description. This is the only 
basic means by which man will succeed in attaining that plenteous, peaceful, comfortable, 
healthy, long and happy life which he has always aspired. 

The concrete proof is before my eyes. By means of raw-eating not only have I saved my life, 
but I have also freed myself from all those illnesses that used to torment me continually and I 
have completely driven away from me that haunting specter of early death. At the age of 61, when 
cooked-eaters stop working and go into retirement, I have regained the health, strength, vigor 
and energy of a young man of 25. For months on end, I work 1 6 hours a day, without experiencing 
the least feeling of weariness. I am quite confident that I shall live again the full span of a 
cooked-eater's life. 

It has often been said that man should eat to live and not live to eat Now the time has come 
to prove who are those that regard eating as a means to an end and not an end in itself. Let such 
people follow my example, step into the arena, join hands in a common cause, fight against every 
human addiction and open up the road to a new and happy life for all mankind. 

The subjects discussed in this book are not specialized questions that ought to be discussed 
behind closed doors. They are matters that concern humanity as a whole and must be considered 
publicly so that everybody may be able to recognize the real raw material of his body. 

It is the duty of all those people who are interested in the health of themselves and their 
children to raise their voice and demand that those who oppose the principles of raw-eating 
should submit their criticisms to the press, in order that I may have the opportunity to give them 
appropriate replies and thus to dispel the skepticism of the general public towards the doctrine of 


Readers of my books on raw-eating often apply to me both in person and in writing and ask 
for the details of a special raw-eating diet. Now, the raw-eater has no particular programme for 
morning, midday or evening meals. He eats whenever he wishes, whatever he fancies and as 
much as his appetite demands. But because cooked-eaters, being accustomed to special hours 
and laws of feeding, wish to see the system of raw-eating, too, regulated under certain rules, let it be 
so. There is no particular harm in it. 

It is, of course, beyond the ability of a single person to work out detailed 


Raw Eating 

recipes and to plan various menus to include a large number of new dishes. The innumerable 
variety of cooked dishes and degenerated foodstuffs that we see today have been developed 
gradually, in the course of thousands of years and by the efforts of thousands of people. When 
people are at last convinced that the most sensible mode of feeding is raw-eating, many kinds of 
savory dishes will make their appearance, as it were, overnight. 

Provided that she devotes a few weeks of the time that she usually spends in cooking, every 
housewife will be able to work out, according to her own taste, a great variety of wonderful new 
dishes by mixtures of the numerous raw foodstuffs available to us; and in doing so, she will enrich 
the general menu at the same time. Let us take our own family as an example. 

After a number of trials I came to the conclusion that foods such as grains, pulses, potatoes, 
aubergines and marrows, the raw consumption of which is considered impossible by food addicts, 
may be mixed in various quantities to form such savory salads as will please even the most 
convinced meat addict. 

We soak wheat, lentils, chickpeas, beans, etc. in plenty of water. When they begin to sprout 
in a day or two, we rinse them with fresh water. Then we drain this water off, cover the pot with a 
lid and put it in a cool place. In this condition they may be eaten for three or four days. They 
may also be taken with raisins, walnuts, dates, honey and a great many other eatables or they 
may be mixed with various salads. 

When we want to prepare salad, we pass wheat, lentils, etc. through a mincing-machine, and 
grate potatoes and carrots on a fine grater; then we cut cucumbers, tomatoes and onions into thin 
slices with a knife, and shred green pepper and several kinds of green vegetables. 

We now mix them all together and add olive oil, fresh lemon juice and a little water. One may 
also add walnuts, raisins, dates, and so on. The relative quantities of the ingredients depend on 
individual taste. In summer it is pleasant to eat such salads iced. 

Taking the method of preparing this salad as a basis, it is possible to prepare a large variety of 
salads in different flavors and appearances by using all kinds of greens and various other 
vegetables, such as spinach, lettuce, aubergine, beetroot and, in general, whatever our vegetable 
gardens provide, but the essential components of the salad are grains, pulses and potatoes. 

This salad must become the basic food of all mankind This nutriment, which is the most complete 
nourishment for both the rich and the poor, has the advantages of being health-giving, 
strengthening, satisfying, nutritious and cheap. It is a dish that contains all the essential factors 
for a long and healthy life. 1/ is a prescription against all illnesses. A plateful of this meal, together with a 
little additional fruit, is quite sufficient to meet the daily requirements of a man and at the same 
time to afford him the best protection against every kind of disease. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

Taking into consideration the relative clearness of certain varieties of fruits that are scarce in 
winter, some people think that raw-eating will prove rather expensive then. They imagine that 
the raw-eater must feed on nothing but fresh fruit all the years round. This, of course, is not 
true. There are people who finish off a huge meal with a generous quantity of fruit. If such 
people eat that fruit with only a portion of the bread which they usually consume (but in the 
raw form of wheat, of course), they will find themselves fully satisfied. In this way, they will be 
saved both the expense and the trouble of preparing cooked meals, tea, pastries and all kinds 
of other degenerated eatables. 

There are certain foodstuffs, such as wheat, walnuts, honey and root vegetables, that 
are found in all the seasons of the year with only slight fluctuations in their prices. 
Moreover, advantage may be taken of fresh fruits when they are in season; thus, when 
mulberries are plentiful we may feed ourselves mostly on mulberries, and so with grapes and 
other fruits. 

During the winter many kinds of naturally-dried fruits may be soaked in cold water, 
turned into raw compote and enjoyed with great pleasure. To this compote we may add some 
nuts, pistachios, sprouted wheat, cardamom or vanilla powder, honey, etc. Raw compote is the 
most economical and at the same time the most pleasant food in winter. 

Besides eating walnuts, almonds, pistachios and hazel nuts in their natural state, mixed with 
other dried fruits, we may also grind them and use them in various other forms, or we may 
mix them with raw vegetable hotchpotch or various compotes. The most delightful 
confection of a raw-eater is the "halva" or sweetmeat of walnuts, almonds or pistachios. 
These are crushed, kneaded with pure honey, spiced to taste with cardamom, vanilla or saffron 
and cut into small squares. This sweetmeat is eaten with the greatest relish with various 
green vegetables. It may be put in a lettuce leaf and eaten as a sort of sandwich. In the 
nutrition of a raw-eater a very special place is occupied by honey, which should be eaten 
preferable with the wax. Honey diluted with water and mixed with fresh lemon juice is the 
best beverage that may be given to children. 

In conclusion, it is again necessary to remind the reader of a very important circumstance that 
must always be borne in mind. In the initial period of raw-eating food addicts may experience 
various forms of discomforts, which may leave the impression that raw foodstuffs are 
harmful to them and that they weaken them or make them ill. It must be remembered that all 
the existing erroneous and disastrous conceptions in dietetics have their origin in such 
apparent and contradictory impressions. Outward symptoms, therefore, must never serve as 
an excuse for leaving the work half done. It is necessary to wait for the final results, which 
may take a few weeks or months to come. But if cooked foods are sometimes mixed with raw 
nutriments, those results may be very much delayed or they may even become imperceptible. 

The new recruits to raw-eating must be absolutely convinced that all 


Raw Eating 

their discomforts are nothing but curative reactions, and by the resistance shown to them they will 
be able to free themselves from all known and unknown diseases. 

The most lasting of those discomforts is, of course, the craving for cooked food. It must 
always be borne in mind, however, that the impulses of the "hunger" felt under such 
circumstances are stimulated not by the normal or healthy cells, but by the degenerate, useless and 
inactive cells and by the poisons accumulated in the body; in other words, by the very disease that 
waste the organism. Therefore, it is precisely by enduring and resisting that feeling of "hunger" 
that we shall be able to eliminate those poisons, get rid of the presence of worthless cells, build up 
the necessary complement of active cells and secure once for all the blessings of good health. Every 
hour's endurance of that "hunger" is a victory in our fight against disease. 

Tehran, 1963 


A. T. Hovannessian 


The Construction of the Human Organism 

The subjects that I discuss in this book are not specialized problems. They are questions 
which touch humanity as a whole. They affect all those who have bodies and live; they 
concern all those who have mouths and eat. That is why I always try my best to write in as simple a 
language as possible, basing my conclusions upon general data and arguments, without clogging 
my writing with such scientific details and indigestible terminology as are beyond the 
comprehension of the majority of my readers. In my -arguments, I do not rely upon a multitude of 
apparent and contradictory data obtained in the laboratory by imperfect means or, worse still, 
upon any erroneous assumptions based on such data. The proofs that I present are the irrefutable 
laws of nature and such general conclusions as are obtained by basic experience, and which 
every 'individual in every corner of the world can readily test and verify for himself. 

In reality, the conception of raw-eating is so simple that it can be summed up in two plain 
sentences: the creator of man's body has also created its corresponding raw materials; 
provided that we deliver those raw materials to the body in their entirety, without tampering 
with them, the human organism will complete its full span of life without succumbing to any 

Any person who is clear-sighted enough to understand the true meaning of those two 
sentences and to give it the necessary thought and reflection can easily discern in what deplorable 
state is the nutritional system of the man of today. He can also see with equal ease that in the 
field of combating human diseases for centuries past, men have had recourse to such means as are 
both mistaken and dangerous and, moreover, all those means have very little connection 
indeed with the fundamental causes of diseases. 

After years of careful study and basic personal experience, today I have no doubt 
whatever that the natural system of nutrition not only frees mankind from all kinds of diseases, 
but it also provides for every human being a wonderfully long life filled with peace, happiness 
and comfort. 

The life of the man of today is a terrible nightmare, haunted by countless sins, addictions 
and vices. Indeed, it would be necessary to fill thousands of 


Raw Eating 

volumes in order to describe fully all the vices of the human being, to enumerate in detail his erroneous 
habits of feeding, to point out minutely the vicious corruption of his manners and finally to indicate one 
by one the various mistaken means of combating those evils. But the foremost problem before us is for 
every man to know clearly how diseases are bom and what is the radical method of eradicating those 
diseases once for all. 

In the first place, it is necessary to know how our organism is constructed and what nutrition is. 
As we know, life made its first appearance on our planet in the form of single-celled organisms. 
Later on, those individual unicellular bodies cooperated together to form various groupings and to 
bring into being multi-cellular organisms. The initial cooperation of a few cells in course of time 
develops to such an extent as to give birth to a living creature of many milliards of cells, among which 
man is the most developed and the most perfect example. 

Every individual cell is a complex organism in itself, but such organisms have their different 
stages of development. The most primitive unicellular organisms were amoebae of the most 
elementary structure, which moved about in water for no apparent purpose whatever. Their only 
functions were to look for food, to eat, to digest and to multiply by the simple process of dividing 
themselves into two. They had their rudimentary digestive organs, which developed gradually as 
time went on. At a later stage of development, those cells grouped themselves together to form 
multi-cellular organisms. In other words, abandoning their aimless life of detached individualism, they 
pass on to a life of communal cooperation, where each cell has a particular function to perform in the 
aggregate pattern of collective activities. 

Compare the individualistic life of the primordial man, before he could even talk properly, with 
the communal life of a great nation of today, where separate groups of men work in 
constructional, industrial, scientific, a<dministrative, and various other establishments and institutions. 
But even in our advanced society of today one may find useless, stupid, parasitic and aiminal characters 
reminiscent of our slothful ancestors of primeval days. Yet, such creatures live side by side with men 
of extraordinary talent and genius. 

The same is true of the human body, where useless, parasitic cells carry on their sluggish existence 
alongside extremely useful cells in a most advanced stage of development, perfection and 
specialization The human body, too, like a great state, has its various organizations and establishments, 
which are named glands, organs, systems, and so forth Those organs and systems carry out their functions 
by the simultaneous efforts of particular groups of specialized cells. It is interesting to note that, unlike 
men, these specialized cells do not perform their specific functions by the help of special instruments 
and equipment constructed outside; rather each of them is itself converted, through its entire structure, 
into a highly complex factory 


A. T. Hovannessian 

Thus, the cells that form the kidneys are endowed with special draining and filtering 
equipment by means of which they separate from the blood and expel with the urine the 
impurities and poisons harmful to the organism; the cells of the glands take the necessary raw 
materials from the intercellular fluid (of which raw material there is not a trace in cooked 
food) and, converting them into hormones, deliver them to the body; the cells of the muscles 
possess special contractile power that enables them to make bodily movements and perform 
heavy mechanical work; finally, the nerve cells are armed with yards of fibers by means of 
which the commands of the brain are transmitted to the whole body So each of the cells that 
form the human body is a complicated factory of a particular structure differing in its 
functions from those of its neighbors, starting from the cells of the nails, hair, bones, muscles 
and glands to the cells of the brain. 

Undoubtedly, it would have been very interesting to have complete knowledge of the 
structure of the cells and the nature of all the activities and processes that take place in them. 
But even if by some miracle man could penetrate into all the hidden secrets of the cells and 
their multifarious functions, it would be necessary to fill not merely thousands, but millions of 
volumes to describe them, while each of us would need a dozen lives to obtain just a cursory view 
of all that was written. 

Contrary to the pretentious claims of some boastful braggarts, man has very little 
information indeed about all these matters. With every advance in his studies he should have 
been more and more convinced that the knowledge which he had been able to acquire was an 
infinitesimal part of what still lay hidden from him. Yet, intoxicated by a few technical 
successes, the man of today imagines himself at the zenith of scientific perfection and 
without any let or hindrance he tampers at will with that miracle of miracles, the human 
organism. In fact, he is so naively presumptuous that by means of the most terrible 
contrivances and by even more terrible poisons he undertakes desperately insane 
EXPERIMENTS in order to remedy the disorders which have made their appearance in that 
organism. For indeed, nothing has been done so far by EXPERIMENTS, EXPERIMENTS 
AND STILL MORE EXPERIMENTS. Moreover, he makes those experiments not only on 
dumb, defenseless animals, but also on his own body, on his beloved children, on all mankind. 

But we must always keep in view an irrefutable fact: a man who has no proper knowledge 
of the workings of an ordinary watch should never undertake to repair it, for fear of throwing the 
whole mechanism into disorder by a simple wrong movement of the hand. The experiments 
made on the human organism by the scientists of today may be compared to the senseless 
action of the workman who, having worked in an atomic factory for a few days, attempts to 
dismantle its machinery and assemble it again. 


Raw Eating 

In the case of an acute illness the healer is always nature, but the cure is ascribed to the 
efficacy of drugs, while in the numerous instances when the illness takes a fatal course as a 
direct result of the administration of drugs, death is always attributed to the natural course 
of the illness. It must be emphasized that in chronic diseases, drugs, as a rule, aggravate the 
condition and impair the organism. 

Then, what must a man do when his organs begin to work irregularly? Is there anybody in 
the world who is acquainted with all the details of man's organism in the same way as an 
engineer is acquainted with the details of all the different components of his factory, to the 
last screw? Ofcourse not. As I said above, the repair of any mechanism may be entrusted only to 
that specialist who has the skill and ability to separate all the parts of the given machine and 
put them back together. But how far removed man is from achieving this aim in the case of 
his own body! 

What, then, must man do in the circumstances? Must he fold his arms and resign 
himself to the fickle caprices of his fate, or must he bring calamity to a head by the 
continuous invention of new poisons and by the insane experiments performed with them? 
Neither one nor the other. There is, fortunately, a radical, immediate and extremely easy 
method by which man can free himself from all diseases. 

When an engineer constructs a factory, by means of mathematical calculations he 
determines the quality and quantity of all the raw materials necessary for that factory, as well as 
the care that must be taken for the operation and maintenance of its machinery. He then 
guarantees the operational life of the given factory, provided that his instructions are carried 
out with care. 

Just as every factory has assuredly had its constructor, so the organism of all the animals, 
including that of man himself, has been created by an engineer after the minutest of 
calculations. And because the human body, as a while is an extremely complicated factory, or 
rather an amazing world of factories and systems, its engineer must be a wonderful being of 
extraordinary talent and supreme wisdom. 

Therefore, if we could find that engineer or, at least, if we could obtain the book of laws 
prescribed by him and live up to his precepts, we should undoubtedly be able to complete our 
normal span of life without losing our health. Moreover, we should no longer be obliged to 
carry out senseless experiments on our bodies with various poisonous substances and then 
wonder with admiration at their magical effects. 

Let us now see who is the engineer that has constructed our body. That ingenious, wise, 
almighty and prodigious being is not absent, He is here, in front of our eyes. Science has 
named him NATURE, while mankind as a whole calls him GOD. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

What is Nutrition? 

Just as every engineer makes detailed calculations to specify the raw materials essential for 
the factory that he has designed, so by means of the most accurate computations our wonderful 
Nature has developed the necessary raw materials both for man and for all other living creatures. 

When we wish to construct an ordinary factory, first of all we erect a suitable building, then 
we place in it all the necessary machinery and the dynamo, and finally, in order that the factory 
may begin production, we provide it with the requisite fuel and raw materials. Now because the 
human organism has an extremely intricate construction, its raw materials are of a correspondingly 
complex nature, consisting of numerous substances. 

Nature has carried out a stupendous amount of work in that direction. In the first place, for 
the simple structure of the cells it has prepared simple building materials, which vary according to the 
type of the cells. Thus, the cells of the hair demand a particular kind of building materials, those 
of the nails another kind. The same is true of the cells of the muscles, glands, nerves, and so on. 
But cells of such simple structure are of no use as yet; each of them must now be provided with 
the proper equipment corresponding to its particular function, for which still further building 
materials are needed. Finally, it is necessary to supply those cells with energy and provide the 
necessary raw materials for the productive operations of the glands. 

By its unfailing providence, Nature, our Creator, our God, has collected together all those 
materials, the number of which reaches tens of thousands. Each of those materials has its precise 
quantity. Thus, of one kind of substance we may need a thousand grams, of another kind only 
one gram, of a third as little as one thousandth of a gram. This is the operative rule in all 
factories. It is essential that those materials should always be at the disposal of the cells in the 
predetermined quantities. In particular, special care must be taken to make sure that none of them is 
absent from the aggregate collection. 

Every person, learned and simple, rich and poor alike, is the sole possessor of his own body 
and the only director responsible for that miraculous world of wonderful factories. If every 
individual were to collect together all those thousands of substances one by one and to acquaint 
himself with their various properties in order to operate his own factory, he would be obliged to 
study for a few centuries before he could possibly come into the world. He is, therefore, under the 
necessity of procuring from somewhere all those materials in their integrity, in correct 
quantitative proportions and in an entirely suitable state for immediate use. 

It is interesting to note that all the living creatures on this earth, from an ant or a sparrow to 
the elephant, recognize that aggregate collection and make full use of it for their nutritional 
needs. Paradoxically enough, ever since the 


Raw Eating 

dawn of civilization, man alone, as a solitary exception in the whole wide world, has taken 
leave of his senses and has completely lost sight of the integrity of the very materials that are 
indispensable for his own well-being That is why he labors day and night in his laboratories 
and research workshops, carries out all kinds of tests and experiments, discovers similar 
materials one by one, manufactures them speedily in his factories, concocts strange names for 
them, fills them into boxes and bottles, and disperses them all over the world, so that people may 
swallow them and not stay hungry. And all this they call science. 

Without realizing what they are doing, scientists have stepped into the arena in defiance 
of Nature, in defiance of their God. Blinded by addictions, those men are unable to see that 
through millions and millions of years and by the most accurate calculations our Mother 
Nature, in her Providence, has brought together, has concentrated into vegetable bodies and 
has filled the whole world with those very nutritive constituents that they have only just 
started to recognize, one by one. 

All the living organisms in the world have descended from the same ancestors, but in 
course of time they have taken different evolutionary directions. The anatomical and 
physiological difference between man and those animals that have attained a high stage of 
development are fundamentally very small. The most important difference lies in the 
development of the vocal chords and the fingers of man, as a result of which, unlike other 
animals, he is able to speak and to perform delicate manual operations. 

Just like man, those animals, too, have heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, blood, flesh, bones, brain, 
and so on. Their organs demand exactly the same nutritive constituents as the organs of man do. 
The greatest mistake made by the research biologist has been to waste too much time and effort 
on the investigation of entirely secondary, trifling and contradictory problems, with which he 
has clogged his brain and muddled his mind, instead of relying on such general facts and data 
as are at his disposal and basing his knowledge on the results obtained by essentially 
fundamental experiments. 

We should take note of the fact that when an animal plucks a "paltry" leaf from a tree 
in the forest, it satisfies all the needs of its organism by the consumption of that "simple" leaf. 
In that single leaf nature has concentrated all those substances which are necessary to 
construct new cells in the body of that animal, to differentiate those cells, to nourish them and 
give them energy, and finally to provide the essential raw materials for the glands. In short, 
that leaf comprises the fully-balanced raw materials destined by our far-sighted Nature for the 
animal organism. That leaf is the proper NUTRIMENT for an animal. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

All Varieties of Raw Vegetable Bodies Consist Essentially of 

the Same Constituents 

Should the above animal, unable to find anything to eat besides that leaf, be obliged to 
subsist on that one kind of food for months or years on end, its organism will not feel any 
deficiency of vitamins or other nutritive constituents for that matter. It makes no difference if 
instead of the leaf of the tree, it has at its disposal some other vegetable body What is 
important is the fact that the food which it consumes is NATURAL AND INTACT. 

When we put a measure of fodder before a horse or a donkey, we never worry ourselves 
over the thought that the quantity of proteins or vitamins may be insufficient for the animal, 
although we know it full well that animals too, like men, need every kind of vitamins, minerals 
and other nutritive constituents. 

Everybody can clearly see that the choice of foodstuffs at the disposal of the thousands 
of different kinds of animals is so limited that they never have the opportunity to pick and 
choose what they would rather eat. They are obliged to live on the few varieties of common 
foodstuffs which are available in their immediate neighborhood. Nevertheless, we are not able to 
find a single case of avitaminosis or any other nutritional deficiency among them. 

If you take the foodstuffs consumed by those animals into the laboratories of biologists, in 
each of them they will find several substances of varying qualities and quantities. They will then 
tell you that in a particular plant there is so much protein, so much fat and so much of one 
vitamin or other. Thus in each plant they will enumerate some 10-15 constituents that they 
have managed to find and will carefully determine their quantities one by one. Even in the 
richest fruits the number of constituents that they have succeeded in discovering has been 
strictly limited. In reality, this does not prove that each of those foodstuffs consists of only the 
dozen or so constituents found by them; rather, it is an indication that their technical skill and 
resources are quite inadequate to analyze fully and to determine qualitatively and 
quantitatively all those constituents that have come together in nature's laboratory to give 
birth to the given vegetable body. It means that in the particular foodstuff they have been able to 
discover only those few kinds of constituent; the rest have remained hidden from them. 

The main reason for this is the fact that the substances discovered by biologists are not 
the primary constituents of those vegetable bodies, but they are compounds that appear in 
different forms in different vegetable bodies. On entering the animal body, those compounds are 
broken down and synthesized again, during which process new compounds are formed 
corresponding to the needs of the organism. 

SAME BASIC CONSTITUENTS. Fundamentally, all vegetable 


Raw Eating 

bodies consist of three main classes of substances. One of them is water, which is familiar to us 
all. We know that we cannot live without water, and we may well remember that the purest and 
safest source of water known to us is that found in vegetable bodies. Next, comes the roughage. 
This is the substance that constitutes the framework of vegetable bodies, giving them form and 
firmness. Roughage is not broken up and assimilated in the animal organs; it is expelled from the 
body in the form of faeces. It is, however, an essential constituent of animal diet. If there was no 
roughage and the food consumed by the animal was completely broken up and assimilated, the 
intestines would have nothing to expel, and in course of time they would shrivel and dry up. 
Yet, strange to say, many people are so short-sighted that, regarding roughage as "indigestible", 
they deliberately remove it from their foodstuffs, as a result of which nearly all mankind suffer 
from constipation. In other words, the chief cause of constipation is the absence of roughage in 
the diet. But to return to the subject under discussion, the last of the three classes of substances 
in vegetable bodies is the nutriment itself, which is fully digested and assimilated by the 

The essential differences between diverse vegetable bodies arise from variations in the 
relative quantities of those three classes of substances. Thus, the main difference between the 
common grass and fruit is that in the former roughage predominates, whereas fruit consists of only 
a moderate amount of roughage, with plenty of concentrated nutriments and an adequate quantity 
of water. Because of the special structure of their digestive organs and their faculty of rumination, 
quadrupeds are able to crush and grind the grass, to extract the nutriments sparsely dispersed in it 
and to expel the rest from their bodies. This is how certain animals manage to obtain 
nourishment from dry hay or straw; the camel is able to sustain life on deserts thistles and the 
donkey on the roughest of grasses. 

From this, we can draw the important conclusion that all vegetable bodies contain the necessary 
nutrients for sustaining animal organisms, only in some vegetables they appear in a scattered 
form, in others they are highly concentrated. Among natural foodstuffs the most nutritious 
vegetable bodies are walnuts, almonds, grains, pulses, potatoes, carrots, bananas, grapes and all 
the other fruits, after which come the other roots, herbs and greens; in other words, the very 
foodstuffs which man has snatched away from the mouth of animals and has appropriated to 
himself. Yet, whenever the question of raw-eating comes up for discussion, that same man 
shamelessly retorts: "How can I nourish myself without cooked food?" A more disgraceful 
utterance one cannot find in the world, but unfortunately food addiction has so blinded 
mankind that it is, in fact, the usual response of the majority of people. Those who lack the 
necessary experience are in no position to realize how rich and nutritious those substances are 
and how little is the quantity required to satisfy our daily 


A. T. Hovannessian 

needs. In my own case, it took me years to arrive at the truth. But I shall speak more about this 

Those nutritive constituents that are found in a concentrated state in the fruit of a tree are 
also found dispersed sparsely in its leaves, bark and branches. A giant animal like the giraffe 
nourishes itself by feeding on tree-leaves. When a small bud of a tree is grafted upon another tree, 
it shoots forth branches and eventually gives the corresponding fruit. This is a clear indication that 
the bud contains all the elementary constituents that are essential for the formation of a given 

Now, what are those elementary constituents? They are the atoms, which may be regarded as 
the smallest chemically indivisible particle of an element that can take part in a chemical 
change, and the molecules, which are the smallest particles of an elements or compound that can 
normally lead a separate existence. All edible plants consist of almost the same elements, by the 
different proportions and arrangements of which various compounds are formed, differing from one 
another in form, color and taste. Furthermore, the clove and the sheep are exactly the same. On 
being introduced into the stomach of the sheep, the clove changes its molecular structure and 
becomes a sheep. There is a similar correspondence between the fruit and the man. 

All vegetable and animal life is nothing but an eternal interchange and circulation of atoms. 
It is here that the great wonder and nature asserts itself. We throw into the ground a minute 
grain no bigger than the head of a pin. After a few it slowly sprouts, then is shoots forth 
branches and leaves, and in due course it gives fruit. Later it is changed into a cow, a horse or a 
man that roves about this world for a while and then returns its atoms to the earth. There, 
under the vivifying influence of sunlight, those very atoms are revived afresh, new life is breathed 
into them and they are turned once more into the same plants and animals, to repeat the 
everlasting cycle of creation over and over again. 

But in order that it may give birth to a living organism, the vegetable body must be 
complete and LIVING. Moreover, it is by no means sufficient for the foodstuff to be merely living; 
the perfect vegetable nourishment must be ACTIVE and NOT DORMANT. 

Long experience has shown us that cage birds are not satisfied with dry seeds alone. With 
their dry seeds they demand some fresh food as well. The particular variety of those seeds or the 
fresh food is not very important. Perfect nourishment can be obtained by choosing a certain variety of 
seed or grain and supplementing it by any kind of fresh fruit of vegetable. 

This fact brings us to the important conclusion that the most perfect foodstuff ceases to be 
perfect after it has dried up a little. Then how can we regard as nourishment those substances 
that come out of ovens, kitchens and the jaws of roaring machines? 


Raw Eating 

Nevertheless, animal organisms do not suffer serious harm when they are deprived of fresh 
foodstuffs during the few months of winter. For they make up the deficiency during the spring 
and summer, when all nature comes to life again. Nature has inured them to that mode of life. 
Dried seeds, cereals and pulses are, indeed, living foodstuffs, but they are in an inert and dormant 
state. Fortunately, they can easily be roused, activated and turned into perfect nutriments by 
being soaked in water and kept in cool air for a day or two. Therefore, by the consumption of 
only sprouted (activated) grains the human being has the opportunity to secure perfect nutrition 
in all seasons of the year and in every corner of the earth. He can then use the remaining 
thousands of fresh and appetizing foodstuffs to introduce variety into his diet and to make life 
all the more pleasant. 

Life is the organization of matter. When we wish to construct a machine, we bring together 
all the necessary parts according to the blueprint, and as soon as the last detail is completed, 
the machine beings to work. That factor which puts the human factory into motion is named 
soul by simpleminded people. The soul is the last particle of matter which, joining with all the other 
particles, completes the structure of the organism and puts it into motion. 

If we were acquainted with all the constituents of a grain of corn and had full knowledge of 
their composition and structure, by integrating them together artificially we could bring into 
existence a grain of living corn, which would sprout into life on being thrown into the soil. In 
the same way, we should be able to create a man and inspire life into him, if we knew all the 
intimated details of the human factory. But there exists a supreme engineer who is 
continuously performing those amazing feats in our very presence. We have not right to cast 
doubt on Flis eternal wisdom. Above all, man must not overrate his own technical achievements 
and view the biological activities of his organism with the same eye as that with which he views 
the factories constructed by Flis hands. 

The Properties of Particular Proteins, Vitamins and 

Minerals and of All Individual Nutritive Constituents Should 

No Longer Form a Basis for Discussion 

In the last section we saw that all edible vegetable bodies consist of the same elements, and 
that differences in their chemical and physical properties are due to differences in their 
composition and molecular structure. Unfortunately, biologists have ignored this irrefutable 
fact and have based their whole science on the various complex compounds which they have found 
in foodstuffs. Intoxicated by the discoveries made in their laboratories, they have shut their eyes 
on that wonderful laboratory of nature to which we deliver a grain of seed so small as to be 
hardly visible to the naked eye and are presented, 


A. T. Hovannessian 

in return, in a few weeks time, with the most perfect foodstuff satisfying all the needs of our 
organism in every respect. But they either fling away that generous bounty of nature or they burn 
and destroy it, after which they prepare, in their miserable laboratories, certain dead 
substances bearing some remote resemblance to it. These concoctions they now dignify 
with various names and numbers, and use them to impair, in the first place, their own organs 
and those of their innocent children. 

By the most imperfect means at their disposal they first search the organs of animals and 
discover in them various substances, such as proteins, fats and vitamins. They then look for 
those substances in different foodstuffs and wherever they find something resembling them, 
they regard it as an important nutriment and recommend it to one and all, without taking due 
account of its qualitative and quantitative properties. 

Thus, having found several different substances in grapes, they say that grapes contain 
such-and-such constituents, as if they contained nothing else. They do the same thing in the 
case of all natural and non-natural foodstuffs, and the foodstuff in which they manage to find 
any of those constituents is recommended to us as a source of the given nutrient As a result of 
such shortsightedness, the most harmful foodstuffs are represented as fully-balanced 
nutriments and vice versa. 

Just take a pencil and make a list of the substances which biologists have discovered in the 
foodstuffs that are obtainable from a cow: beef, liver, brain, heart, milk, butter and cheese. 
Now let us see whether they can detect all those substances in clover, straw or in common 
mountain herbs in an identical form. Of course not. Yet no one can deny the fact that the raw 
materials which go to the making of the cow's body are those very plants; that is to say, the 
whole cow is formed entirely from those grasses. If we regard animal foodstuffs as completely 
adequate nourishment for a carnivorous beast, it is because the entire carcass of a prey with its 
skin, bones, blood and flesh and, what is more, with all its living cells intact, has a nutritive 
value equal to that of the grass. But what value has milk, butter or meat taken separately? Each 
of them has an infinitesimal fraction of the value of the common grass and that provided it is 
in the raw state. As to what remains of the nutritive constituents of those substances after 
cooking needs no amplification. Hence, may we realize the true nutritive value of milk or 
meat, glorified for centuries by simpleminded people! Hence, may we judge the real worth of 
all those advertisements that adorn the tins and cans of countless varieties of dried and debased 
milk Justice demands that from now on the disseminators of such advertisements should be 
brought to book and severely punished, because the responsibility for the death of millions of 
children rests squarely on their shoulders. 

I admit that man is forever anxious to learn new things, to penetrate into the secrets of 
nature, to broaden the horizon of his knowledge. It is especially important that every possessor 
of a factory should acquaint himself with the 


Raw Eating 

secrets of the raw materials needed for his factory. 

Let research scientists confine their investigations within the four walls of their 
laboratories until the day, when they succeed in growing a plant from a seed composed entirely 
of synthetic components made in their workshops. Then their wisdom will be equal to the wisdom 
of the Creator. But our world is already full of such seeds, through which we obtain the most adequate 
nutriment satisfying all the essential needs of our organism. That nutriment is free from the 
slightest trace of defect. No substance is lacking in it; no substance is redundant; each 
constituent has its quality, its quantity and its function determined by the most accurate 
calculations. Whoever doubts this in the least doubts the wisdom of Nature: he calls into question 
the providence of his Creator; he sins against his very God. 

They tell us to consume proteins, as proteins are good for the health. But how much must we 
consume? Is there a generally agreed figure for our daily requirements? Bricks are necessary for the 
construction of a building, but surely we cannot pile up bricks indiscriminately or lay them one 
upon another without any mortar. 

New technicians have stepped into the arena. They have displaced the experienced engineer 
of a number of complex factories and now they wish to maintain and operate those factories 
themselves. Everywhere there are fragments of raw materials heaped up at random. Each of 
them casually takes whatever he can lay easy hands on and feeds it to the factory. One brings 
stones, another iron; a third one carries clay, a fourth one water. All these they lump together with 
no fixed plan or design, and then they go and fetch still more and more. Numerous organic and 
inorganic substances continually make their appearance. One feeds the machinery with a handful of a 
certain substance, claiming that it is useful; another fills it up with a bucketful of a second 
substance, asserting that it is still more useful. Thus everybody chokes the factory with whatever he 
imagines to be like the components of its proper raw materials. Experiments are made, endless 
experiments. On the one hand, a number of silly people have set those raw materials on fire; on 
the other hand, everybody is in a hurry-scurry to pick up what remnants he can out of the 
smoldering ashes and feed them into the nozzle of the factory. 

Naturally enough, the factory begins to work irregularly. The more irregularly the factory 
works, the more do these budding specialists multiply their efforts. They run this way and that 
way to look for new means and new materials. In that hustle and bustle they trample, destroy or 
burn the most essential chemical constituents of the raw materials, constituents which are 
sometimes too small to be noticed by them. When they see that their efforts are of no avail 
and the condition of the factory gradually goes from bad to worse, they go still further into the 
wilderness and find completely new substances that have no connection at all with the raw 
materials of the factory, 


A. T. Hovannessian 

and try to regulate the operations of their plant with their help. For a while, one of those new 
substances stops the shriek of the factory, another muffles its piercing squeak, a third one slows 
down the operational speeds of certain mechanisms, while a fourth, in contrast, accelerates them 
further. These changes appear good signs to them; they leap for joy and clap their hands like little 
children, and then they proceed to search for "stronger and more effective" substances. 
Sometimes, certain sections of the factory stop functioning altogether or they function so 
irregularly that they endanger the safety of their neighbors. It is then that men show their greatest 
dexterity. They skillfully remove and cast away those "useless" parts. 

It is not surprising that all those efforts end in utter failure and one after another the factories 
are thrown out of work all too soon. But the bungling engineers do not lose hope. They persist in 
their desperate experiments, refusing to recall the real engineer of those factories, their God, whom 
they have denied. 

The continual comparison of the human body to a factory is not done in a figurative sense. 
For the human body is indeed a factory like all other factories, with this difference that it is much 
more complicated than an ordinary factory and its components are so small that most of 
them are invisible and incomprehensible to man. 

Just like the budding engineers above, our biologists carry out experiments on human beings 
by the most terrible instruments on hand, by the basest foodstuffs possible, by various synthetic 
preparations and by all the deadly poisons known to mankind. They publish endless lists with 
interminable names of substances and lead people astray with their misleading recommendations. 
Each suggest what he fancies, each says what comes into his mind, acting at random, by the rule 
of the thumb. They fill thousands of volumes and flood the world with them, they thunder 
across the radio, they print advertisements in the newspapers. But everything they do is false, 
everything they say is contradictory. They represent the most harmful substance as exceedingly 
beneficial, but they forbid the use of that which is essential. In this medley of welter and 
confusion, the authors themselves grope in a maze of doubt and indecision, while their 
audience stands perplexed and bewildered. In the meantime, alas, those nearest to us depart this 
life in millions, needlessly before their proper time. 

I appeal to all noble-minded men throughout the world to come out of their lethargic 
indifference if only for the sake of their own health and that of their kith and kin. Let them join 
hands with me so that with our united forces we may open the eyes of mankind, amend the 
present erroneous habits of nutrition and put a stop to those terrible massacres. 

Let each one of us open his eyes and carefully observe the shocking scandals that disgrace 
modern civilization. Through the wrong attitude adopted by our scientists, profiteers and 
speculators have stepped into the field. The 


Raw Eating 

most harmful and grossly adulterated foodstuffs are freely advertised as rich sources of 
vitamins and are openly sold to the public. They include biscuits, sweets, soft drinks such as 
Coca-Cola and lemonade, putrefied meats, dried milks and thousands of other diverse victuals, 
which have been wholly deprived of their most vital nutritive constituents and are especially 
prone to cause illnesses and kill people. The most curious substances are collected from here 
and there, mixed together, filled into tins and cartons, labeled with a long sting of seemingly 
scientific pet names and sold to the gullible public as "dietetic" preparations at exorbitant prices. To 
such an extent has modem medicine been commercialized that private laboratories pay a 
commission of 50 percent to doctors on the charges made to the patients sent to them. One 
would have to fill hundreds of volumes if one wished to - present a detailed picture of all the 
corruptions in the world of today. At present, I am not at leisure to undertake that task. 

Meanwhile, biologists find a certain vitamin during their researches. A little later they 
discover that it is not a simple compound, but an elaborate complex of a dozen substances, for 
each of which they select a name. Gradually they notice that a certain vitamin does not show its 
potency in the absence of others, or they observe that, on being introduced into the 
organism, one substance changes into another and so forth. 

The effects of artificial vitamins on the human organism are apparent and 
contradictory. Men lay the bricks of a house row upon row without any mortar and then, in 
order to rectify that mistake, they prepare a huge barrelful of inferior mortar and pour it on 
the building all at once. Sticking on the outside surface of the bricks, that mortar protects the 
building from wind and rain for a while, but it does not penetrate the joints between the bricks 
and, of course, it never reaches the inner layers of the structure. Sometimes an excessive quantity 
of that false mortar is used; then any building whose foundation is somewhat shaky simply 
collapses. This is precisely what sometimes happens during the injection of vitamins, when the 
patient dies immediately after the injection. How can one possible represent as nutrient a 
substance the minutest quantity of which kills a man within five minutes of its entry into the 
human body? When will men come to their senses and abandon such follies? In spite of the 
multitude of failures, disappointments and misfortunes, men persist in their mistaken and 
disastrous course, refusing to retreat a single step. 

New books continually make their appearance; fresh lists and recommendations are 
constantly added to the old ones and an endless flood of poisons steadily flows from the 
factories into the organs of men. As it is, thousands of volumes have been written on 
nutrition and related subjects, all with different views and standpoints, different details and 
particulars, different lists and tables. 

Let us suppose for a moment that the books written on individual vitamins 


A. T. Hovannessian 

and other nutritional constituents, the recommendations of nutriments and the list of specific 
diets are all true. We may then wonder whether this is indeed the practical system of human 
nutrition and whether those who wish to live in this world are under the sad necessity of having 
to learn all those books by heart. What will happen to the millions, then, who live in 
mountains and valleys, in far-off villages and hamlets, and have no opportunity to familiarize 
themselves with such dietary lists and tables? Must they die of starvation? 

No, good friends, wake up from your torpor of indifference, for that is not the way of life 
destined for man. A life like that is indeed no life at all; it is a nightmare. We should bring about a 
complete and immediate reversal in our attitude towards nutritional problems. Publications about 
individual nutritive constituents and diets should be stopped and all prescriptions of artificial 
vitamins and poisonous drugs should be discontinued at once. 

There is only one way to free mankind from that nightmare once for all, and that is to 
introduce a radical change into our mode of living and into our nutritional habits. These habits 
must be changed in such a manner as to blend and harmonize the correct system of nutrition 
with the life of man. Then the choice between individual nutritive constituents will no longer serve 
any useful purpose and people will not give any more thought to specific diets. Only such fully 
balanced foodstuffs should be kept at home as have identical nutritive values; in other words, 
every single one of the foods consumed by man should be a complete and perfect nutriment in 

Readers must not think that it is very difficult to lead all mankind along that wonderful 
path. It only seems so on the surface. Having passed through all its stages myself, I know that, 
far from being difficult, it is an extremely easy task, to which I am ready to devote all my time 
and energy. 

We must create such conditions as will make it possible for rich and poor, great and small, 
learned and simple alike to lead a healthy life without being under the constant obligation to 
make a compulsory choice between the foodstuffs consumed by them. Then the choice of food 
will be determined by our sense of taste, the demands and wishes of which will be our unerring 
guide in the selection of natural foodstuffs. 

We may well wonder, after all, what the biologists seek and what their ultimate aim is. 
Perhaps they themselves have not a clear conception of their final objective, but I will tell them.. 
They are trying to find out what sort of substances our body needs in order to lead a healthy life. 
They wish to ascertain the proper function of each vitamin and each mineral in our organism. 
They discover that a certain vitamin stimulates our growth, another protects us against infections, a 
third one strengthens the teeth, and so on. But instead of subjecting themselves to all that trouble, 
would it not be better if they paid a visit to the jungles of Africa just for once and asked the 
elephants there what kind of calcium pills they took to grow the best ivory in the world, or what 
varieties of 


Raw Eating 

proteins they consumed to accumulate their enormous masses of flesh? 

Let us suppose that after laboring incessantly for thousands of years at last they attain 
their desired goal. They will then be able to recognize all the constituents in a grain of wheat 
or in some other vegetable body and to understand the full details of their respective 
functions in our organism. But what they so earnestly seek is already in hand and in rich 
abundance, too. They have thus reached their supreme aim, the very aim that they could hardly 
hope to reach in their laboratories after myriads of years. What more do they seek then? 

But the reader must not suppose that biologists are completely senseless people. They have 
reasons to act as they do and from their own point of view they are quite strong and cogent 
reasons. For scientists are "civilized and cultured" persons; they are neither primeval men 
dwelling in dark forests, nor dumb animals living in folds and stables. Then how can they forgo 
their white bread, their delicious cakes and dainty pastries and fill their mouths with raw wheat, 
just like primitive savages? It is true, of course, that in turning whole and undefiled wheat 
into white bread or pastries, with the exception of dead starch and sugar, all its tens of 
thousands of nutritive constituents are destroyed, but this does not seem to worry them. They 
never allow us to forget that lifeless starch and sugar, too, have their "benefits." They provide 
the necessary calories to supply warmth to our body, while the demands of our organs, glands 
and nerves are satisfied by such marvelous "scientific" resources as artificial vitamins, mineral 
preparations, false hormones and, above all, a multiplicity of poisons, excelling one another in 
strength and potency. 

Finally, what would happen then to our factories, hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacies, 
surgical instruments and other similar appliances? What efforts have not been made in 
procuring them and what labors have not been spent in constructing them! How could they 
abandon all those "achievements" for the sake of that trivial wheat? Such a step cannot even 
be contemplated, much less actually taken. It matters very little if thousands, nay, millions of 
people die of heart attacks, cancer and other diseases. Sooner or later men must die anyway, so 
is it not better for them to die a little earlier and free themselves from the anguish and 
sufferings of this world? What is the use of living to the age of 200 in a world which is getting 
overcrowded as it is? Do not be surprised to learn that there are people with this attitude of 
mind. It may indeed be asserted that the majority of mankind, blinded as they are with food 
addiction, think in that way today. But I solemnly declare to the whole world that ALL 

Nevertheless, I do not deny that all along the guiding motive of biologists has been the 
desire to serve humanity. But when they see the failure of their efforts, they should change their 
dangerous procedure without a moment's delay and should at once stop the publication of all 
books dealing with those subjects; 


A. T. Hovannessian 

otherwise they will surely merit the curse of coming generations. Having brought together all the 
contradictory facts and figures that are to be found in books on nutrition, I have carefully sifted 
and weighed the available evidence and have drawn the basic conclusion that so far as 
nutrition is concerned from now on all mankind should think alike and feed alike. In regard 
to this conclusion, there must be neither skepticism nor dissidence. 

Therefore, since the books that have been published so far dealing with individual 
nutritional constituents and various specific diets have performed their task, they must all be 
withdrawn from circulation so that the mind of the public may no longer be muddled by their 
unsound and contradictory theories. In other words, all those books which deal with the 
functions and "benefits" of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals should be 
banned. So should all those dangerous publications in which attempts are made to prove that 
the value of certain foodstuffs lies in some particular nutrient contained in them. Even those 
books in which their writers try to affirm the superiority of certain kinds of fruits as compared 
with others must be regarded as superfluous. At most, future research may be directed 
towards carrying out general experiments in order to provide the necessary data to determine 
the degree of development and the advantages of one class of foodstuffs in comparison with 
other classes. For example, studies may be made to ascertain the broad differences between 
fruits, cereals, pulses, nuts, green vegetables and roots, if such differences do, indeed exist. 

Henceforth, it should be the chief duty of all progressive writers, scientists, doctors, 
journalists and humanitarians to demonstrate to the general public every aspect of the 
enormous damage brought about by the degeneration of natural nutriments and to exhort 
people to submit unconditionally to the precepts of nature. 

Real Man and False Man 

The habitual consumer of cooked food is actually a combination of two persons in one; he 
has two bodies. The first body, the REAL MAN, is the true man himself, who has been called 
into being by means of natural nourishment and is still sustained by natural nutrition. The 
second body, the FALSE MAN, has been brought into existence by means of unnatural, 
cooked, artificial food and continues to live on unnatural nutrition alone. 

All those cells in the human body that, being healthy, specialized and active, maintain 
life and keep a person on his feet are constructed, nourished, operated and replaced entirely by 
natural foodstuffs. Those are the cells that give strength to the muscles, regulate the 
contractions of the heart, transmit the impulses of the brain to the body and produce 
secretions. Beside these highly-developed cells there are other cells that bear some 
superficial resemblance to normal cells, but have, in fact, the most elementary structure, 


Raw Eating 

lack the necessary machinery and mechanism for specialized functions and are generally degenerated 
and diseased. These cells are born, bred and multiplied entirely at the expense of unnatural and 
debased food. 

In the organism of a food addict, the real man occupies very little room indeed. Even in the 
case of the thinnest person a considerable proportion of the body consists of inactive cells. 

Each gland or organ needs a certain number of active and specialized cells, but as soon as 
the requisite complement of such cells is formed, the construction of additional cells in the 
given organ stops, otherwise it would grow to an inordinate size. Now, because active cells are 
called into being only through natural nourishment, whereas the food addict does not provide 
his body with the necessary quantity of natural foodstuffs, the organ is obliged to offset the 
resulting deficiency and keep its size within reasonable limits by amassing a certain number of 
inactive cells produced from cooked food. Such useless and parasitic cells abound in all the organs 
and systems of a food addict, not excluding the bones, the nails and the hair. 

Nevertheless, the organism of some people is still able to struggle against unnatural diets for a 
certain period of time. Indeed, it tires its best to prevent the formation of the false man by 
diminished appetite, stomach disorders, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, headaches and other similar 
means. Short-sighted people regard such precautionary symptoms as signs of some debility of the 
organism, so instead of stopping the consumption of unnatural foodstuffs, they encourage their use all 
the more in order to "nourish and strengthen" the patient. And when under the continual assaults 
of "nutritious" foods the long, drawn out struggle comes to a tragic end with the defeat of the real 
man, the organism is forced to abandon its tenacious resistance and "adapt" itself to those unnatural 
foodstuffs. This is the signal for the birth of the false man, who soon begins to devour like a wolf 
and grow irresistibly. Yet short-sighted people regard this growth as a sure sign of recuperation. 

In course of time that resistance became weaker, and today the stage has been reached when 
a great many children are born with two bodies. Such children begin to develop the false man 
even before they come into the world. You can see the false man at every step on the buttocks and 
legs of women, on the fat cheeks of children, on the bulging paunches and necks of men, and 
elsewhere. The false man deforms the pretty figures of young maidens in their prime of life, 
deprives grown-up people of their capacity for work. It penetrates into the heart, kidneys, blood 
vessels, glands and tissues of human beings and paralyses their activities. Generally speaking, it 
takes the real man into its clutches and gradually squeezes and strangles him. 

When a food addict satisfies his hunger by consuming some fruit, it means that at the given 
moment the real man is satiated to the full and has no further desire for food. But the false man 
has received no share of the natural nutriment at all, so he demands his own special food now. 
What makes matters particularly 


A. T. Hovannessian 

unfortunate is the fact that he expresses his beastly desires through the mouth of the real man. 
The voracious craving for cooked food is the urge of that monster and has no connection 
whatever with the demands of the real man. That craving changes into gluttony at the moment 
when the two brutish passions, addiction and beastly desires, join forces. 

It is here that the real man, without any thought or reflection, performs a most despicable 
task. He toils incessantly day after day, earns money with great pain and trouble and then, with 
still greater pain and trouble, he turns the natural foodstuffs that he has bought with his hard- 
earned money into harmful substances, introduces them into his body through his own mouth, 
digests them in his alimentary canal, absorbs them into his bloodstream and delivers them to 
that monster, his fiercest enemy, whom he rears and nurtures in his own bosom and whose 
abominable body he continually carries about on his weakly muscles. 

Here, I must ask biologists who eulogize proteins and pin false hopes on the supposed 
potency of artificial vitamins, whether they do not pity those men and women who wobble and 
totter as they trudge along the street, barely able to drag forth the enormous weight of the false 
man on their feeble legs. Where is the conscience and reason of those people? Do those masses of 
useless fat and flesh not give them any food for thought? After all, corpulence is the fruit of their 
"fully-balanced" animal proteins and "digestible" white bread. Just try to deprive those fat 
people of their bread and meat, and feed them for a time by the most elementary laws of nature, 
then notice how those devilish masses melt and disappear within a few months. 

When we consider how easily we can get rid of those superfluous heaps of flesh and effect 
complete recovery by the most simple and natural method, we may well wonder why people of 
high academic distinction have recourse to a motley of dangerous and senseless means, without 
any prospect of success. 

The false man is not composed of only degenerate cells, but also of superfluous fluids, fats, 
concretions, salts, poisons and other harmful substances, which have penetrated and spread into all 
the cavities and tissues of the real man. Every illness, without exception, is called into being in 
the cells of the false man. It is in the cells of the false man, too, that cancer is born. 

Diseases Are Caused By the Infringement 
of the Laws of Nature 

There can be only two causes for the breakdown of a factory: lack of balance in its raw 
materials and incidental damages coming from outside. There can be no other cause. 

The incidental damages sustained by the human organism from external sources (burns, 
injuries, poisoning, and so on) are easily understood and there 


Raw Eating 

are no disagreements on the methods to be employed in their treatment. Among these external 
damages may be included the harm done to the organism by all the self-administered therapeutic 
drugs, artificial vitamins, minerals, alcohol, nicotine, tea, coffee, as well as the numerous poisons 
that are introduced into the body with cooked food and are stored up in every organ. 

The most harmonious and faultless raw materials for the human organism are the raw vegetable 
bodies determined by its constructing engineer, its Creator, Nature, God. The minutest alteration 
made in those bodies means upsetting the harmony of the raw materials of the given factory; 
this, in turn, means dislocating the proper operations of that factory; in, other words, it means 
disease. In conformity with the laws of nature, this must be regarded as an axiom, about which there 
should never be any doubt or diversity of opinion. The raw materials of the human factory have 
been called NOURISHMENT. 

Our omnipotent Creator has constructed the raw materials of the human factory with such 
precise calculations that when we put a single berry of grape into our mouth, that little berry 
breaks up and spreads throughout the organism to provide for all its needs without any exception. 
That berry first builds the rudimentary structure of the simple cells, then it constructs all the 
internal machinery and mechanism of the differentiated cells, provides the raw materials necessary for 
production, cleans and lubricates all the component parts and renews those that are damaged, 
replaces the aged and tired cells by youthful cells, supplies fuel to the motors and sets them in 
motion, gives the body the requisite warmth and energy, and performs any other task demanded 
of it. 

The reader may wonder how it is that there are people who sometimes do not eat any fruit 
for weeks or months on end and yet they manage to keep alive. The answer is that, generally 
speaking, even the most confirmed food addict takes some raw nourishment now and then. At 
times the normal cells indeed starve for weeks and months, but because fruits are exceedingly 
condensed and highly-nourishing foodstuffs, a very small quantity of them keeps a person on his 
feet somehow. But if that starvation is unreasonably prolonged (for the subject himself does not 
feel this hunger), there appear in the organism various disorders, sores and morbid conditions, the 
most serious of which is scurvy. 

During scurvy there is a gradual wasting away of the cells, caused by the absence of superior 
nutritive constituents. Later, the walls of the capillaries begin to burst, giving rise to 
extravasations of blood. The gums now become livid and spongy, the teeth fall and the whole 
body of the patient is covered with ulcers. In the view of short-sighted people this disease is 
entirely due to a deficiency of vitamin C. All the cooked foods, drugs and artificial vitamins in 
the world have not the power to save the life of such a patient. If he does not take some fresh 
vegetable nourishment, his death is inevitable. 

Nature has been very indulgent to man, but man takes advantage of that indulgence. The 
American cytologist E. V. Cowdry says: "The loss to the bodily 


A. T. Hovannessian 

economy of trained service by cells that have become malignant is not serious, for there are 
surpluses in all kinds of specialized cells which can be called upon in case of need, known as 
physiologic reserves. Nine-tenths of the adrenal cortex, 1/2 of the lungs, 3/4 of the liver, 4/5 
of the thyroid and pancreas and all of the spleen can be removed with safety" (CANCER 
CELLS, Philadelphia and London, 1955, p. 11). Even the most famous cytologist in the world 
is so short-sighted that he does not regard the loss of nine-tenths of a gland as serious to the 
organism; the loss appears to him only when the given organism stops functioning altogether. 
But Cowdry's study comes to confirm the belief held by raw-eaters that any decrease in the intake 
of raw nourishment is followed by a proportional decrease in the number of active cells, and 
hence, in the working capacity of a given gland or organ. Very often the organs of a food 
addict maintain their existence by the labor of only one-tenth or one-fifth of the normal 
complement of cells. 

NO DISEASE REMAINS HIDDEN; everything becomes as clear as daylight. As soon as the 
number of normal, active cells decreases through a decrease in the quantity of natural 
foodstuffs consumed, the glands and organs fail in their operations and yield becomes poor, 
insufficient and defective, owing to the deficiency of the raw materials. As a result, the given 
glands and organs become ill. Again, because comparatively few active cells remain and those 
that do remain are starved and exhausted, the walls of the heart distend and the valves 
become damaged; those sensitive parts of the skin, intestines, stomach and other members of 
the body that are subject to constant pressure are impaired; the capillaries dilate and then 
burst, resulting in the ulceration of the stomach and the intestines, discharges from the mucous 
membranes, pyorrhea, hemorrhoids, eczema, and so on. The teeth decay for lack of adequate 
nourishment; the hair turns grey or falls. At the same time, with the accumulations of the 
poisonous substances introduced into the organism by means of cooked foods the joints are 
incapacitated; the walls of the blood vessels are covered with hard deposits; stone (or calculi) 
are formed in the bladder; sclerosis, high blood pressure, sciatica, rheumatism, gout and a host 
of other diseases make their appearance. Finally, it now becomes quite an easy task to explain 
the causes of apoplectic attacks and cancer. 

No food addict should regard himself as healthy. The foundation of his ill-health has 
been laid by his food-addicted mother even before his birth. His organs are degenerated and 
every moment they are in danger or exhausting their last reserves of energy. After reading 
these lines, whoever values his health and cares for his life must make a firm decision to ward 
off that danger and repair thoroughly the damage akeady done to his organism. In particular, 
those people who suffer from obesity and high blood pressure should not hesitate for a 
moment, because their lives hang by a thread. They must not allow the ominous word 
"unexpected" to appear in their obituary notices tomorrow. That 


Raw Eating 

word is the most striking evidence of the "civilized" man's crass ignorance. 

The little baby should never cry without a reason; he should never pass a restless night or 
suffer from stomach ailments, still less from a fever. Nor should he ever experience 
deficiency of vitamins or calcium. All these are the results of cooked foods, dried milks 
and the inferiority of his cooked-eating mother's milk. I declare again and again that it is a 
most cruel offence to accustom a newborn child to cooked food. Up to now this offence 
has been committed by all parents unintentionally; henceforth it will be regarded as a 
premeditated crime. Tomorrow, no parents will be able to extenuate their guilt. 

Before a decision is made to undergo a surgical operation, the patient should have 
recourse to full raw-eating If the damaged organ has not lost its complement of active cells 
completely, it may well regain its full working capacity by giving birth to healthy cells and 
getting rid of the diseased ones. 

So long as there are any diseased cells in the human organism, there exists a strong 
craving for cooked food. But once the body is cleansed of its diseased cells, the sight of 
cooked meals fills the real man with disgust, instead of pleasure. The stronger the feeling of 
"hunger", the deeper and graver is the disease. In short, the desire for cooked food is a 
desire for disease, and the persistence of that desire signifies the persistence of disease. 
Therefore, in order to subdue and annihilate disease, it is necessary to starve the false man. 

Cancer patients should be immediately placed on an extremely limited diet of raw 
food, such as a pound of apples or grapes a day. This quantity is sufficient to keep the real 
man alive, while the cancer cells, unable to obtain any share of it, will gradually die. The 
person who is condemned to certain death has no longer any right to gratify his palate at 
the price of expediting his end. 

Let us now see what useful service can be rendered to us by the 350,000 kinds of 
poisonous substances which they have named drugs. Can they possibly increase the number 
of the differentiated cells, strengthen the weak cells or grant the disabled cells fresh 
capacity to work? Can they supply raw materials to the starving glands or replace the 
nutritive constituents destroyed by the fire? Can they strengthen the muscles of the heart 
or clean the blood vessels of their impurities? Can they stop the continuous flow into our 
organs of the filth and poisons that are introduced into our body with cooked foods? 
Finally, can they separate and annihilate the cancer cells one by one or bring them back to 
the bosom of the community? Perhaps those poisons really form an integral part of our 
nourishment and it is by an oversight that nature has forgotten to include them in natural 

The fact of the matter is that the effect of those substances are conjuring, deceptive, 
apparent, contradictory and invariably harmful. The vast literature on the beneficial 
properties of drugs is the myth of our age. An enormous world of superstitions holds all 
the peoples of this globe under its absolute sway and baneful medicines take upon 
themselves the role of talismans. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

We must descend from the heights of fancy and adopt a realistic attitude towards these 
problems. An infinitesimally small cell in itself, has a more complex structure than all the man- 
made factories on earth taken together. This is obvious from the very simple fact that with all 
their concerted efforts the experts in the world have never been able to bring a single living cell 
into existence. And yet every organ is composed of milliards of such cells. Nevertheless, an 
ordinary physician imagines himself a specialist of those extensive worlds. When that physician 
scribbles the name of some poisonous "medicine" on a piece of paper, he naively supposes that he 
can restore the disorganized functions of milliards of factories by the prescription of a single 
poison. Taking hold of my little children by their hands, for years on end, I wandered from one 
country to another in the hope of finding that fabulous, life-giving elixir! It is with the same 
fanciful hope that every patient, whatever his condition, knocks at the door of his doctor today 
or takes his place in the hospital queue. 

Whereas the radical and final cure of every disease is entirely in the hands of the patient 
SUFFERINGS OF THE HUMAN RACE. Complete raw-eating not only acts as a preventive to 
every kind of illness, but it also completely heals all the diseases already contracted, from the 
mildest to the most serious and complicated, provided that the affected organ still retains some signs 
of life. 

Li this little book, I cannot deal with this subject at length. It is sufficient to present just one 
example. Cardiovascular diseases are the bane of mankind today. In certain countries the mortality 
rate for various diseases of the heart is more than half the total mortality rate, and the proportion 
keeps on increasing. All the existing drugs against those diseases are purely conjuring measures. By 
poisoning the body, irritating or, on the contrary, deadening the nerves and stimulating the action 
of the heart, they deprive the organism of its remnants of strength. Witness the fact that doctors 
are the principal victims of heart-strokes. Yet among all the diseases cardiovascular disorders 
are the most amenable to treatment. Raw-eating will put an end to all those senseless 

If the patient who is doomed to die of heart-stroke in a few weeks or months should seek 
refuge in the laws of nature and change over to raw-eating today, he will feel a prompt 
improvement in his condition almost overnight. From the very first day his blood vessels will 
quickly begin to lose their impurities, and the walls of his veins, as well as those of his heart and its 
valves, will obtain a new lease of life with a fresh complement of active cells, gradually regaining 
their proper elasticity and firmness. As a result, instead of dying in a few weeks, the new recruit to 
raw-eating will be able to look forward with confidence to a healthy life of another 40 or 50 years. 
When the question is one of replacing a 


Raw Eating 

sickly life of a few weeks by a healthy life of half a century, we must not allow hesitation to creep 
into our hearts. It is childish to regard more than 50 percent of all deaths as sudden and 
unexpected. When I see the morsels of meat and white bread enter the mouth of an 
unsuspecting victim, I picture the degeneration that will soon be taking place in the walls 
of his heart and his blood vessels, and every moment I expect a heart- stroke. 

Generally speaking, there are four basic causes of diseases: 1. Deficiency in the number 
of differentiated cells. 2. Insufficiency of the raw materials necessary for the functions of the 
glands. 3. The presence of foreign bodies and parasitic cells in the organism. 4. The weakening 
in the resistance of the cells to bacterial infection. Raw-eating grapples with all these four 
causes right from the beginning and offers a radical solution to the problem of disease. 

However, in the initial period of raw-eating, food addicts sometimes experience various 
discomforts, which may give thoughtless people the false impression that natural foodstuffs 
exhaust the body and impair the health. This misconception is the most striking proof of the 
short-sightedness of the man of today. The mere idea that NATURAL nutrition may be 
followed by UNNATURAL and harmful results is a most absurd notion, which must be 
banished from our thoughts once for all. 

It must be born in mind that from 40-50 kilos or more of the man weighing a hundred 
kilos belong to the false man, who will immediately begin to melt away and, accompanied by 
its diseased cells, fats, concretions and poisons, will rush into the blood stream, so that it may 
leave the body through the various excretions — the stools, the urine and the perspiration. On 
observing foreign substances in the urine and the blood, the short-sighted man will think 
that they are formed from natural nutriments, whereas in point of fact they come from the 
false man's disgusting body, which is gradually wasting away and leaving the organism forever. 
That is why the transition to raw-eating must not be controlled by the usual criteria of medical 
science; rather, we must confidently submit to the laws of nature and look forward to the final 
results with patience and forbearance. 

During that period there may well appear symptoms of flatulence, intestinal pains, 
headache, giddiness, general debility, and so on. In certain cases the urine may become 
turbid, the feet may swell, rashes may appear on the body and there may be dryness and 
itching on certain parts of the skin. All these are processes of purification and healing, so one 
should on no account succumb to the feeling of "hunger" and, entertaining doubts about the 
wisdom of the Creator, have recourse to "nutritious" dinners,- "fully-balanced" proteins and 
"irreplaceable" amino acids for help. Should one be foolish enough to do so, these symptoms 
will disappear at once, but to the detriment of one's health. The false man will then heave a 
sigh of relief and, laughing at the stupidity of the real man, will begin to grow once again 
with a new lease of life. 

Such symptoms vary in occurrence and severity from one individual to 


A. T. Hovannessian 

another, and may even be entirely absent in certain cases. As a rule, they are apt to be 
severe in elderly and corpulent people, mild in young people and completely absent in 
newborn children, who will begin to grow up in a normal manner. Generally speaking, in the 
body of an excessively fat person the false man has so squeezed and emaciated the real 
man under the pressure of his heavy weight that little is left of him but "skin and 
bones." In the initial period of raw-eating the weight of such a person will be reduced so 
much that those who do not comprehend the true nature of the change will begin to pity 
him. But this is merely an apparent picture of what is actually taking place. In the body of 
the raw-eater the real man has, in fact, begun to gain weight right from the first day and, 
after getting rid of the false man, he will continue to grow in a regular manner until his 
normal weight is reached. In a very thin person the increase in weight of the real man will 
counterbalance the loss suffered by the false man, so that there will be a net gain in weight 
right from the beginning. 

This growth of the real man is particularly speedy in thin, pallid and weakly 
children. We must not expect raw-eating children to be as chubby-faced and as podgy- 
legged as their cooked-eating playmates, for plumpness is the sign of the false man. Raw- 
eating children will indeed be slim, sinewy and muscular. It is through sheer ignorance that 
simpleminded parents rejoice at the plumpness of their children. 

When I first changed over to raw-eating, an extensive process of purification 
commenced in my organism. I experienced no symptoms of debility, but I suffered from 
pains in my intestines, the interstices between my fingers and toes began to dry up, 
followed by scaling and itching, rashes broke out on my body, and on certain parts of my 
feet the skin dried up and peeled off in flakes. My feet, which until then often used to swell 
to a slight extent, suddenly became excessively swollen, and this swelling took months to 
subside. Then after a while my urine turned quite turbid. During the whole of that period I 
exercised myself by taking longer walks than I had ever taken in my life before. It was quite 
plain to me that, under the continuous pressure of natural nutrition and physical exercise, the 
concretions that had accumulated in my blood vessels and joints during 50 years of cooked- 
eating were beginning to melt away and vanish. In order that I might be all the more certain in 
my conviction, I suddenly stopped raw-eating altogether and for three days I consumed only 
meat dishes. On the very first day the turbidity of my urine diminished, on the second day 
only slight traces remained, while on the third day it totally disappeared. When I resumed 
raw-eating, my urine became turbid once again, but not in its former severity, and it gradually 
cleared up in a few weeks. The three days of cooked-eating has apparently slowed down the 
speedy rate of the purification of my organism. Incidentally, I made another discovery at the 
same time. The water taken with salty foods increased the weight of my body by three 
kilos in as many as one day. Fortunately, I reverted to my former weight on the fourth day 


Raw Eating 

the resumption of raw-eating. 

It is perhaps good for the new recruit to raw-eating to have a hearty repast after a few 
months of abstinence from cooked food. By comparing the two systems of nutrition, he 
becomes all the more convinced that the path he has chosen is indeed the right one, and after 
that he does not dream of repeating the experiment. 

The strong swelling of my feet gradually passed away in a few months time. 
Concurrently, I also suffered from some long-standing milder swellings; these, too, subsided 
during the next few years and finally disappeared altogether. The same symptoms appear, more 
or less, in a great many raw-eaters, who write to me about them from all the corners of the 

More significant still was the disappearance of my piles. Chronic hemorrhoids had 
given me no rest or repose for some 15.20 years. Every day, sometimes twice a day, I was 
obliged to change my underclothing. The inflammation never abated; there were continual 
discharges of pus, mucus and blood. Even after I had changed over to raw-eating, in spite of 
the regularity that had been introduced into the working of my digestive organs, the condition 
of my piles remained almost unchanged. After every physical effort, or even after a simple 
walk, the irritation became so severe that I sometimes used to think that, because of the 
morphological changes which had taken place, perhaps the piles did not wish to yield to 
raw-eating and that in the end I should be obliged to submit to a surgical operation after all. 
But at the same time, I never lost hope in the power of nature. And indeed, a few months later 
the condition began to show a definite improvement. Daily irritations changed to twice a 
week, then to once a week, once a month and later still to once every two or three months, 
until finally the treatment was so successful that today, I do not feel at all that I have even 
suffered from hemorrhoids. The cure was especially speeded up when I began to take salads 
of sprouted wheat every day. Now these circumstances bring us face to face with a most 
important truth. 

It is a well-known fact that piles are caused by the weakening of the elasticity of the 
rectal walls and the distention of the veins at the lower end of the bowel. In really advanced 
cases surgical operation is recognized as their only radical cure. The healing of piles by raw- 
eating is a proof that, through the replacement of the degenerated cells in the organism by 
active cells, in course of time the walls of the intestines and the blood vessels are gradually 
renewed, acquiring the necessary elasticity and firmness. What is more important still is the 
fact that this process takes place simultaneously in the intestines, stomach, veins, capillaries and 
nerves, and in every organ and gland without exception. In other words, the disordered and 
diseased organism of the cooked-eater is completely restored with a new complement of 
young, specialized and healthy cells. The increase in sexual power by raw-eating will come as 
a surprise to all, although in sexual activities strict moderation should 


A. T. Hovannessian 

be our firm principle. In sports raw-eaters will establish new and unprecedented records. This is 
where the age long dream of the alchemists, the elixir of life, is to be found. They are not 
conjuring effects obtained in a few hours by means of drugs, but fundamental processes for curing 
diseases through the reconstruction of the whole organism. 

Provided that the cells of an organ or a gland are not wholly spent, natural nourishment 
enables them to restore their essential complement of cells by giving birth to new cells, and at 
the same time to get rid of the presence of diseased and useless cells. But there is not means at 
all of returning a wasted organ, such as a decayed tooth, to its former state. That is why, in 
matters of health, procrastination is dangerous. 

The cooked-eater lives on the work of one-fifth to one-tenth of his organs and glands and 
yet, so long as he is able to stand on his feet, he regards himself as healthy. Worse still, the 
danger of being deprived of even that one-tenth hangs over him constantly like the sword of 
Damocles, especially when he has had a few "good" dinners. 

The investigations of cytologists show that in addition to indolent cells there are found 
in the human body various multinucleated giant cells (polykaryocytes), uninucleated over- 
sized cells (megakaryocytes), and other types of degenerate cells. Such cells are "normally" 
present in all the organs and glands, and even in the blood stream of cooked-eaters. The 
research scientists who see these and a host of other aberrations in the organs of all food addicts 
are obliged to regard them as "normal" or "natural" occurrences. 

Natural foodstuffs do not remain in the digestive organs for more than a few hours and, 
whether digested or not, leave the body by the normal channel, whereas cooked foods, especially 
those that are derived from animal sources, linger in the alimentary canal for three or four 
days, sometimes for weeks. Now, it is a well-known fact that immediately after death animal cells 
begin to decompose, releasing a large variety of poisonous substances as they do so. Therefore 
there is no poison- free animal foodstuff on the table of the cooked-eater. It is no wonder, then, 
that after remaining in the human abdomen for three of four days at a temperature of 38°C. 
animal foodstuffs are completely converted into poisons. Sometimes this process advances to 
such an extent that only after they have ravaged the walls of the intestines and have become 
mixed with considerable quantities of pus, mucus and blood, do they succeed in leaving the 
organism. On the second day, the patient complains of a slight disorder in the stomach. The 
doctors recommend the use of table salt in order to prevent the occurrence of such 
putrefactions, as if they wished to convert the human abdomen into a barrel of salted meat. 
Credulous people naively believe that whatever the stomach readily accepts cannot be harmful; 
whereas polished rice, white bread or sugars, which are the most harmful of all foodstuffs, induce 
no immediate reaction in the stomach. Some even wonder what connection nutrition could 
have with the eyes, the skin or the nerves, as though 


Raw Eating 

any part of the body could carry on its functions without raw materials. Now, what substance 
might one possibly find in white bread, sugar or clarified butter that could give light to the eyes or 
organize the wonderful operations of the nerves? People advance all sorts of hypothetical 
conjectures to explain the causes of nervous diseases, but they do not pay the least attention to the 
most essential factor — the properties of the raw materials supplied to the nerves. 

The Resistance of Man to Infectious Diseases Weakens From 
Generation to Generation 

The claims that the danger of infectious diseases is steadily on the decline are fallacious. 
Because of cooked-eating, human cells have gradually lost their power of resistance to microbes 
and, what is worse, they continue losing that power from generation to generation. 

In this connection, I should like to quote a few passages from "Pathological Anatomy and the 
Pathogenesis of Human Diseases" by the eminent Soviet scientist I. V. Davydovsky, published in 
1956. According to him: "There are a number of infections particular to homo-sapien 
(anthroponoses) that do not, in fact, occur in animals, including the most developed apes. 
Scientists either do not succeed in inducing experimental examples of those infections in them 
or else they manage to obtain very remote resemblances of only a few of them (typhoid, cholera, 
malaria, meningococcal meningitis, influenza, measles, jaundice, diphtheria, scarlet fever, 
pneumonia, rheumatism, sepsis, gonorrhea, furunculosis, appendicitis, and so on). 

"The zoonoses and ornithonoses (animal and poultry diseases) that occur in men, such as 
hydrophobia, encephalitis, brucellosis (Malta fever), psittacosis, smallpox, plague, tularemia, anthrax, 
trichinosis and others, have, as a rule, their special symptoms that are peculiar to man, whereas in 
animals sometimes they show only very remote reproductions of those symptoms." 

It thus appears that not only do all animals, including man's ancestors, the apes, not 
contract specific human infections, but they are not even responsive to the deliberate attempts 
of research scientists to infect them with those diseases for experimental purposes. In contrast, 
there exist bacteria that are particular to animals and birds, but do not affect them normally, even 
though they are present in their organs all the time. On being transmitted to man, however, 
those very bacteria infect him in the most terrible and disastrous manner. We must add to this the 
fact that animals are immune from all chronic diseases. 

What is the reason for this striking contrast? What is it that distinguishes a man from an 
animal here if not his habit of nourishing himself according to the laws of "civilization" and then 
sitting at his desk leisurely with his legs crossed? Just picture to yourselves what it would be like if 
one of these fine days the cow took it into her head to become "civilized" like man, to eat her 


A. T. Hovannessian 

after boiling it in a cauldron and, on becoming ill, to pretend that the reasons were unknown. 
Then if someone suggested that she ought to try nourishing herself on raw grass, she should 
express the fear that her body being used to cooked food, raw grass might harm her. Picture to 
yourselves, too, what the cow would be like today if she had consumed cooked grass for 
thousands of years, without reflecting for a moment that what she was doing was an unnatural act. 
Yet this is the position into which the bigoted meat-worshippers of today have placed 

The fight against infectious diseases proceeds from a completely mistaken standpoint. The 
decline in the death rate from infectious diseases has been achieved not by strengthening the 
resistance of the body, but by mitigating the external conditions that spread infections. In course of 
time, man's power of resistance has been so weakened that if we removed the amenities provided by 
modern housing, centralized water supply systems, urban sanitation, isolation of patients and so 
forth, and returned to the conditions prevailing 200 years ago, the human race would be 
annihilated through various epidemic diseases within a few years. 

Anyhow, even today auto-infections, such as those giving rise to catarrhal conditions, develop 
speedily and become an inevitable disaster for all cooked-eating humanity. Taking advantage of 
the weakness of the false man's cells, harmless microorganisms become quite harmful. 
Davydovsky writes: "In the light of contemporary data on the changeability of bacteria we must 
regard the postulate that pathogenic bacteria may be produced from so-called nonpathogenic 
bacteria as quite close to reality. Thus, the bacilli of typhoid, paratyphoid and dysentery may 
originate from the intestinal bacilli; the real bacilli of diphtheria may develop from false bacilli. 
Such metamorphoses may take place in all varieties of cocci, in anaerobes, in the bacilli of plague 
and tuberculosis and in other microorganisms. Auto-infection is especially real at the expense 
of the usual inhabitants of the human body, the skin and the mucous membranes." 

In a great many infectious diseases the evidence for infection is absent. Generally speaking, 
every infectious disease makes its first appearance in the delicate organism of some weakly person 
and is then transmitted to other people. In reality, every such organism is a dangerous factory for the 
propagation and dissemination of pathogenic bacteria. Such a factory is not to be found among 
raw-eaters. So the world of raw-eaters will be forever free from all infectious diseases. 

Davydovsky's views on auto-infection may be summarized as follows: "The main regions of 
our body where the processes of auto-infection develop are: the throat, the tonsils, the 
vermiform appendix, the large intestine, the conjunctiva, the bronchial tubes and the urinary 
passages. The auto-infectious diseases are: nasal catarrh, pharyngitis, colitis, dysentery, bronchitis, 
pneumonia, cystitis, pyelitis, nephritis, conjunctivitis, inflammatory skin affections, 


Raw Eating 

furuncles, carbuncles, otitis, cholecystitis, osteomyelitis, post-natal endometritis, and so on According to the data 
provided by F. G. Barinski (1949), in only 50 percent of all cases of scarlet fever and 15 percent of diphtheria 
can direct contact be established. In other words, in the great majority of all cases of diphtheria there are no 
proofs to show that the infection is of external sources. Again, evidence supplied by T. E. Boldyrev (1949) 
indicated that 53 percent of typhoid cases are of unknown origin. The role of exogenous infections 
gradually diminishes, giving its place to endrogenous infections. Without any doubt in the future, it will be 
realized that the chief role is indeed played by auto-infections, especially as we are not yet in full possession of 
the necessary knowledge which would enable us to explain the essence of the physiological mechanisms and 
conditions that change the normal symbiosis of cells and bacteria into a state of infection. 

"In regard to the aetiology of infectious diseases we must abandon the notions conceived in time of 
Koch, Ehrlich and Pasteur on the 'pathogenic' nature of the microorganisms of external and internal 
media. In the full sense of the word it is not the bacteria themselves that are pathogenic, but those 
physiological correlations which exist in the given organism at a particular moment and which are 
organically connected with the disturbances in its regulative systems and nervous mechanisms. There are no 
special 'pathogenic' microbes in nature; there are, however, no end of factors that promote susceptibility 
in a normally resistant subject, and vice versa." 

We can draw only one conclusion from all this. The real cause of infectious diseases is not the microbe, but 
the impaired condition of the normal biological processes of the organism. Microbes have always existed, they 
still exist and they will exist forever. The campaign to destroy and annihilate them is sheer madness. As a result 
of turning a blind eye to the real causes of diseases, man's organic power of resistance has been gradually reduced 
to such an extent that human beings no longer await for infection to come from without, but succumb to the 
bacteria swarming inside their bodies. For in the human organism those very bacteria that are unable to do any 
harm to the meanest of animals come face to face with weak, worthless, inactive cells formed from meat, 
bread, butter and sugar. It is no wonder, then, that they simply fall upon those cells and devour them avidly. 
The sensible person should cleanse his body of every single one of those useless cells, after which no microbe 
will dare to approach the youthful, robust and strong cells that will have come into existence from noble fruits, 
nuts and cereals. Here, indeed, is "the essence of the physiological mechanisms and conditions that 
change the normal symbiosis of cells and bacteria into a state of infection," the explanation of which 
Davydovsky is unable to give. 

The role of antibiotics as therapeutic agents is temporary and deceptive. People are gradually becoming 
disappointed with them. Neutralizing the effects of bacterial activity for a short spell of time, they weaken 
the cells and clear 


A. T. Hovannessian 

the way for stronger infections later on. 

I have the most intimate experience of antibiotics. As a result of deficiency of natural 
nourishment my children always suffered from an irregular, persistent fever caused by auto-infection 
and auto-intoxication, their temperature usually fluctuating between 37.8°C. and 38 °C. I took my 
son to Paris and entrusted him to the care of the most eminent "specialists" there. Unfortunately, 
through indiscriminate experimentation with antibiotics they raised their temperature to 40- 
41 °C. and degenerating his heart and kidneys, they finally killed him, without being able to 
diagnose his illness. 

Exactly the same thing happened to my daughter, but with still greater violence, two years 
later. I placed her in the Anscharhohe Children's Hospital (Kinderkrankenhaus Anscharhohe) in 
Hamburg, where a Dr. Wolfgang Tiling carried out the most inhuman experiments on my poor 
child. Every day he drew out an enormous quantity of blood, which he subjected to various 
laboratory tests or injected into dozens of rats and rabbits, pretending that by multiplying the 
bacteria he wished to identify the actual organism which was responsible for the disease, but 
which he could not determine in his unusual clinical examinations. The higher the temperature of 
my child rose, the larger were the doses of the antibiotics ackriinistered and the more diverse were 
their varieties. With the increased doses of antibiotics the temperature rose higher and higher, 
until it fluctuated continuously between 39°C. and 41 °C. and the signs of nephritis became 
strongly marked. By his "scientific" means he speeded up the development of the disease, reducing 
its "normal" duration of four years to a period of only one month. He regarded the child as a 
guinea-pig and frightened us into the false belief that if she was not given cortisone or subjected to 
internal biopsy, she would not live more than a week. 

It was in those days that I came across Bircher-Benner's German treatise entitled "Nutritional 
Diseases" ( "Emahrungskrankheiten" , Erster Teil, 1933 ). I immediately took my daughter out of 
that hospital and entrusted her to the care of natural nutrition. With the sudden wave of a magic 
wand the temperature of my child dropped to the region of 37°-37.5 °C. and the quantity of her urine 
increased from 200ml . to two liters a day. Within a week she rose to her feet and walked across 
the room to open the door for that heartless doctor, who was struck dumb with stupefaction and 
was so afraid of disgrace that under one baseless pretext or another he refused to give me copies 
of the hospital records and the clinical examinations. 

If I had continued to nourish the child on a purely raw-eating diet, she would have been 
certainly alive today. But at that time I regarded raw food as a therapeutic means and I still had 
faith in artificial vitamins. In order to become closely acquainted with the nutritional system of Dr. 
Bircher-Benner's Private Clinic, I took the child from Hamburg to Zurich and kept her in that 
sanatorium for 23 days. I may here mention, by the way, that unfortunately after Dr. BircherBenner's 
death his system of nutrition has been greatly modified by the 


Raw Eating 

introduction of cooked foods, dairy products, vitamins and other drags. Anyhow, encouraged by the 
quick improvement in her condition, I thought it was possible to restore her health partly by raw 
nutriments and partly by cooked foods and artificial vitamins. Anyway, we were able to extend 
her life by only four years. 

I am myself a striking example of man's, victory over auto-infections. For over 20 years I had 
been suffering from chronic bronchitis to such an extent that several times a year, I invariably 
used to take to my bed with the most severe attacks of cold. Raw-eating, however, has changed 
all this and although for the last ten years I have slept under the open sky throughout the year, 
sometimes in the chilly winter frost of 15.16 degrees, with the microbes still in their places, not 
once have I coughed or felt the slightest indication of a cold. I should like to add by the way that 
sleeping in the open air in winter does not require particular heroism. All that is needed is to 
cover the body well and keep the face open to the fresh air. In addition, it is important to forgo 
cooked food so as to do away with the causes of spending sleepless nights and rolling in bed 

Cancer is the Result of Extreme Degeneration of Cells 

As in the case of all other diseases, the causes of cancer, too, are quite easily explained in 
the light of the laws of nature. 

Cytologists have carried out an immense amount of research in order to discover differences 
between the structures of normal cells and those of cancer cells. Generally speaking, they have 
found that cancer cells are cells of quite common types that are devoid of the necessary structure 
and capability to perform any useful work whatsoever. Their only purpose is to devour proteins 
(building materials) and multiply. 

As we know, the cells of the false man possess precisely the same qualities. There is only one 
degree of difference between the degeneration suffered by the cells of the false man and the 
cells of cancer. As regards to location in certain circumstances, the real man succeeds in 
keeping the cells of the false man under his control. He spreads them in the free expanses of his 
organism, he fills the empty cavities with them, he disposes them under his skin, he mixes 
them with his normal cells and thus, for a time at least, he keeps the sensitive organs and systems 
of his body free from the danger of their pressure. Everybody can see with the naked eye the 
enormous mass of the false man, sometimes reaching a weight of 60-70 kilograms. If a few kilos 
of that mass were placed in any gland or organ, the activity of the given gland or organ would 
certainly be paralyzed under the resulting pressure. It is precisely in this way that cancer puts an 
end to a man's life. 

The cells of the false man, like those of cancer, have been called into existence by means of 
the food prepared in the kitchen for the primary purpose of acting as avid consumers of such 
food. By the defensive efforts of the real man the cells of the false man are not able to assimilate 
completely the enormous 


A. T. Hovannessian 

quantities of the unnatural substances that are introduced into the body through the channel of 
addiction, and consequently a large proportion of those substances is aimlessly lost by being 
burnt and turned into superfluous heat. In order to consume freely those excessive masses of 
food, the cells of the false man strive to obtain independence, to settle in any locality that 
they wish and to gorge themselves to the full. When one or several of them succeed in their 
efforts, they begin to devour at an unbelievable speed the foodstuffs that are proffered to them 
by their greedy master. Thus, beginning with one or two insignificant cells, there comes into 
being the monster that keeps all mankind in the clutches of its deadly terror. In none of the 
numerous pathological processes do we encounter a similar case where among the milliard 
of cells only one or two cells succumb to disease. 

The clear-sighted man who has the perspicacity to occupy his mind with fundamental 
problems cannot help wondering at the stupid questions on which research scientists waste their 
time, money and energy. In order to explain the occurrence of cancer they have listed some 400 
various carcinogenic agents, which, with the exception of dietary factors, have not the least 
connection with the basic causes of carcinogenesis. Every individual must ask himself this 
question: "Granted that all the poisons, rays, chronic irritations, injuries, burns, viruses, nicotine, 
tar and a host of other agents might, as harmful factors, be able to deprive the cells of their 
complex structure and their capacity for work, or to damage, to emaciate, to crush and to kill 
them, but by what possible means could they induce in one or two cells such enormous 
power of multiplication as to enable them, in a very short space of time, to topple down and 
then to destroy altogether the whole wonderful edifice of the human body in its entirety?" 

That terrible power is diligently cooked, baked, prepared and presented to the monster 
by the owner of the organism himself for his own ultimate destruction. Cancer is the living 
proof of the extreme degeneration of cells and the inevitable result of unnatural nutrition. 

During their investigations, time and again scientists come face to face with the real 
causes of cancer. They hold the irrefutable proofs in their hands, they look at them for a while 
and even confirm them, but whenever the question of changing the prevailing dietary systems 
comes up for deliberation, they shut their eyes in consternation, as if struck with thunder, and 
without tarrying for a moment they take to their heels, because they DO NOT WISH to see 
anything unnatural in their nutritional habits. In particular, the DO NOT WISH to criticize 
the bread which they eat and which for ages past they have regarded as a sanctity, without 
reflecting for a moment that by the time it reaches the table it has been profaned again and 
again by means of grinding, sifting, kneading and baking. 

Cytologists clearly see that cancer is brought into existence by means of cells that are 
devoid of specialized structures and operational capabilities, yet 


Raw Eating 

in their view all the cells of the so-called healthy man (even though they are the product of 
unnatural nutrition) are primarily fully-developed and perfect cells that are later deprived of 
their normal attributes through the influence of certain carcinogenic agents. In other words, 
the absence of the proper mechanisms of the factory of the defects in its production are 
connected with every casual factor, but they have no relation whatsoever with the building 
materials supplied to that factory, or with the nature and quality of the raw materials necessary 
for production. They DO NOT WISH TO SEE that the organs of all cooked-eaters are 
permanently inundated with milliards of cells that have lost their proper structures and 
functions. I shall now quote a few passages from Cowdry's "CANCER CELLS" from which the 
reader will clearly see how plain and obvious the real causes of cancer are. 

Cowdry writes (p.H): "With loss in whole or in part of the specialized service function 
of their precursors, cancer cells lose in like measure the structural features which make that 
particular function possible. Structure cannot be maintained in the absence of function any 
more than function can be maintained in the absence of corresponding structure." Cowdry has 
forgotten to add the most obvious truth by which the secret of cancer would have been solved 
once for all. Namely, in order to maintain structure and function raw materials are essential 
requisites, and when those RAW MATERIALS are converted into COOKED MATERIALS, 
neither structure will be maintained, nor function. 

For the normal growth of cells Cowdry quotes Rusch as follows: "Normal primordial cells 
contain many potential mechanisms which ultimately determine differentiation. These 
mechanisms become functionally active when the constituents attain certain quantitative 
levels" (p. 15). During the transformation to cancer "Carcinogens induce a change in one or 
more of the special functions of the cell. The resulting change is heritable." But, "Cells which 
have suffered from such heritable change may require the additional loss of accessory factors 
before becoming completely autonomous neoplasms" (p. 17). Cancer is not produced from 
fully-developed and specialized cells. "The egg and the sperm are highly differentiated cells 
which do not become malignant and give rise to cancers consisting of sperm or egg cells 
multiplying without the usual restraints and invading the territories belonging to normal, well 
behaved cells" (p. 333). 

The main activities of cancer cells are to hunt for nitrogenous substances, to devour 
animal proteins, to snatch away amino acids, to synthesize abnormal proteins and to carry out 
various other exploits of similar nature. Cancer has been looked upon "as acting like a 
'nitrogen trap' removing amino acids from the body pool without permitting any appreciable 
return to it" (p. 39). Further down it is stated (ibid.): "Nitrogen metabolism of malignant cells 
seems to be carried on by taking from well-behaved cells, serving the body properly, materials 
sorely needed by them." The enigma would have been readily solved if the 


A. T. Hovannessian 

words "sorely needed" had been replaced by the words "EXTREMELY USELESS AND 
HARMFUL". Christensen and Henderson (1952) considered the superiority in amino acid 
accumulation by the carcinoma cells "a significant factor in the growth and multiplication of 
the neoplastic cell in a wasting animal" (ibid.). In their view the animal has been wasted not 
from the absence of natural foodstuffs, but from deficiency in the quantity of amino acids. 

Cancer cells continuously synthesize proteins. Cowdry writes (p. 152): "Malignancy has 
often been considered to be associated with an abnormality of protein synthesis and the 
possible formation of abnormal proteins. There is a continuous net synthesis of protein and 
nucleoprotein to give new cell substance in growing tumors, while the synthesis of these 
materials in normal nongrowing tissues is balanced by an equivalent breakdown." In another 
place he quotes Caspersson (1950): "Between the malignant tumor cell and the normally 
growing cell there seems to exist a fundamental difference in regard to the development of the 
system for protein formation. In the malignant tumor cell the endocellular inhibitory 
mechanism, which normally limits the activity of the protein-forming system, has more or less 
ceased to, function, leading to specific alterations in the cytochemical picture" (pp. 10-102). 
Is there any need to emphasize that the proteins in question are not the proteins obtained from 
grapes or apples, but those cooked or baked in the kitchen and rejected by the normal cells? 

Further scientific investigations have shown that the quantity of fats in cancer cells is 
above normal, while that of vitamins and minerals, on the other hand, is below normal. 

Cowdry admits that "Cells, malignant and otherwise, are almost inconceivably 
complex little individuals. Perhaps each may have as many as 10,000 different biochemical 
constituents, ranging from inorganic ions to the most complex proteins and nucleoproteins, 
which interact directly or indirectly with each other.. .the balance of activities in a living cell, 
that is the overall overt expression of the life of the cell, must be a function at any time of very 
complex kinetic interactions between these materials. To define the state of any cell 
completely, one would need to describe in kinetic terms the multiple relationships involved. 
Since it is not feasible to determine quantitatively more than a few variables at a time, we can 
obtain but a very limited view of the whole complex situation. The mathematical formulations 
dealing with 4 or 5 component systems present tremendous difficulties, let alone those 
dealing with thousands of variables" (pp. 151-152). Thus our scientists, in whose hands rests the 
destiny of all mankind, know infinitesimally little about the structure of cells. Yet, in spite of 
the paucity of their knowledge, they ignore the calculations of the engineer that has 
constructed those complex cells and they induce people to believe that by means of their own 
precise computations they can determine the exact qualitative and quantitative requirements 
of those cells as regards to proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and so forth. 


Raw Eating 

They even go so far as first to disdain the wisdom of the chief engineer by not approving of what 
he has ordained, and then to concoct various substances in their factories and offer them to us. 
Let the reader decide for himself whether their actions are laughable or deplorable. 

Considerable evidence has been collected by research scientists to show that frugality or 
dietary restrictions prevent, or at least limit, the incidence and growth of cancer. During the 
First World War under the severe food rationing then in force in Denmark, Russia, Germany 
and Austria cancer deaths were fewer than after rationing was abolished at the end of the war. 
In the opinion of Hindhede (1925) overfeeding contributed to this subsequent increase in the 
incidence of death. 

Cowdry cites examples from experiments conducted on animals: "Credit is given to 
Moreschi (1909) by McCay (1947) for extending the work of earlier British investigators tending 
to show that dietary restriction prevents, or slows down, the growth of tumors in animals. 
Sarcomas transplanted by Moreschi into mice took in rough proportion to the amounts of food 
supplied. Mice on restricted diets lived longer and transplantation of tumors into them was more 
difficult than into fully fed mice. 

"McCay and his associates have made quite remarkable studies on rats retarded by 
reducing the energy of the diet to that adequate for maintenance, but insufficient for growth. 
One group was thus held young for more than 700 days and another in excess of 900 days without 
being allowed to grow to maturity, notwithstanding the fact that the mean length of life of this 
sort of rat under usual conditions is approximately 600 days. When given sufficient calories the 
retarded rats mature and may live a total of 1,400 or more days — over twice their normal life 
span" (pp. 394-395). Again, according to McCay, Sperling and Barnes (1943) "development 
of tumors was negligible in rats that were retarded in growth until after they had been 
allowed to attain maturity" (p. 396). What wonderful results would not be obtained if those rats 
were fed on a restricted diet of exclusively raw foodstuffs. 

Further experiments showed that 150 cases of tumours developed among 198 rats fed on 
"normal' diet, as against only 38 tumours among 200 retarded rats — animals partially deprived 
of the so-called normal diet. Until when must man persist in regarding as normal a diet which 
spreads such ruthless slaughter and shortens the duration of life several times? 

Efforts have been made at various times to elucidate the relationship between body 
weight and cancer mortality by reference to life insurance statistics. In 1913, a joint 
committee of the Association of Life Insurance Medical Directors and the Actuarial Society 
of America dealt with 774,672 policies purchased by males aged 20-62. It was then seen that for 
men taking insurance at 30-44 years of age the mortality rates from cancer were for 
overweighs 37, for those of standard weight 32 and for underweighs 24, calculated as per 
100,000. For the older group of 45 years and over, the 


A. T. Hovannessian 

corresponding rates were 156, 144 and 120, respectively. According to the records of the Union 
Central Life Insurance Company, analyzed in 1932, the following were the cancer mortality rates, 
starting from 25 percent or more overweight, to 50 percent underweight: 143, 138, 121, 111, 
114 and 95, the figure of 111 referring to "normal" weight. Still more recently, according to the 
Statistical Bulletin of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (1951), the mortality of the 
overweight males from cardiovascular-renal disease was half as much again as the standard and that 
from diabetes was about four times the standard. These are the bounties that the false man 
bestows upon humanity. 

Between 1900 and 1950 the increase in the mortality rates for cardiovascular 
diseases and cancer in the United States of America were as follows. Within 50 years the 
mortality rate for cancer has increased from 64 to 139.6 per 100,000 population, while that for 
cardiovascular diseases had advanced from 244 to 478.1. On the whole, in 1950 out of 803.9 
deaths per 100,000 population from ten leading causes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer 
accounted for 617.7. Still more significant are the latest figures available, referring to the year 
1964. The death rate for cancer has now advanced to 151.3, while that for cardiovascular 
diseases has risen to 508.6, giving a combined figure of 659.9 out of a total of 939.7 from all 
causes. These are the amazing results of the "progress" of medicine; the shocking outcome of the 
multiplicity of doctors, hospitals and drugs; the inevitable products of the "refinement and 
purification" of foodstuffs. One may well imagine the state of affairs if the present "progress" 
continues for another 50 years. 

According to the official statistics of the United States of America for 1964, only 1.4 
percent of the total number of deaths were ascribable to "Symptoms, senility and ill-defined 
conditions". In this category senility is a mere conjecture, of course, because among those who 
consume cooked food nobody reaches old age. Whereas under really civilized conditions, barring 
accidents and mishaps, all mankind would die at an advanced old age. 

Among wild animals in natural surroundings the occurrence of cancer is unknown. After 
subjecting captive monkeys to degenerated food for prolonged periods of time, however, it has been 
possible to observe one or two tumors resembling cancer. "The only large group of organisms for 
which evidence of the occasional occurrence of cancer is wholly absent inhabits the depths of the 
ocean," declares Cowdry (p. 196). This is because the destructive hands of mankind have not 
reached them. Their immunity is all the more remarkable in view of the fact that their world is 
much larger than ours, both in area and in population. 

As we said, during their research, scientists come face to face with the basic causes of 
cancer, they look at them and confirm them, and yet they pass by them with complete 
indifference, as if their quest were something else. "The idea that some dietary components 
ingested in excessive amounts, or by their absence may cause cancer in man, is gaining ground 
from another source. 


Raw Eating 

Experimental alterations in the diets of animals may make all the difference in the ensuing 
presence or absence of cancer" (p. 220). 

They even perceive directly the effects of natural foodstuffs. Cowdry is quite explicit on this 
point: "Finally the fact is beginning to emerge that there is less predisposition to tumor 
development in some animals when they are fed natural foods than when they are fed highly purified 
foods. Silverstone, Solomon and Tannenbaum (1952) observed that fewer benign hepatomas 
developed in male DBA mice on a diet of Purina Laboratory Chow made up chiefly of natural food 
than in others on a diet consisting of semi purified components, mainly, casein, cornstarch, 
partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, synthetic vitamins and a mixture of salt. Moreover, semi 
purified diets given to C3H male mice enhanced the development of benign hepatomas. The 
difference in tumor development is correlated with noticeable differences in caloric intake, in body 
weight, or in the proportion of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals in the diet. The authors are 
careful to point out that one should not assume that other types of tumors respond differently" 
(pp. 403-404). 

"Engel and Copeland (1952) found that weaning AES and SpragueDawley rats fed natural 
foods (stock diets) developed fewer mammary tumors induced by the carcinogen, 2- 
acetylaminoflurene, than those fed semipurified diets. The difference was considerable" (p. 404). 

The reader undoubtedly observed what type of food they give to experimental mice: 
highly-purified materials such as casein, starch, cottonseed oil, synthetic vitamins and salts. The 
mixture of these substances is misnamed "normal diet" by research scientists. They collect 100 
percent cancer-free mice from the fields and imprison them in cages, treat the poor creatures 
like "delicate" children, inbreed them with each other, feed them with the "normal diet" and after 
a few generations turn them into what they call "pure inbred strains of mice". According to 
them, those "inbred strain of mice" are in a special pathologic condition, in which up to 80 
percent of some strains are susceptible to "spontaneous" tumors of "unknown causes". All food 
addicts are in an exactly similar sort of pathologic condition. 

Let us now see whether scientists are able to draw any useful conclusions from the above 
striking evidence. The answer is unfortunately in the negative. Indeed, Cowdry is at great pains to 
reject the most valuable data, lest any of his readers should be foolish enough to think of forgoing 
one or other of the countless varieties of foods and drinks, which are commonly regarded as 
the fits of civilization. This is what he says: "Caution is necessary in reading into the production 
of human cancer data on animals especially in relation to diet. Man, except at the near starvation 
level, is an omnivorous eater accustomed to the ingestion of a large variety of foods gathered 
from many quarters of the world; whereas animals are adjusted to rather uniform and simple diets of 
local origin" (p. 220). Let the reader's judge for themselves in what enormous misconception 
the author is. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

"Granted artificially accentuated hereditary susceptibilities to cancer in these secluded, 
pampered and protected, closely inbred strains of mice, how then are the cancers actually 
produced in them?" asks Cowdry (p. 350), without being able to find an answer to the 

"Recognition of strong organ-specific hereditary susceptibility in certain strains of mice 
highlights our ignorance as to the nature of the carcinogens to which the cells are 
susceptible. These mice lead a very sheltered existence in cages. They are usually kept in air- 
conditioned rooms and their diet is remarkably constant. They are not exposed to any known 
physical or chemical or biological carcinogens" (pp. 349-350). Cowdry deliberately shuts his 
eyes to the fact that the real physical, chemical and biological carcinogens are the very 
conditions that he himself has created for those poor mice. These include depriving them 
of their natural environment and nourishment, isolating and shutting them up in secluded 
cages, sheltering, pampering and protecting them, inbreeding them artificially, keeping them 
unperturbed in air-conditioned rooms and feeding them with casein, cornstarch, 
cottonseed oil, synthetic vitamins and salts. 

Elsewhere, Cowdry brings two tables of experimental data to show modifications in 
cancer development by alteration in (a) dietary protein and essential amino acids and (b) 
dietary B vitamins. He then makes the following comments: "Vitamins and essential amino 
acids can modify cancer production... To explain these and other findings is difficult. It 
should not be assumed that the particular dietary substance in deficiency or excess acts 
directly on the tissue in which the neoplastic change takes place" (p. 401). This is clearly a 
rejection of the available data. It is tantamount to saying that the satisfactory or 
unsatisfactory operation of a factory must not be supposed to have any connection with 
the harmony or disharmony of the raw materials supplied to it. 

"It would be altogether premature to concoct some cancer preventive diet for man 
on these findings, as Greenstein (1947) has rightly warned," writes Cowdry and then adds: 
"For one thing the human life span is so much longer than that of these experimental 
animals that adherence to such a hypothetical diet would not be feasible over the many 
years, amounting in some cases to almost a quarter of a century, of the periods of latency 
in carcinogenesis" (p. 401). Nevertheless, "Long continued underfeeding in animals 
definitely reduces the incidence of several kinds of spontaneous tumors" (p. 429). 

"Available data relate mainly to the incidence of tumors and not to their rate of 
growth after they have got started. The few instances in which growth is modified by 
dietary factors are insufficient evidences on which to base any therapeutic measures in the 
present state of our knowledge" (p. 402). It seems to us that Cowdry is not interested in 
reducing the incidence of tumors; he is interested only in the problem of finding therapeutic 
measures for the cure of cancer and that not through the rectification of our nutritional 
habits, but through the agency of some fanciful pill or other. 


Raw Eating 

It is interesting to know when and where scientists will at last perceive the real causes 
of cancer. So far they have discovered some 400 "carcinogenic agents", about which Cowdry 
says: "In probably less than one percent of the cancers faced by physicians are the actual 
carcinogens, or combination of carcinogens, detectable" (p. 390). Against this we have 
already seen how "normal' (unnatural) diet promoted tumors in 80 out of 100 cancer-free 
mice in one case and 150 out of 198 in another case. The partial restriction of that diet 
reduced those 150 tumors to 38; its rationing considerably inhibited the frequency of cancer 
among whole nations and its replacement by natural nutrition tended to prevent the 
development of cancer altogether. One might have expected that Cowdry would now 
regard natural nutrition as the answer to the problem of combating cancer and would stop 
wasting his time on futile investigations of all other carcinogens. Instead, he is not even 
ready to place the only cause of cancer, faulty nutrition, among his other carcinogenic 
factors. He calls it merely a "modifying" factor and underrates it by baseless arguments. 
Being still puzzled by the behavior of malignant cells, he writes (p. 43): 

"It goes almost without saying that an Aristotle, or a Darwin, if he were with us today, 
might be able to put together all the facts as we know them about cancer cells and supply 
an explanation of their malignant behavior. Perhaps in the years to come this will be done 
and we shall wonder why we remained blind for so long. In the meantime, we make halting 
progress learning a little here and there." But I beg to point out that neither an Aristotle 
is needed here, nor a Darwin. It is sufficient for Cowdry to come out of the confines of his 
laboratory and, forgetting its existence for a moment, to direct his eyes towards the stars, the 
sun, the moon, the trees and the flowers, to plunge mentally into their mysteries and to 
perceive with what precise regularity the whole world revolves. Can any scientist destroy 
that world and construct his own world in its stead? That small grain of corn which 
sprouts under our eyes is an enormous world constructed by the same Creator, by 
Almighty God Himself. Scientists destroy that living, that moving world and present 
humanity with a world of their own construction, with their white bread, their amino 
acids, their artificial vitamins and their synthetic salts. It is interesting to know whether after 
reading these lines, scientists will still place their own knowledge above the wisdom of their 

Further on Cowdry enumerates a great many cases of the spontaneous disappearance 
of malignant tumors and finally draws the following conclusions (p. 545): 

"1. Some very small primary cancers occasionally appear in large numbers in the breast, 
prostate and uterus. Many of these do not develop, remain latent for years or 
spontaneously regress completely. 

"2. Alterations, usually temporary, in the size of well-developed cancers are not 
infrequently seen. These may be brought about by the operation of many factors affecting 
the volume of the malignant cells and of the stroma. 


A. T. hovannessian 

"3. Unexplained alterations in the type of malignant tumors occasionally occur for no evident 

"4. There are several examples on record of the disappearance of neuroblastomas in 
children. In some of them this is correlated with progressive differentiation of the malignant cells 
for reasons unknown. 

"5. A few verified cases of the complete regression of cancers have been described which 
cannot be attributed to the treatment given. Evidently, some kinds of malignant cells are in 
extremely rare cases controlled by physiological mechanisms." 

What could be the cause of the spontaneous regression of tumors, if not some fortuitous and 
imperceptible change in the nutritional habits of the patient? There can be only one method for 
the successful treatment of cancer. The tumor must first be deprived of degenerated foodstuffs, 
and it must then be literally starved and killed by reducing the intake of even natural nutriments 
to a minimum. In case of necessity, normal cells, too, may be kept in a state of semi-starvation for 
a certain period of time. After the disappearance of the tumor they can easily be restored to 
their former strength again. 

The Labor and Expense of Preparing Cooked Foods Are 
Nothing but Sheer Waste 

As we have already seen, the real man lives on raw food alone. All the cooked foods and 
drinks consumed in the world are aimlessly lost. The money spent on them is wasted in vain. At 
first sight this statement may seen unbelievable, but it is the simple truth, the proof of which I 
have obtained by my own personal experience. 

In the beginning, we thought that we should have to increase the intake of raw nutriment 
in the same proportion as we reduced the consumption of cooked food, but we soon realized 
that we were mistaken. Although in the initial period there was quite a large demand for natural 
foodstuffs in order to restore the persistent losses suffered by the body and to reconstruct the 
organs by reinforcing them with fresh complements of active cells, later on that demand steadily 

We were surprised, too, at the small quantity of food that our daughter Anahit consumed. 
Her mother, with her preconceived fear of malnutrition, used to compel her to eat more, but the 
child persistently refused to do so. Gradually, it became clear to me that fruits and cereals in the 
raw state are extremely concentrated nutriments of the highest quality and, hence, a very small 
quantity of them fully satisfies the needs of our organism. That is why a raw-eating child should 
never be compelled to eat more than he wishes. It is no fairy tale when we hear of a person 
subsisting for months on end on a date or a walnut a day. Cooked-eaters can regale themselves on 
platefuls of cooked meals, because they contain no nourishment in the full sense of the word. 


Raw Eating 

Herbivorous animals in their turn consume huge quantities of grass, because to a large extent 
that grass is composed of roughage; the real nutrients in it are in a scattered state and in very 
sparse amounts. 

Those animals empty their bowels of masses of roughage several times a day, whereas the 
normal raw-eater feels the need of only one motion a day. Excessive flatulence, the presence 
of undigested remains of fruit in the faeces and the demand to go to stool more than once a 
day are signs of over eating, which the temperate raw-eater must certainly avoid. The 
quantity of fruit that I normally eat is no more than that consumed by any cooked-eater who 
is fond of fruit. To this I add a plateful of corn salad a day, which serves to close the nutritional 
gap that exists in all cooked-eaters, due to an insufficiency of natural foodstuffs. In this simple 
fare there is no room, of course, for all the degenerated food that I formerly took. 

What would be the picture if the whole world should suddenly come to its senses and 
adopt the natural laws of nutrition? Even if the production of fruit stayed at its present level, 
after allowing each person a plateful of vegetable or corn salad a day and thus satisfying the 
nutritional demands of the whole world to the full, there would remain as unwanted 
surplus all the animal foodstuffs, sugar, tea, coffee, cocoa, alcoholic and non-alcoholic 
beverages, tobacco, margarine, as well as the greater part of the pulses and cereals consumed 

Let us now see what happens, after all, to all this degenerated food that is consumed in the 
world at present. It is, in fact, disposed of in three ways. 

1. Owing to deficiency in the complement of specialized cells, the real man is obliged 
to tolerate the presence of a certain number of parasitic cells formed from cooked food, in 
order to maintain the minimum bulk of his organs and systems. 

2. An enormous quantity of degenerated food is consumed by the false man. 

3. Regardless of whether the individual consists of only one body or whether he is a 
combination of two bodies (as shown by his relative thinness or stoutness), the redundant 
portion of the food, which is introduced into the organism by way of addiction and which is 
beyond the assimilative power of the cells, simply burns away and leaves the body through 
various channels. The quantity of food thus wasted comprises a huge proportion of the 
total intake of foodstuffs. 

The most deplorable aspect of the question is the fact that the specialized cells spend a 
great deal of the energy that they obtain from natural nutriments to break down the 
foodstuffs of the false man, to absorb them into the blood stream, to ensure the smooth 
working of the excretory organs and to drive out of the body the harmful effects of cooked 
foods. For example, having worked incessantly all day long, the active cells are entitled to a 
little rest; instead, they are obliged to toss in bed till the break of day so as to expel from 


A. T. Hovannessian 

organism the extra calories greedily introduced into the body by the false man. 

In the past, I was given to gluttony and meat addiction to an extraordinary degree. As a result, I 
had suffered from insomnia all my life. I do not recall ever having gone to sleep before midnight 
or having once woken up early enough to see the sunrise. I used to keep awake till three or four 
o'clock in the morning and get up at eight or nine with a heavy head. Fortunately, after adopting 
raw-eating my insomnia entirely disappeared, but if I ever try to eat a big dinner in the evening, I 
am obliged to stay awake till daybreak. Ever since she was 2 years old, Anahit has never 
woken up during the night. 

The vitamins and salts found in cooked foods are false, dead, unbalanced and harmful. 
Cooked foods are nothing but common building materials and simple fuel; in other words, they 
are stones, bricks and petrol. The useless cells formed from such building materials are an 
unwanted burden on the normal cells. The heat that is obtained from such fuel is excessive and 
harmful, while the energy generated from it (motive energy) is superfluous and worthless. This 
energy aimlessly puts into motion the motors of the factory outside working hours; it forces the heart 
to work at double its normal rate; it disturbs the rest which the vital mechanisms of the whole 
factory sorely need, tiring them instead and wearing them out in vain. Insomnia is one example 
of its harmful effects. 

What happens when ill-advised doctors develop methods of reducing obesity? They plan 
an all-round restriction in the daily intake of food, as a result of which their lists of forbidden 
foodstuffs include such essential and highly-nutritive articles of diet as walnuts, almonds, raisins, 
dates, figs, bananas and honey. In other words, they reduce the weight of the person under 
treatment at the price of emaciating and weakening him all the more, and thus seriously impairing 
his health. In such cases, by the reduction of degenerated foodstuffs, the false man loses merely 
some of its superfluous fuel, whereas by the restriction of natural foodstuffs the normal cells are 
deprived of some extremely essential nutrients. It follows, then, that the false man stays firm in its 
place, while the real man is emaciated all the more. 

We meet with a very amusing example of the effect of restricted diet during the study of 
cancer. In discussing this question Cowdry states: "It is apparent that reduction in breast cancer 
incidence, brought about by dietary restrictions, is connected with decreased ovarian activity in 
mice" (op. tit. p. 398). What more do we want? The cause of breast cancer has thus been 
discovered. It now remains for doctors to put a complete stop to ovarian activity in women in 
order to save them entirely from cancer of the mammary glands. 

But surely there is a quite simple explanation of what really happens. The 
THOUGHTLESS LIMITATION of the calorie intake has two contrary effects on the organism. 
On the one hand, the restricted consumption of degenerated foodstuffs inhibits the formation 
of cancer, while, on the other hand, the reduced intake of natural foodstuffs interferes with the 
normal activity of the ovaries. 


Raw Eating 

Medical science is full of such deplorable contradictions. When a certain disease draws 
towards itself the harmful currents of unnatural foodstuffs, the organism of the patient 
acquires partial immunity from some other disease. For example, people who suffer from 
diabetes, arteriosclerosis and certain infectious diseases are less subject to cancer. Insane 
experiments have even been made to subject people to the influence of various bacteria for 
the alleged prevention of cancer. The same thing takes place on a smaller scale during 
vaccinations, when by inducing milder forms of a disease children are safeguarded against 
serious attacks later on. The moment men decide to safeguard the health of their children 
by natural laws, such unnatural measures will become unnecessary, innocent children will be 
freed from needless mutilations and the question of vaccination will pass into history. 

Experiments show that once the false man has been called into existence, partial dietary 
restrictions are not able to check its development. Even a 10-15 percent degeneration in 
foodstuffs is sufficient to keep it alive. The sensible man should beware of providing that 
monster with a single grain of nourishment. I have completely cleared the joints of my feet 
of all gouty concretions, but if at any time I chance to eat meat, a few hours later hammer 
blows inform me that uric acid has penetrated into the joints of my big toes. I often used 
to make these experiments in the early years of my studies on raw-eating. Obviously, 
the sites cleared of uric acid are still empty and the ways that lead to them are wide open. 
As soon as a morsel of meat is introduced into the body, it is converted into uric acid, 
which then hurries to occupy its appointed place. 

The cells of the false man do not retreat with ease, either. They lie in ambush, half- 
dead, but expectant. No sooner does a piece of degenerated food reach them than they begin 
to revive and multiply. The control of body weight should be handed over entirely to natural 
foodstuffs. The person who suggests that too much slimming is not good for your health is, 
in effect, recommending you to nurture and nourish dozens of kilos of sick and parasitic cells 
in order to maintain the plumpness of your body. Simultaneously with killing the false 
man, natural nutrition will, slowly but surely, increase the weight of the real man to the 
normal standard demanded by nature. 

After getting rid of those useless masses of flesh, the man who had formerly loaded his 
body with 40-50 kilos of diseased cells and could not climb up one step unaided by a 
support will now be able to run up mountains without turning a hair. Such a person should 
never worry over his rapid loss of weight; on the contrary, he should be glad of it. A sensible 
person should not tolerate a single grain of useless flesh on his body. In short, everybody 
should at last realize that by the introduction of each morsel of cooked food into his body 
he nourishes the false man, his remorseless enemy, his callous executioner; he sustains all 
known and unknown diseases; he paves the way for his own death. 

In the opinion of a cooked-eater one must eat well in order to maintain 


A. T. Hovannessian 

good health. In his view an empty stomach means a hungry body. He does not know that the man 
with the full stomach is really a sick man. His stomach finds it difficult to expel the unnatural 
foodstuffs in the proper time. The raw-eater's stomach, on the other hand, is always empty or, at 
any rate, it is so light that he does not feel the presence of anything there. He feels the fullness of his 
bowels, because that is where the food that he has eaten is immediately transferred. Even 
excess food does not lie in his stomach for long; it quickly passes into the intestines and, digested 
or undigested, leaves the body without causing the least harm to the organism. 

Therefore, no gases are ever generated in the stomach of a raw-eater. If an excessive 
amount of food is consumed, gases may be generated in the intestines, but they are inclined to 
leave the body by the normal route. The raw-eater sees the difference between the two systems of 
nutrition all the more clearly when he tries to have a good dinner after a few months abstinence. It 
is then that he wonders how he could ever have dragged on such a sickly and miserable existence 
and have regarded that disgusting mode of life as normal. 

The Medicine of the Cooked-Eater is an 
Entirely Erroneous Science 

As we saw, diseases are brought into being by the dissipation of the integral raw materials of the 
human factory. Therefore, health can only be recovered if the integrity of those materials is 
restored. But what is the basis of the entire activity of modern medical science? What is it exactly 
that doctors do perform? They make vain attempts to restore that integrity by means of 
degenerated foodstuffs, artificial vitamins, salts, hormones and a multitude of poisonous 
concoctions, and at the same time they remove and cast away whole glands and organs that 
have become irreparably damaged and incapacitated as a result of the disintegration of the 
natural raw materials. 

All mankind lives in a state of terrible ignorance. In the opinion of food addicts, the 
consumption of cooked food is something quite natural, while nourishment by the laws of nature 
is an experiment, and a dangerous experiment at that In reality, men have unwittingly destroyed the 
PERFECT BALANCE developed by nature, and for thousands of years they have been 
making SENSELESS EXPERIMENTS by means of cooked foods, artificial preparations and 
poisonous substances to find a new balance, their own balance. The immediate results of those 
experiments are the numerous diseases that prevail in the world today. 

When I invite people to adopt raw-eating, I do not propose a new experiment. On the 
Therefore, provided that he is not devoid of common sense, the reader should not wait for others 


Raw Eating 

carry out that "new experiment" and inform him of the result. He should immediately stop 
his dangerous experiments and turn to the normal way of life. 

The final products of all those experiments, the masterpieces of man's research 
laboratories, are the pills and powders with which scientists wish to feed the world,* whereas 
the masterpieces of nature's laboratory are the wheat, the walnut and the apple. We must all 
make a choice between these two. All cooked foods are artificial substances deprived of their 
natural qualities. They have as much nutritive value as the widely advertised vitamin tablets and 
food extracts. 

There are many species of living creatures in the vast animal kingdom. They have 
neither doctors, nor hospitals and pharmacies, yet, with the exception of those that are 
under the care of man, they live without succumbing to illnesses and complete their proper span of 
life corresponding to their physical constitutions, varying from a few days to hundreds of years. 
Because of the perfect structure of his body, the human being should enjoy a longer and 
healthier life than any other creature on this earth. Even in the absence of complete raw- 
eating, there are instances on record of men being able to reach the ages of 150-180 years, 
merely by living under conditions where extreme degeneration of foodstuffs is avoided. The 
very fact that most people live less is a clear indication that something is wrong with their way 
of life Animals feed mostly on the green leaves and stalks of plants. Mankind has, at its 
disposal, the most wholesome and concentrated nutriments of the highest quality that, having 
passed through the leaves and stalks, the trunks and branches of those plants, have come 
together in their seeds and fruits. Those nutriments have been especially created for the 
nourishing of the human organism. 

The time has come for biologists to admit that they have deviated from the correct path 
and are conducting their investigations in wrong quarters. They must confess, moreover, that it 
is not possible to compensate the losses in natural nutritive constituents by artificial 
preparations; that poisons have not the capacity to restore the degenerations of the various 
organs; that our organs and glands are inseparable parts of our body and so they must not be 
mutilated or removed. Today, I am showing them a very simple and easy method of relieving 
the human body from all diseases effectually and conclusively. IT IS THE DESTRUCTION 
order to be fully convinced of the validity of my arguments, they merely need a few months 

What should be the aim of doctors and biologists, if not the freeing of mankind from 
disease? Raw-eating is the way to reach that aim They must 

*For an example of this seepage 134. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

declare forthwith whether they do, in fact, wish to see a world free from disease. If they can prove 
that their own calculations are more accurate than the calculations made by nature, and that 
raw-eaters throughout the world succumb to illnesses instead of recovering their health, I shall 
immediately retire from the arena in company with my books and shall then hold my peace. 
Otherwise, surely they cannot force mankind to put up with diseases merely to keep the doors of 
the hospitals and pharmacies open. 

They must reconcile themselves to the thought that henceforth the preparation of cooked 
foods and their recommendations will be regarded as crimes against humanity as a whole, and 
"treatments" by means of poisons as the sorcery of the cooked-eating age. Wise and humane 
doctors would immediately stop those recommendations and invite people to submit to the 
ordinance of nature. The hands of the doctor who has a spark of conscience left in his heart 
should tremble on writing down the names of poisonous substances and artificial vitamins, and 
his lips should quiver on pronouncing the names of cooked foodstuffs. Their operations are 
tantamount to passing the death sentence on innocent people. Let this be realized by all 
parents as well. 

Perhaps some of my readers may not like my tone of writing. In their opinion, my 
expressions should preferable be more scientific (adorned with a Latin terminology 
unintelligible to most people), more conciliatory (complaisant), more serious (hypocritical), 
more compromising (unscrupulous), more courteous (lying) and more tactful (cowardly). But I 
prefer to be decisive, sincere and bold. And that is how I shall be, even if I find the whole world 
against me. I am confident that I shall be supported by all sensible people and vindicated by future 

When I consider the recommendation of chicken soup, the yolk of the egg, fried liver or 
stewed fruit to invalids, and especially to little children, a criminal act, I am not making a 
slanderous accusation. Nor do I sin against the truth when I regard as sorcery all those medical 
operations in which, instead of cleansing the blood vessels of the patient who is standing upon 
the threshold of death by the help of natural nutrition, strengthening the muscles of his heart 
and granting him a new lease of life of from 40.50 years, they widen his vessels by poisonous 
irritants, stimulate the functions of the heart by "the lashes of the whip", reduce the quantity of 
the blood by blood-letting or degenerate and dilute it by artificial means. Bircher-Benner and a 
great many other conscientious scientists, too, have regarded such operations as sorcery, deceit 
and buffoonery. 

Surely I am not guilty of immodesty when, relying upon my personal, extremely limited 
means, I carryout painstaking investigations and then, on the basis of my discoveries, I declare 
that cytologists are guilty of childishness when they first burn thousands of nutritive constituents 
in natural foodstuffs and subject the cells to extreme degeneration, and then waste millions of 


Raw Eating 

money in vain attempts to return to those cells ALL THEIR LOST MECHANISMS AND 

Let us take as an example, the doctor to whose care I had committed my two adorable 
children. First of all, under the pretext of aiding their digestion and sustaining their strength, he 
forbade them raw fruit and recommended compotes and "nutritious meals" instead. Later 
regarding the auto-intoxications and auto-infections resulting from those recommendations as 
malaria, he prescribed terrifying doses of quinine and, still later, by means of innumerable 
examinations and experiments, the most rigorous of "diets" and enormous quantities of various 
drugs and modern antibiotics he deprived the children of their last reserves of energy. Such a 
doctor was surely guilty of the MOST ABOMINABLE CRIME, even though he did everything 
unintentionally. Now, in order that he may not repeat the same offence against other children, 
we must bring his guilt home to him and make him realize that he is guilty of the most heinous 
crime. If the drugs that my children took in 14 years were used outright, a whole army would be 
completely annihilated. 

The position is more or less the same today. In this age of scientific progress, I still see 
numerous pallid, weakly children whose mothers resort to every kind of encouragement and 
threat to force them to eat rice, meat, eggs, white bread, butter and pastries, while at the same time 
they strictly forbid them cucumbers and bananas for "being indigestible", cherries and grapes for 
"causing diarrhea", and mulberries and melons for "giving rise to fever". How can I tolerate with 
indifference this deplorable state of affairs? 

Everybody knows how complex the structure of the human organism is. A grain of corn 
has precisely the same complex structure. When we make it sprout, it becomes an active and 
thriving body that lives and breathes like a man, except that it cannot talk and walk. The 
thousands of substances that are indispensable for the regular operation of all the large and small 
components of our body are accumulated in it in their requisite quantities and by the most precise 
calculations. When we turn the living wheat into bread, we destroy all the substances in it save 
its ashes: the dead starch and sugar. Imagining those ashes to be real nutriment, the well meaning 
mother gives them to her child, but she is afraid to give him the living wheat. 

Similarly, all the cooked foods in the world, which short-sighted people regard as good 
nourishment, are nothing but motley heaps of odoriferous and highly-seasoned ashes. The 
vitamins and slats discovered in them by biologists are unnatural, lifeless substances. 

As soon as the living vegetable cell is cooked, it stops being nourishment; it come out of its 
natural state and turns into something artificial. When a mother gives her little baby his first 
bread, dried milk or some other cooked food, she begins to use those artificial substances to 
perform the most ruthless and inhuman experiments on her child. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

The basic error of medical science lies in its deplorable short-sightedness. Even such an 
eminent cytologist as Cowdry considers living and perfect foodstuffs like wheat, seeds and fruit 
to be "rather uniform and simple diets of local origin". In contrast, he regards the coloured 
heaps of ashes that are consumed by men as "a large variety of foods gathered from many 
quarters of the world" (op. tit. p. 220), and expects an Aristotle to come and show him the real 
difference between the two. 

While strongly challenging the present system of therapeutics, I do not bear hatred against 
anybody. I merely entertain a deep feeling of pity for all men and women without exception, 
because they have been committing those crimes against their own persons, against their relations 
and against mankind unwittingly and without reflection. But those who persist in their errors after 
reading these lines will be condemned by every intelligent human being. 

The time has now come when biologists must choose one of the two paths open to them. 
Either they must accept the infallibility of Nature, bow before her supreme wisdom and free 
humanity from all its sufferings at once or, ignoring the laws of Nature and relying solely upon their 
own judgment, they must regard white bread as superior to the living wheat, deem the artificial 
to be preferable to the natural, and persist in their harmful experiments as before. What will the 
result be then? Let us suppose that the present state of affairs continued for a few more 
generations, during which time the quantity of drugs actually doubled; the number of artificial 
vitamins increased fourfold, every house was converted into a hospital and every individual 
became a doctor. What should we gain from all this, when doctors themselves succumb to illnesses 
more often than any other class of people and generally die before everybody else? 

The whole responsibility for misguiding the world rests upon the leading specialists: the 
research biologists and the professors of medicine. Ordinary doctors are not to be blamed, 
because they merely put into practice what they have been taught by their teachers. No engineer 
is ever entrusted with the maintenance of a factory before he has been acquainted with all the 
details of its operation. Surely it is not possible to fill a group of people with some elementary 
scraps of knowledge, fanciful conjectures, hypothetical assumptions and contradictory theories, 
and then grant them complete freedom to play with the lives of their fellow men by means of 
thousands of poisons, torturous instruments and capricious orders, and all this without any let or 
hindrance. Let us suppose for a moment that all the medical books and encyclopedias in the 
world are correct. Then; in order to memorize them a doctor would need a dozen lives and even 
then he would not be able to understand a thousandth part of the innumerable processes 
operating in the human organism. 

If a patient with a chronic disease were to consult a hundred doctors, he would receive a 
hundred different prescriptions and recommendations. For doctors merely make experiments 
and most culpable experiments at that. As 


Raw Eating 

Bircher-Benner says, "Patients with chronic ailments leave us with their conditions 
aggravated, while those with acute diseases recover regardless of the measures taken by us." In 
other words, the forces of nature heal them in spite of the dangerous measures adopted by the 

The raw-eating doctor will approach the question from a completely different standpoint. 
He will question the patient on his manner of living and on any infringements of the laws of 
nature. If such infringements have, in fact, taken place, the course of treatment is quite clear; 
otherwise, it will soon be realized what unnatural or incidental harm has come to the organism 
from external sources, and corresponding measures will be taken to counteract it. Medicine will 
then become a most simple and straightforward affair. There will be no more diseases with 
their causes unknown. The production and use of drugs will be placed under the strictest 
control, and private speculations will be prohibited. Medicine will be nationalized everywhere 
and doctors will enjoy a comfortable living with the minimum of labor. The progress of a 
country will then be measured not by the increase in the number of its hospitals, but by the 

Those who now turn a deaf ear to these manifest truths, will not be able to shake 
responsibility off their shoulders tomorrow. When the children of today grow up in time and 
find themselves in poor health and steeped in addictions, they will call to account all the 
biologists, the leaders of the world and their own parents, and will demand to know what steps 
they took when they read these warnings. Did they still think that their wisdom was greater 
than the wisdom of Nature? 

If they do not think so, they must put an immediate stop to the destruction of natural 
foodstuffs. This is the firm command of Nature, our God's command, which does not admit any 
compromise. It is the command of that Nature which controls the whole universe by the most 
perfect laws and ordinances; near whose wisdom men have stood baffled and perplexed for 
thousands of years; whom men have deified and worshipped in numerous forms and ways; for whom 
millions of temples and churches have been built; before whom people have continually knelt in 
adoration, without reflecting for a moment that they trample upon her laws and sin against her 
at every step. 

But today, mankind lives under the complete sway of devils that have transformed this earth 
into a hell. Those devils, having donned the masks of beautiful damsels, have seated themselves on 
the dinner tables and in the dishes of man; they have couched on his face and on his chin, on his 
arms and on his legs, on his neck and on his shoulders, and from their places of vantage they 
impudently laugh at his senses. They have penetrated into his body and have lodged themselves 
in his very heart and soul. 

The "civilized" man of today ridicules the idolatry of bygone ages, but he does not realize that 
he is a far worse idolater than the idolaters of the past. In former times, men set up images of 
various animals and adored them; today 


A. T. Hovannessian 

they slaughter those animals and worship their putrefied carcasses. 

The "civilized" man of today cannot picture the savagery in which the whole world lives at 
the present time. The "delicate" and "tenderhearted" lady, who actually faints at the sight of a few 
drops of blood on the face of a child, calmly places on the table the bloody heart, liver or breast of 
a lamb and cuts it into pieces in all indifference, without reflecting for a moment that only an 
hour before the poor creature was full of life and vitality. Had she seen, from her childhood, the 
slaughter of a baby along with that of a chicken or a lamb, she would take up the knife with equal 
indifference and, without any qualms, together with the heart of the lamb, she would cut up the 
heart of that baby, cook and eat. The only difference lies in the fact that her eyes have become 
accustomed to the one, but not to the other, or else she would not have been surprised at the 
bloody sight of human bodies hanging in the butchers' shops, beside the carcasses of cows and 

Mankind is at Present Far From Being Civilized 

So long as human beings persist in consuming cooked food, there can be neither real 
civilization nor lasting peace on earth. It is food addiction that breeds all the wars and massacres 
in the world. 

It is food addiction that gives birth to such brutal criminals as Abdul Hamid and Talaat, 
who massacred one half of the peaceful population of anguished Armenia and drove the other 
half out of their ancient homeland, where they had lived for thousands of years, robbing and 
pillaging their ploughs and their spades, their cows and their sheep, their homes and their farms, their 
mountains and their valleys, and then shamelessly parading before the eyes of the whole 
"civilized" world with complete impunity. 

In spite of the continuous increase in the production of corn, there is still a great shortage of 
cereals all over the world. There are three reasons for this strange paradox. First of all, by turning 
whole meal bread into white bread everywhere, we deprive it of its last remnants of nutritional 
value. Then, by the help of artificial fertilization we raise the quantity of the produce at the 
expense of its quality. Finally, the false man has been growing so rapidly that the increase in 
food production has been quite unable to keep pace with the demand. 

At first sight, men may find it difficult to picture the enormous benefits that humanity will 
derive from raw-eating Almost instantaneously every disease will be swept away forever, and 
every addition and crime will disappear from the face of the earth. At the same time the 
expectation of life will increase two or three times and there will be an economic advance of 
such magnitude as will not be within human reach for hundreds of years, should the present state 


Raw Eating 

of affairs continue. These assertions are facts and not fiction, and, what is more, all those benefits 
can be procured in a very simple way. All we have to do is to respect the most elementary laws of 
nature and to prevent the destruction of the living and integral wheat. If one had the mental 
perspicacity to penetrate and perceive the difference between the living, active wheat and the 
incinerated bread, one could easily deduce the difference between the organism of a raw-eater and 
that of a cooked-eater. 

Let us now look at the attitude adopted by the present rulers of the world and by other 
responsible authorities towards these vital problems. The letters received from them show that 
they have read my first book with interest and that they find themselves in general sympathy 
with my views. I have not heard a single discordant voice from any quarter. But this is not 
enough. My book is not an interesting novel to be read once and placed aside. It is a volume in 
which the most momentous and urgent problems of our century are discussed. It ought to be 
perused again and again, and every sentence of it ought to be carefully weighed and considered 
for hours. 

It would be a mistake if those rulers of the world treat raw-eating as just one more routine 
question and, like all their other political and economic problems, submit it to "experts" for 
further study and consideration. For thousands of years there have been numerous 
experiments and studies, but they have all failed miserably. Today, it is the immediate duty of the 
authorities to direct people TO PUT AN END TO THOSE DESTRUCTIVE 
person is an expert in determining the difference between the natural and the unnatural, the living 
nourishment and the lifeless meals with their artificial, debased materials. And the rulers of the 
world are, no doubt, the wisest people of our day. 

By the procrastination of his question our monarchs, presidents, premiers and cabinet 
ministers will harm themselves in the first place. While the so-called experts are busy 
examining the question, their own precious lives will be slipping through their fingers. Because 
of their advanced age most of them are already standing on the brink of the precipice. If by a 
bold decision they pull themselves away to safety, they will undoubtedly gain a healthy and happy 
life of 40-50 years — AN ADDITIONAL LIFE IN ITSELF. 

The chosen leaders of the nations have attained their present exalted positions by virtue of 
their wisdom, capability and perseverance. Endowed with these qualities, they can digest the 
principles of raw-eating before anybody else and put them into practice with comparative ease. 
The man who has the ability to rule over millions of people, can quite easily rule over a single 
individual, his own person. What successes they would not achieve, if they could continue serving 
humanity for another 40-50 years in perfect mental and physical health. As it is, hardly have they 
obtained a little experience on the way to their cherished goal, when they have to leave this 
world, alas, at the most fervent 


A. T. Hovannessian 

moment of their career. But the lives of those leaders do not belong to them alone; they belong 
to their people as well. They have no right, therefore, to trifle away their precious lives like 
ordinary people and sacrifice them recklessly to a plateful of unnatural and degenerated food. 

There can be only two reasons for rejecting the principles of raw-eating: want of common 
sense and absence of will power. There can be no third reason. All other "reasons" are mere pretexts 
that are advanced to cover up those two shortcomings. Self-respecting people in responsible 
positions should not give anyone the impression that they lack courage and moral rectitude. 

Those who have been practicing complete raw-eating for two or three months would never 
agree to return to their abnormal mode of life, even if they were led to the foot of the scaffold. 
The man who cares for his person and values the health and well-being of his children will make 
that "experiment" of two or three months without a moment's hesitation. Those leaders who are 
interested in the happiness and welfare of their people must pave the way for the prosperity of 
all mankind by their own personal examples. This will be their most useful and meritorious 
service to humanity. 

The magic wand of the fairy tales is now in the hand of our leaders. With a slight wave of 
that wand they can turn the whole world into a veritable paradise. The labor required for his task 
is not very great It is enough for each government to call into being a committee, whose task it 
will be to acquaint the public with the irrefutable laws of nature and to impress upon everybody 
the fact that cooking and baking are unnatural operations fraught with dangerous 
consequences. This can be done in the first place by means of official announcements, pamphlets 
and posters, after which the course of events will be the best guide for subsequent action. The 
health organizations of the United Nations can also render great services in this connection. 

It is no exaggeration to say that cooked foods, being unnatural and artificial substances, do not 
provide a grain of nourishment for our specialized cells. Moreover, the expense and trouble 
undertaken to provide them are not only wasteful dissipations, but they are the means for the 
complete destruction of the organs of man and, indeed, of man himself. The experience gained 
in the first few months of raw-eating will clearly show everybody the truth of these statements. It 
is worth pondering over this question for a while. 

During the last few years a considerable amount of information has been received from all the 
corners of the earth on the successes achieved by raw-eating. This information shows that there 
are thousands of convinced raw-eaters dispersed throughout the world, many of whom have been 
cured of serious diseases and are now leading the happiest of lives. These people are neither 
experts nor scientists; they are merely educated and cultured men who have been able to 
comprehend the principles of raw-eating by their own insight and judgment, and have had the 
courage to make the necessary decision. 

Unfortunately, the spread of my publications has met with a number of 


Raw Eating 

serious difficulties. Obviously, it is beyond the powers of a single individual to distribute millions 
of free books throughout the world. I made applications to several publishers in England and 
America, inviting them to republish my first English book in their countries. They all admitted 
that the book was both interesting and useful, but expressed their regrets that it did not fall 
within the scope of their publications. This was quite understandable, because its 
publication would have signaled the end of all their other "dietetic" books, for nobody 
acquainted with the principles of raw-eating would have paid the slightest attention to them. 
The people of today cannot see beyond their own abject interests. 

I hereby appeal to all religious societies, philanthropic organizations, kindhearted 
benefactors and public-spirited humanitarians throughout the world for their kind 
assistance. Let them give me all the help they can in the dissemination of my publications. 
They can order twenty, fifty or a hundred copies of my books and distribute them at their own 
discretion, either by selling them or by giving them away free. Every book can save the life of 
a man, cure a person of a serious disease or open out the prospect of a happy future for a 
little child. At the present time there is no activity of greater humanitarian value than that. 

If I had had the benefit of such a book 15 years ago, today my two angelic children would 
be alive. On the other hand, if my mind had not been enlightened some 10 years ago, I 
myself should not be living now. All the people of the world are in the same condition at 
this very moment and they sorely need our help. It is necessary to acquaint them with the 
correct principles of nutrition as soon as possible. 

Today, I see with my own eyes how certain religious bodies spend enormous sums of money 
in order to distribute refined flour, sugar, dried milk and preserved meat to the poor. By 
distributing such unnatural and extremely degenerated foodstuffs to people, they unwittingly 
commit a most grievous sin and violate the laws of their beloved God. They would be 
performing the most pious act, if they opened the eyes of those unfortunate people and taught 
them how to eat the living corn. 

In one way or another all religions have fought against human gluttony and by various 
injunctions and commands they have all tried to enjoin temperance upon mankind. But 
today, immoderation has gone to such extreme lengths that partial limitations are of no, avail. 
The time has come for the representatives of all religions to condemn decisively and 
unequivocally the barbarous operations of degenerating natural foodstuffs. In doing so, they 
will be rendering the greatest service both to God and to humanity. 

To all food addicts, black is white and white is black. There was a time when it used to 
be thought that the earth was stationary, while the sun and the stars went round it. If anybody 
expressed a contrary belief, he was taken for a madman by short-sighted people, because to 
their own eyes the earth was firmly 


A. T. Hovannessian 

fixed in its place, while the sun moved across the sky. 

Precisely the same mentality prevails today Man apparently feels on his own body that 
the cucumber "harms" him, whereas the doubly-cooked white bread and polished rice, being 
easily digested, "regulate" the functions of the stomach. But he does not realize that, in point of 
fact, it is the use of those very bread and rice that is the real cause of the weakness of his 
stomach; actually cucumber is the foodstuff that will cure him in the long run. 

Today, all mankind are convinced that as soon as a person eats a few plates of 
"nutritious" food when he is hungry, he satisfies the regular requirements of his organism. But 
people are not aware that the normal cells of that person do not take a grain of nourishment 
from those dead and artificial substances, and that, notwithstanding the fullness of the 
stomach, they remain quite hungry. 

Today, all mankind are convinced that in order to lead a healthy life one must be guided by 
the various scientific calculations of the nutritive values of proteins, vitamins and minerals, 
obtained in research laboratories. They do not perceive that most calculations are, in fact, 
completely false and harmful representations of the true picture. 

Today, when somebody becomes ill, he is convinced that all he has to do in order to cure 
himself is to find a particular poison called a drug. That is why he immediately begins to 
search for that wonder-working substance. But he does not know that drug therapy is the 
sorcery of this cooked-eating age and that no poison will ever be able to perform any useful 
function. Nor does he know that all diseases are due to two causes only: the continuous 
starvation of the normal cells for want of natural nutriments, and the pernicious effects of 
unnatural, cooked foodstuffs and other poisonous substances; there is no third cause. There is, 
therefore, only one sensible way of freeing ourselves from all diseases once for all. We must 
totally abstain from unnatural foodstuffs and drugs, and satisfy the needs of our cells by 
natural nutrition alone. 

Drugs, which are commonly regarded as means of curing diseases, are, in reality, themselves 
the causes of diseases. Generally speaking, it is an awful and tragic mistake to search for any 
curative properties in a synthetic substance or in an individual nutriment. Yet it is this very 
mistake that has been made by mankind for centuries past. There do not exist any curative 
substances in this world; there exist only the special factors that cause diseases, by the removal of 
which all diseases will be automatically eradicated. Those factors are cooked food and the 
poisons which are misnamed medicines. 

The man of today is very proud of his civilization, but he is far from being really civilized. 
Real civilization should be measured not by mere technical progress, but BY THE 
HUMAN INTELLECT FROM SUPERSTITIONS. In order to gratify his abnormal desire for 
food, the man of today bums 80 percent of pure, natural foodstuffs on the fire and brings about 


Raw Eating 

his own destruction by creating diseases artificially. In order to satisfy their personal 
selfishness and pride, the rulers of nations sow the seeds of hatred and enmity amongst the 
peoples of the world and massacre each other. Even the representatives of science, dismissing 
all feelings of mercy and humanity, unscrupulously exploit the sacred name of science to further 
their own niggardly interests and in doing so they plunder people in the most ruthless 

One of the most striking proofs of the ignorance and backwardness of the "civilized" man of 
today is his approach to the question of cancer. For scores of years, he has been searching for 
the cause and treatment of such a serious calamity in certain specific chemical substances, and 
he is still continuing that senseless quest. 

In this connection, I presented my irrefutable proofs to the great authorities of the world 
four years ago. Today, I submit those proofs again, in a more detailed and amplified form, 
illustrated by many concrete examples. Why do the various ministries of health and other 
responsible authorities stand so aloof and indifferent? Why do people continue the 
frightful destruction of natural foodstuffs? Why do they keep on filling their books, 
newspapers and journals with contradictory and harmful recommendations of false vitamins 
and specific diets? Where is the conscience and benevolence of man? Where is the so- 
called civilization? 

Let those who continually discourse upon civilization prove that they themselves are 
civilized enough o comprehend the most elementary laws of nature and understand what it 
meant to free mankind from all diseases, to double the expectation of life, to triple or 
quadruple the standard of living. 

If the great nations consider it below their dignity that the proposal for the greatest and 
the most peaceful revolution in human history should be made not by themselves, but by the 
son of a small nation, I am willing to concede the priority to them, provided I was assured 
that this would serve the interests of humanity as a whole, and not merely those of private 

In this connection, an unfortunate example of the most flagrant misappropriation of 
the rights of other came from distant Los Angeles two years ago. After reading my first 
English book, a lady in California, Mrs. H. Bulbeck (see page 146), adopts a complete raw- 
eating diet. Attracted by the humanitarian aspect of the idea, she orders 30 copies of the 
book and decides to spread the good message amongst her friends and relations. In the 
meantime, having learned that a person named John Martin Reinecke writes articles on the 
"useful" properties of raw food in the "Let's Live" Magazine in Los Angeles, she addresses him 
a letter and gives him an account of her method of treatment and the subsequent recovery of 
both her and her husband from every illness that they had. 

After reading my books, many patients all over the world have adopted raw-eating and 
as a result they have been cured of a host of serious illnesses, ranging from simple headaches 
and stomach disorders to cardiovascular disease 


A. T. Hovannessian 

and cancer. Patients, who for years on end had not derived any benefit from advice of the most 
highly-qualified "specialists", and many of whom had been discharged from hospitals as 
hopeless cases, have regained their health within a few months and are now able to enjoy all 
the blessings of an active life. 

The person who abandons cooked food and other poisonous substances is immune from 
all diseases and can confidently look forward to a green old age of health and vigor, free from 
the constant curse of illnesses. In the next part of this book, the reader will find a selection of 
the numerous letters that I receive daily from former patients anxious to help others by 
narrating their experiences. It is in this spirit that Mrs. Bulbeck decided to write to Mr. 

That unscrupulous gentleman not only attributes their cure entirely to himself, but he also 
copies out word for word every one of the six maxims given on the cover of my book and, 
together with my principal findings, inserts them in the February and April, 1965, issues of the 
"Let's Live" Magazine as part of an article entitled "Adventures in Raw Foods". 

Mr. Reinecke oversteps the bounds of decency to such an extent that he reserves for himself 
the copyright of the thoughts and expressions that belong to me, and offers to sell additional 
information at the price of $5 apiece. But what is most curious of all is the fact that in an 
introductory note the editors of the magazine confirm that those thoughts belong to the 
writer of the article. This act is a glaring offence against international copyright laws and should 
be condemned unreservedly. People should not read such a publication as the "Let's Live" 
Magazine, which thrives on advertisements of artificial vitamins and "dietetic" preparations. 

Now for over a decade, I have forsaken social life and have deprived myself of every 
pleasure. I have been extremely frugal in regard to the needs of my family and myself, but I 
have not hesitated for a moment to spend all my savings in carrying out studies and publishing 
books, 10,000 copies of which I have already distributed free to, scientific organizations and 
individuals in all the corners of the earth. I have made these sacrifices in order to show the 
whole world the true way to a happy and natural life, and all along I have protested with my 
heart and soul against selling such advice for money. 

But today Mr. J. M. Reinecke, making a lucrative use of my ideas and my maxims, demands a 
fee of $5 dollars to show people how to eat natural foodstuffs! This is, indeed, the most 
disturbing aspect of the question. 


Raw Eating 

Here are extracts jrom the two articles in question, showing the extent to which Mr. Reinecke has gone in misappropriating 
my 'thoughts ■ ami thwinfringmgthe accepted laws of international literary etiquette. 


February, 1965. 

American Fruit Originator and Explorer 

In the present series of articles the author gives his opinions based on personal experimentations, plus his many experiences while 
living among and studyingpeoples of many climates — their diets of raw foods and health-givingfruits. — Ed 

Raw food should be the only nourishment taken by man. The eating of cooked food is an 
unnatural habit which must be eliminated from this world if perfect health is to be attained. 
Human nourishment should consist of living cells only, because cooked food is the main cause 
of all human illnesses. Eating raw food frees mankind from all illnesses and extends the span of 
human life to 140 years or more. 

It is the worst of crimes to accustom the newborn child to cooked food, because this is 
when all his troubles begin (See the cover of my "Raw-Eating", first edition, 1963; present 
edition, p.3). Biologists must prove that nature has made a mistake in not presenting us with 
foodstuffs in a cooked state. (First edition, p. 32; present edition, p. 37). A normal baby detests 
the taste of cooked foods, which appear appetizing only to the cooked food addict, just as 
opium seems pleasing to the drug addict. (First edition, p. 33; present edition, p. 39). The 
kitchen fire burns and destroys 90 percent of the value of good raw food. (See the cover of my 
first edition; present edition, p. 3). 

April, 1965 

At first sight is seems impossible that we could free ourselves of almost any illnesses 
merely by eating natural raw food. But the fact is that the "unbelievable" easily becomes an 
accomplished reality... (First edition, p. 45; present edition, p. 50). 

It should be the duty of biologists and doctors to encourage people to eat natural things; not 
to separate the nutritive constituents form foods, but always to eat them as nearly whole as 
possible in their naturally balanced proportions and in their living, raw state. Doctors and 
biologists should never talk about the usefulness of separated individual nutritive 
constituents, but should emphasize the indispensability of complete raw foods. 


Generally speaking, the whole science of nutrition may be summarized in two main 
points and made the concern of all mankind: 


A. T. Hovannessian 

1. Human nourishment should consist entirely of living raw cells. Only those foodstuffs 
that consist of living cells have all the qualities necessary to satisfy the demands of the human 

2. There are both common and choice vegetable bodies in nature. The most perfect and 
highly nourishing vegetable bodies are the better varieties of fruits, green vegetables, nuts, 
cereals and roots. 

Among all the animals, man has developed to a high degree of perfection precisely because 
he has been able to obtain foodstuffs of the highest quality by the labor of his hands and to 
develop his physique by means of those foodstuffs. Therefore, as far as is possible, man should 
choose for his consumption the most valuable nutriments: choice raw foods. (First edition, p. 
23; present edition, p. 29). 

In short, man enj oys perfect health when he feeds solely on raw food; he is ill to the 
extent that he consumes cooked food; and he dies when he subsists exclusively on such a diet. 
(First edition, p. 24; present edition, p. 29). 

Closing note by the Editor of the Aiaga^ne: 

Due to the pressure of duties it will not be possible for Mr. Reinecke to answer letters. 
Upon receipt of $5 he will send you his own daily raw food menu-guide and recipes for the 
United States and Tropics with complete directions. These are not in book form. Send to... - 

Time and again we have emphasized the fact that all fruits, vegetables and nuts are 
perfect foodstuffs of the highest quality, with almost identical nutritive properties. Hence, all 
"menu-guides" and recipes for raw nourishment are devoid of any scientific or nutritional value. 
Even the most ignorant person can devise his own dietary programme, guided by the dictates 
of his appetite and his sense of taste. 

Upon receiving the February issue of the Magazine, I wrote a letter to the Editor, Mr. Kay K. Thomas, believing 
that he would be glad to protect my rights in the future: 

April 21, 1965. 

Mr. Kay K Thomas, 
1133 N. Vermont Ave., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 
Dear Sir, 

It was with surprise that I read in the February number of "Let's Live" an article by Mr. 
John Martin Reinecke entitled "Adventures in Raw Foods", where the writer has copied out word 
for word the mottoes on the cover of my book, "Raw-Eating", and has represented them as his 
own thoughts. He has even gone so far as to reserve for himself all the rights of such thoughts 
and expressions as belong to me. 

As such conduct is against the accepted laws of international literary 


Raw Eating 

etiquette, please correct this misunderstanding in your next issue and kindly take steps to 
prevent a similar occurrence in the future. 

Arshavir TerHovannessian 
Unfortunately, about a month later, I received the following unsatisfactory reply, in which every effort was made to 
whitewash Mr. Reinecke's literary dishonesty: 

12, 1965 
Arshavir Ter-Hovannessian 
Kakh Avenue 21, Peshan Street, 
Tehran, Iran. 
Dear Sir: 

Regarding your letter of April 21 we wrote to Mr. John Martin Reinecke for an 
explanation and this is what he has advised us; 

T have checked over the February installment of my article and find that in no place 
have I copied word for word any part of Mr. Ter Hovannessian's mottoes. All of my 
statements on raw foods are my own thoughts and words gathered from 25 years of 
accumulated experience and study. If I have made any statements similar to his, then it is 
purely coincidental and not intentional. 

T suppose I have one of the most complete collections of raw food books in the 
country, and among them I find a copy of his little booklet. If I had copied from it, I 
would have given him credit. I remember that his booklet was given to me by a friend about a 
year ago; and that I sent to Mr. Ter-Hovannessian $10 for him to send me some more 
booklets for my friends. That was about a month ago. To date I have not heard from Mr. Ter 
Hovannessian nor the money. If he does not want to send me his booklets, then he should 
return my money, because I mean only courtesy and the good of spreading the benefits of 
raw foods that saved my life 25 years ago.' 

(signed) John Martin Reinecke 

"Under the circumstances and in view of Mr. Reinecke's statements that he did not 
appropriate the mottoes on the cover of your book, "Raw-Eating", we have made no 
correction in LET'S LIVE Magazine. 

(signed) KAY THOMAS, Editor-Publisher. 
In reply to these rather flimsy arguments I sent the following letter. 

May 27, 1965 

Mr. Kay Thomas, 
Dear Sir: 

I am sorry to inform you that I do not regard your reply of May 12 to my letter of April 
21 as satisfactory. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

I hold your magazine responsible for Mr. Reinecke's misappropriation of my thoughts and 
mottoes and reserve the right to demand satisfaction. 

You try to justify the public deceit practiced by Mr. Reinecke, who continues to sell my 
thoughts at five dollars a piece. My campaign is chiefly aimed at such extortions. 

As regards the $10.00, which Mr. Reinecke claims he has sent to me with an order for 
books, I am sorry to say that I have received neither money nor letter from him. 


This correspondence had ended when Mrs. Bulbeck was kind enough to sent me the April 
number of the "Let's Live" Magazine, in which, as it was shown above, there are even more 
glaring examples of literary dishonesty. I leave it to the reader to decide whether the 
"similarities" between my writing and Mr. Reinecke's articles are coincidental or deliberate. 

The editor cannot shake responsibility off his shoulders, because he was fully acquainted 
with my book, which had akeady been reviewed in his magazine several months previously (see p. 
147), while Mr. Reinecke only makes matters worse by baseless excuses and calumnies. As to 
the rather irrelevant question of the ten dollars that he claims to have sent to me, I publicly 
demand to know the name of the bank or the means by which he has allegedly remitted me the 
money, about which I have no information whatever. 

All recommendations of specific diets should be completely wiped away from the face of 
the earth. Mankind should clearly realize that COOKED FOOD DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY 
WISHES. This is entirely a matter of individual taste. 

Our "dieticians" have so confused the brains of people with long lists of recipes and 
menus, that many people think I, too, belong to that brotherhood of "experts", and therefore 
they often write to me to ask for a program of consuming natural food. Here I wish to take the 
opportunity to give a collective answer to them all. 

Henceforth, there should no longer be any special dietetic program, recommendations or 
schedules for anybody. The human being should eat whatever he fancies, whenever he can 
and as much as his appetite demands, just as all other living creature do, from an ant to an 
elephant Animals, however, usually have to be satisfied with such mean materials as are readily 
available to them, whereas nature has presented man with perfect foodstuffs of the highest 
nutritive quality. Compare clover, hay, mountain bushes, tree leaves and desert thorns with 
grains, nuts, vegetables and succulent fruits. 

The raw-eater may eat once a day or ten times a day; he may feed on one kind of fruit or a 
hundred kinds. From the point of view of health it makes no 


Raw Eating 

difference, because each individual raw vegetable foodstuff taken separately provides complete 
nourishment in itself The raw-eater must be guided not by lists of "scientific" or "dietetic" 
recommendations, but by the demands of his appetite and palate, which will always be his 
unerring guides in the selection of natural nutriments. The surest, the safest and the easiest way 
is to consume our food in the state in which nature has prepared and presented it to us, by 
simply crushing it under our teeth. But if anybody has the time and leisure to prepare salads and 
other mixed dishes, he must eat them immediately after preparation, otherwise in course of time 
man will be driven towards new degenerations of foodstuffs. 

People should no longer read books that deal with the etiology of individual diseases, 
diagnosis, therapeutics, drugs, vitamins, minerals, proteins, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and other 
similar subjects, because all diseases originate from one common cause and have one common 
method of cure. 

Many vegetarians, and even non-vegetarians, who try to consume a little more fruit than 
usual have the presumption to regard themselves as raw-eaters. No one, however, can consider 
himself a raw-eater if he takes even one cooked meal a month, because in that we he will never be 
able to free himself entirely from disease. This is because in the initial stages of raw-eating a 
certain number of diseased cells may fall into a state of dormancy and prolong their existence in 
that condition for quite a long time. Only one cooked meal a month may then be enough to 
resuscitate them and afford them the opportunity to multiply again. As soon as a raw-eater takes a 
morsel of cooked food, he assuredly provides those diseased cells with fresh nourishment and gives 
them a new lease of life. Consequently, when somebody is not able to free himself completely from 
the scourge of diseases, he must look for the cause in those occasional transgressions and in no 
other quarter. There can be no justification at all for those defaults. 

One of the most baseless arguments against complete raw-eating, which sometimes reaches 
me from certain northern countries and especially from England, is the disparity of climatic 
conditions. So long as man is able to find a handful of raw grain, there can be no question of a 
shortage of natural nutriments in any country whatsoever. Besides, in view of the fact that cooked 
food does not provide the least nourishment to the human organism, there must be sufficient 
are foodstuffs in all the regions of the world if people manages to nourish themselves and sustain 
life. By eliminating cooked meals from our diet, we do not detract anything from the nutritive 
value of our nourishment; on the contrary, we free ourselves from poisonous and harmful 
materials. The full meaning of these truths can be appreciated only by the person who has 
enjoyed the benefits of raw-eating for a number of years. All those "scientific" postulates by which 
biologists try to represent cooked food as nourishment are baseless conjectures and vain delusions. 

As matters stand, at this very moment there are certain countries where people are suffering 
from a "shortage" of foodstuffs and are under the constant 


A. T. Hovannessian 

threat of starvation, when an official declaration is all that is needed to accomplish the long- 
awaited miracle of bringing abundance into the world. Unfortunately, this simple and plain 
THEM INTO HARMFUL SUBSTANCES does not appear anywhere, in spite of the fact that 
already in 1963, I brought this incontrovertible truth to the attention of all the leading 
authorities and scientific circles of the world. This is a striking indication of how deeply 
immersed in humanity today in ignorance, prejudice, superstitions and loathsome addictions. 
Words like civilization and progress ring hollow when they are applied to people who, 
notwithstanding all that has been said and written, still refuse to admit that cooking is an 
unnatural and pernicious operation. 

They say that biologists have made stupendous advances in their knowledge. It seems 
to me that the more they advance, the more must they realize that they know nothing. And 
when they reach the stage where they freely concede that against the true wisdom of nature 
their own knowledge is no more than a smattering, it may indeed be admitted that they really 
learned something. 

It is not among those biologists "steeped in contemporary knowledge and learning" that we 
come across venerable patriarchs who have lived to be 140150 years of age. We meet such 
people at a fair distance away from the great centers of learning, in the bosom of nature, where 
they are partially immune from the harms caused by drugs and excessively degenerated 
foodstuffs. How much longer and healthier their lives would be, if they were spared even that 
partial degeneration to which their food is subjected at present. What gives me the right and 
the courage to challenge almost every current conception of medical science is the fact that 100 
RADICALLY AND SIMULTANEOUSLY. Test, and you shall be convinced. 

I am making no exaggeration when I regard as murderers and criminals all those people 
who, by some fanciful pretext or other, forbid the sick and the invalid their NATURAL 
NUTRFMENTS — fresh vegetables and fruits — which are THE ONLY EFFECTIVE MEANS 
of restoring their lost health. Through their deplorable ignorance those "learned scientists" 
perpetrate greater massacres than Attila or Hitler ever did. By their foolish recommendations 
they kill millions of people, day in and day out, without any relief or respite. Among similar 
unconscious criminals are all the manufacturers and distributors of medicines, beverages, 
tobacco, refined floor, bread, meat, confectionery, sugar, tea, coffee and a host of other 
injurious products like these. Every factory producing such unnatural, degenerated substances 
does more harm to humanity than the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima did. God 
is unerring, and any attempt to use fire in order to improve the quality of the natural, 
faultless foodstuffs created by Him for human consumption is tantamount to 


Raw Eating 

doubting His supreme wisdom. It is, indeed open sacrilege. 

I appeal to all humanitarians to do what they can to help me propagate these truths both 
by the spoken word and through my publications. 

Those raw-eaters who have been cured of their diseases are under a special obligation to 
place the details of their recovery at the disposal of the press and of all responsible 

Finally, it is the bounden duty of journalists to publish a summary of those statements in the 
columns of their newspaper, and demand to know why the authorities persist in their lethargic 


A. T. Hovannessian 


The Achievements of RAW-EAITNG 

Many readers write me letters to ask me about the successes achieved by raw-eating. In order 
to satisfy their curiosity I am glad to give them some relevant information. 

A year after the publication of the first volume of my Armenian work in 1960, 1 published a 
shorter book in Persian, of which I distributed 4,000 free copies among various institutions, 
authorities and the press. The newspapers and periodicals of Tehran gave the book a favourable 
reception and many of them wrote lengthy reviews in that connection. 

The book received considerable attention in Court circles. The husband of Her Highness 
Princess Shams Pahlavi, Mr. Mehrdad Pahlbod, now Minister of Culture, invited me to his 
residence and informed me that my book had been honoured by the attention of His Imperial 
Majesty the Shahanshah, who had instructed him to make further inquiries about the subject. I am 
pleased to record that I had six or seven subsequent consultations with Mr. Pahlbod. The Secretary 
General of the Red Lion and Sun Society, Dr. Abbas Naficy, and the Director of Khajenouri 
Maternity Hospital, Dr. Abut Ghasem Naficy, and several other leading specialists lauded my 
views and promised me their cooperation. 

Instructions were issued to bring up a number of children in one of the orphanages by raw- 
eating In addition, the principles of raw-eating were to be adopted in the treatment of patients in 
one of the children's hospitals and in reforming the nutritional system of one of the day nurseries. 
Unfortunately, in actual practice I met with various obstacles. I soon came face to face with a 
large army of prejudiced doctors and officials, whom I had to imbue with the new ideas. This 
was by no means an easy task. The whole affair was procrastinated to such an extent that I 
became tired and abandoned the attempt with profound regret. 

This failure was all the more deplorable, because I observed at close quarters how, as a 
result of unnatural nutrition, the infants in the nurseries had remained weak and sickly, while in 
the hospitals they relied on artificial 


Raw Eating 

vitamins, poisonous drugs and animal proteins to rescue from the clutches of death those frail, 
skinny children who, deprived of mother's milk and natural nutriments, had dried milk and 
white bread as their mainstay. Needless to add, not a thought was given to the necessity of 
natural, fauMess nutrition. 

But those contacts, as well as my presence in several medical conferences, taught me a great 
many important lessons. First and foremost, I realized that although the viewpoints put forward 
by me are the most elementary and simple laws of nature, they are digested and assimilated only 
be people whose high educational attainments are matched by freedom of judgment and 
independence of mind. A person of mediocre intellect cannot envisage the possibility that a 
layperson may be able to revolutionize the whole medical science of today and to confute the 
dietetic conceptions current in the scientific world. 

That was why I decided to publish a concise volume in English and submit it to the 
attention of the highest scientific and political circles. Overcoming very great difficulties, I 
worked 16 hours a day to write the book, after which I had it translated into English and 
published it in 1963. Then I extracted 3,000 addresses from various books of reference and sent 
about 4,000 complimentary copies of the book to all the rulers of the world, and to universities, 
scientific centers, international organizations, and leading newspapers and periodicals. I actually 
signed most of the books and attached an accompanying letter to each. I considered this the 
quickest and the most appropriate way of propagating my ideas throughout the length and 
breadth of the world. 

The results surpassed my most sanguine expectations. Thousands of letters and newspapers 
received by me during the next few months left me in no doubt that my book was being read 
with interest by all the leading figures and authorities in the world, many of whom unhesitatingly 
confirmed the truth of my ideas. 

During recent years, I have not only forgone my social activities, but I have also 
completely abandoned my personal business in order to devote myself to my books day and 
night. Yet, strange to say, there are people who think I have taken leave of my senses, just 
because, instead of amassing wealth and whiling away my time eating, drinking and merry- 
making, I spend all my savings on the publication of certain books, which I distribute to all 
free of cost. 

But in my view, there is no pleasure in life greater than the satisfaction derived from 
unselfish service to our fellowman. People construct palatial buildings and are delighted by their 
sight. Now, each of the numerous letters of congratulation, appreciation and thanks that I 
receive every day from all the corners of the world has the full value of a building for me. 
And when the letter is from one who has been cured from a serious illness by my advice and 
who regards me as his savior, there is no bound or limit to my happiness, which is enhanced 
all the more by the feeling that all this has been done without any remuneration 


A. T. Hovannessian 

My soul is tormented day and night when I see people perish everywhere as a result of so- 
called unexpected deaths. I clearly perceive that those people DO NOT DIE; they foolishly 
KILL THEMSELVES for the sake of a plateful of unnatural and artificial food. My heart bleeds 
when I see a terrified mother snatching away from her innocent child the noblest of fruits and 
thrusting into his hand the deadly white bread, dried milk and cooked meat instead. 

In my first English book, I had briefly touched upon almost all relevant problems. In this 
volume, I have amplified some of my previous statements and have spoken about several 
important questions at somewhat greater length, making the subject more comprehensible to the 
general public. Before bringing the book to a conclusion, however, I should like to acquaint 
the reader with the reception accorded to my first English book, as well as to my other 

GgV (ftty letter addressed to the rulers and 'other leadingauthonies of the world: 

Please honor me by accepting a complimentary copy of my book entitled "Raw-Eating". I 
sincerely hope that you will find it possible to devote a few of your precious hours to the 
perusal of the book. 

By regarding cooked food as normal human nutrition, mankind as a whole has blindly 
taken the fatal road to annihilation. 

The adoption of the ideas and proposals expounded in the book will be of the greatest 
benefit to the welfare of your nation. 

A. few copies and extracts from the replies received 

Letter from His Excellency Mr. Amir Abbas Hopeyda, the Prime Minister of 

Tehran, 18th October, 1965. 

Mr. A. T. Hovannessian, 

I have received your letter and the book that you had sent with it. While regretting the fact 
that owing to excessive pressure of work until recently I was not able to find the leisure to read 
your book, I thank you very much for presenting it to me. 

(Signed) AMIR ABBAS HOVEYDA, Prime Minister. 

American Embassy, June 29, 1964. 

Dear Mr. Aterhov: 

Your letter of March 28, 1964, addressed to President Johnson has been received at the White 
House, as well as the enclosed copy of your book, 'RAW-EATING'. 

The Embassy has been instructed to convey to you the President's 


Raw Eating 

appreciation for your thoughtfulness in providing him an opportunity to see your book. 

Staff Aide to the Ambassador, Tehran. 

Windsor Castle, 27th April, 1964. 

Dear Mr. Aterhov, 

I am commanded by The Queen to thank you for your letter to The Prince of Wales, and 
for the copy of the book that you have written. 

Her Majesty thought it so very good of you to send this book to her son, and I am to send 
you The Queen's sincere thanks. 

MARY MORRISON, Lady-in-Waiting, England. 

Paris, 29 AYR. 1964. 


Le General de Gaulle a bien regu la plaquette que vous lui avez aimablement addressee. 

Monsieur le President de la Republique m'a charge de vous remercier de l'intention qui a 
inspire cet anvoi. 

(Signature) Secretaire Particulier. 

Moscow, June 21 , 1 964. 

Dear Mr. Aterhov, 

I acknowledge with thanks the receipt of your book 'RAW FOOD IS THE PRINCIPLE 
OF NUTRITION', which I am perusing with interest. 

S. KURASHOV, Minister of Public Health, USSR. 

Vhnom-Penh, le 9 Janvier, 1965. 


Je vous remercie sincerement de votre envoi de I'ouvrage 'RAW-EATING dont vous 
etes l'auteur et vous felicite pour les recherches et les experiences que vous poursuivez sur 

Avec tous mes encouragements je vous prie d'agreer, Monsieur, l'assurance de ma haute 

Chefdel'Etatdu Cam bodge. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

Phnom-Penh, 1V" August, 1964. 

Dear Mr. Aterhov, 

With great pleasure I have received your wonderful book entitled 'RAW-EATING'. The 
name of the book gives me a deep curiosity about its contents. 

After going through the book I am convinced of all the truths that you wrote in the book... 
The book is so precious to me. I keep it as an unforgettable souvenir from you. 

Now, may I ask your permission to translate this book into the Cambodian language so that it 
gives the greatest benefit to my nation. I hope your new discovery of a new science will make 
a new turn to the survival of humanity as a whole. 

The Supreme Chief of the Monks in Cambodia. 

Phnom-Penh, le25Juillet, 1964. 


En accusant reception de votre manuel "RAW-EATING' que vous avez eu l'amabilite de 
me faire parvenir, j'ai l'honneur et le plaisir de vous informer que ce livre m'a beaucoup 
interesse et je vous en remercie vivement. 

Le President du Conseil des Minis tres, Royaume du Cam bodge. 

THE WHITE HOUSE, June 1, 1964. 

Dear Mr. Aterhov, 

Thank you for sending to me a copy of your recent book. I am looking 
forward to a few free hours when I will have a chance to read it in some detail. 

RICHARD W. REUTER, Special Assistant to the 
President and Director, Food For Peace, U.S.A. 

lMxembourg, May 13, 1964. 

Dear Sir, 

Their Royal Highnesses The Grand-Duchess and The Hereditary, Grand-Duke of 
Luxembourg, desire me to acknowledge receipt of your kind letter of 23rd March 1964, by 
which you sent Them your book 'Raw-Eating'. 

Their Royal Highnesses were very touched by this kind attention and charge me to send 
you. Their very best thanks. They will read your book with great interest. 

Major Germain FRANTZ, Aide-de-Camp. 


Raw Eating 

Taiwan, August 18, 1964. 

Dear Mr. Hovannessian, 

I have read with interest your letter of May 12th together with the enclosed volume on "Raw- 
Eating'. It is a very thought-provoking recommendation which you have made for mankind as a 
whole, and I think it deserves careful perusal by those who are concerned with the health of 
ourselves and the coming generations. Please accept my sincere thanks for your 
thoughtfulness in sending me this volume. 

CHEN CHENG, Prime Minister of the Republic of China. 

Teheran, k 18 Octobre, 1964. 

Cher Monsieur, 

L'Ambassade de la RSF de Yougoslavie a l'honneur de vous informer d'avoir recu une 
lettre du Secretariat General de la Presidence de la RSF de Yougoslavie par laquelle est 
confirmee la reception du livre RAW-EATING' dont vous avez eut l'amabilite d'envoyer au 
President Tito. 

Le Secretariat General vous remercie cordialement, au nom du President Tito, pour votre 
aimable envoie. 


Transport House, ljondon, 29th April, 1964. 

Dear Mr. Hovannessian, 

It was very kind of you to send me a complimentary copy of your book "RAW- EATING', 
I shall take the first opportunity of studying the dietary principles you propound. 

A.L. WILLIAMS, General Secretary, 

Washingon, May 15, 1964. 

Dear Mr. Aterhov, 

Thank you for the copy of your book, Raw-Eating', which I recenthy received. 
Its contents have been noted, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness in sending it. 

JOHNM. BAILEY, Chairman, 


A. T. Hovannessian 

Berne, 26th February, 1964. 


We acknowledge the receipt of and wish to thank you for a copy of your booklet entitled: 
Raw-Eating (a general survey). Everybody must recognize the integral raw materials of his 
body,' which we have read with interest. With our compliments, 

The Chief of Foodstuff Control, RUFFI. 

Port-au-Prince, lejuly 16, 1964. 

Dear Mr. Aterhov, 

Thank you very much for your book entitled "Raw-Eating'. This book shall be read from 
cover to cover because it has tackled a problem that will be to the benefit of my country at 

I hope your recommendation in the book will meet the requirements of all and will be 
the best seller this year. 



Republique d'Haiii. 

Taipei, Juiy 22nd, 1 964. 

Dear Dr. Hovannessian, 

Thank you so much for your letter of May 12th 1964 and many thanks for sending me 
your great book the Raw- Eating'. It is a very interesting subject which I never thought about. 
I can assure you that this outstanding book will be one of the 'MEMBERS' in my library, 
and I shall treasure it. 

Hoping this letter will go with every good wish from your friend, no, your brother in 
Christ in Far East. 


Taiwan, China. 

Berlin, June 4, 1964. 

Dear Mr. Aterhov, 

The President of the German Democratic Republic, Walter Ulbricht, expresses his most 
sincere thanks for the booklet that you have sent to him. 


Raw Eating 

As usual your statements may be criticized in detail — much of it surely being above all the 
concern of the specialist: the doctor, the nutritional scientist, etc. Nevertheless, we quite agree 
with you that every effort should be made to bring about a sound system of nutrition. 

The Government of the German Democratic Republic, and especially the Ministry of 
Health, pay great attention to this question. In order to create a healthy mode of living, a 
committee has been formed here of late, one of whose objects is the popularization of the 
correct principles of nutrition. 

HUTH, Chief Adviser, Chancellery of State. 

Estimado doctor: La Habana, 24 de agosto de 1964. 

Acuso recibo de su amable envio del libro "Raw-Eating', gentileza que aprecio muy 
sinceramente y espero disfrutar de su lectura y recoger del mismo, las ideas y orientaciones 
valiosas quesu experiencia en esta materia nos trasmite por intermedio de su lectura. 



Dear Sir: La Paz (Bolivia), July 1 0, 1 964. 

Thank you very much for the complimentary copy of your book on 'Raw Eating'. I have not 
yet read it through, and only gone over certain chapters. The ideas you express in them are 
stimulating although controversial. I am not yet in a position of commenting them, but I do 
want to inform you of the reception of your book and the interest it aroused in me. 

Dr. GUILLERMOJAUREGUI G. Minister of Public Health. 

Dear Sir, Beograd, 20th April, 1 964. 

This is to thank you for sending me the complimentary copy of your book entitled 
'RAW-EATING, which will certainly rouse a great deal of interest among those who are 
concerned with the problems of adequate nutrition. 

Federal Secretary for Health and Social Policy. 

Letters of encouragement and gratitude have also been received from thefoUomngpersonalities; 

The Queen of the Netherlands; the King of Denmark; the King of Sweden; the King of 
Belgium; ANTONIO SEGNI, President of the Republic of Italy; Dr. ADOLF SCHARF, 
President of Austria; FRANSICSO. ORLICH, President of Costa Rca; S. RADHAKRISHNAN, 
President of India; LORD DE LISLE, Governor-General of Australia; Dr. URHO KEKKONEN, 
President of Finland; EAMON DE VALERA, President of Ireland; P. VAN DE CALSEYDE, 
M.D. Director of World Health Organization, Copenhagen, Denmark; Miss 


A. T. Hovannessian 

LaMARSH, Minister of National Health and Welfare, Canada; CH. SHAPIRAH, 
Minister of Interior, Israel; Dr. ALFONSO PONCE ARCHDLA, Minister of Health, Guatemala; 
ABBEBE RETTA, Minister of Public Health, Ethiopia; YUICHI SAITO, Chief Liaison 
Officer, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Tokyo; SHRI MOHANLAL WAS, Minister of 
Health and Labour, Gujarat, India; MacENTEE, Minister of Health, Ireland; Dr. MARGA A. M. 
KLOMPE, Minister of Health, Netherlands; Dr. GIORGIO BORG OLTvTER, Prime Minister of 
Malta; GUDRUN SANZ and ELSIE WAERNDT, Nobel Foundation, Sweden; J. 
GRIMOND, Leater of the Liberal Party London; PIERRE WERNER, Prime Minister of 
Luxembourg SEAN F LEMASS, Prime Minister of Ireland; ROBERT G MENZIES, Prime 
Minister of Australia; MEHDI NAWAZ JUNG, Governor of Gujarat, India; MAHARAJA 
PATIL, Minister of Food and Agriculture, India; P. C. SEN, Chief Minister of West Bengal, 
India; WILLIAM GOPALLAWA, Governor- General of Ceylon; LESTER PEARSON, 
Prime Minister of Canada; Dr. SAMPURNANAND, Governor of Rajastan, India; SHRI 
PARTAP SIN.GH KAIRON, Chief Minister of Punjab, India; ROBERT FRASER, Independent 
Television Authority, London: Mr. SARNOFF, President, National Broadcasting 
Company, New York, and so on. 

Thefollomngnotice was published in the official organ of the Vegan Society, Great Britain (September 1964): 

"The tragic loss of his 10-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter by what he came to 
know as unnatural nutrition, made Arshavir Ter Hovannessian make a deep study of diet — 
the result is in 'RAW-EATING, a booklet (7/2d) we are glad to have received from Tehran. 

"Fn a convincing way he destroys nearly all our preconceived ideas about diet, and even 
vegans, with their cooked foods, may feel a bit shaken. 

"There is no nonsense about synthetic vitamins and perhaps in his forthright adherence 
to raw food he may have shown the way round the bogey of vitamin B12 and other 'essential' 

"We cannot give his arguments, but in his daughter, six-year-old Anahit, who has never 
consumed a single morsel of cooked or degenerated food in her life, is striking proof of the 
efficacy of the diet he has evolved, and which we quote here..." 

They then print, in its entirety, the appendix given at the end of the book (pp. 56-58 of the present volume), as ; 
as Anahifs picture. 

DearMtAterhov, Wilmslow, 20th April, 1964. 

Thank you very much for your kindness in sending a copy of Raw-Eating'. I am sure the 
idea is basically sound and we know the immense remedial qualities 


Raw Eating 

of a raw food diet. 

If you like to send me a photograph of your lovely daughter Anahit (as on the back 
cover), I shall be glad to publish it in THE BRITISH VEGETARIAN later this year 
together with appendix from your book. 

GEOFFREY L. RUDD, Secretary & Editor, 

Malaga, May 28, 1965. 

Dear Friend, 

Please send us at once a dozen copies of your excellent book on Raw-Eating'. We will 
send remittance prompdy upon billing, at re-sale rates. We will be making a lecture tour of 
England & Wales this Autumn, and will hope to use the book to good advantage there. 

H.JAY DIN SHAH, President, 

The hie Dr. Bircher-Benner's son, Dr. RaphBkher,, inserted a six-page kxbgarticle in DER WENDEPUNKT, the 
organ of the Bircher-Benner Clinic in Zurich (May, 1964), under the title of '"AIles-oder-nichts-Eehren fiber Ernahrung" ( 
AIl-orNothing-Doctrine of Nutrition) , which may be roughly summarised as -follows: 

"In two different comers of the world two completely opposing doctrines of nutrition 
have been put forward. In California, an experimenter named Wirnitz has concocted an 
almost tasteless nutritional powder from a mixture of 48 chemicals. With this artificial 'food' 
he conducts experiments on 18 convicts and, without waiting for the results, he readily 
unfolds the prospective to journalists all too prematurely." After speaking a little more about 
the absurdities of that so-called scientist, the reviewer continues; 

"On the other hand, we have on our review table a small book with a totally opposite 
teaching on nutrition, representing an 'A.ll-or Nothing' standpoint: Aterhov y ^Raw-Eating The 
publication is endowed with solid reasoning, is written in excellent English and is a summary 
of two massive Armenian volumes. One perceives in it the presence of the son of the old high 
culture of Armenia. With no small self-confidence... he represents pure vegetable 
nourishment as the most natural and the only correct food for the human being, and in our 
compromise-seeking age he does this with such fresh, downright superhuman absoluteness that 
in all probability it would pay to translate that little book into German." 

jykrreaptuUngthe essen&dpoints of my conceptions one by one, the writer mentions certain sdentfic facts that speak in my favor; 

"Already forty years ago Walter Sommer wondered why Bircher-Benner had not gone so 
far in his perception as to declare raw food the only nourishment 


A. T. Hovannessian 

for man. In favor of Aterhov is the fact that according to the latest investigations (Reader's 
Digest, January, 1964) man has actually lived on (almost pure) raw vegetable nourishment for a 
million and a half years and thereby, one may assume, he has attained his highest natural 
development In favor of Aterhov are the striking realization of the present-day lack of balance 
between nutrients and vitamins, the 'stimulated hunger', the 'period of latency 
(Dammerungszone) in ill health, the role of 'terrain' in infectious diseases, the great economy in 
metabolism during fresh vegetable nutrition, the biological superiority of vegetable proteins, 
especially in raw food, the integrity of nutriments, which must never be upset, and the prospect 
of such nutrition in the face of world-wide shortage of foodstuffs.' 

According to the reviewer, men waver between those two extreme poles. In his opinion it 
would presumably be right never "to rest in the middle." And he advises the reader to stand 
much nearer to Aterhov than to Wirnitz. 

Ashingdon, Rochford, February 28, 1964. 

Dear Sir, 

Thank you for sight of your book Raw-Eating'. If you know our list of publications you will 
realise that we agree heartily with your fundamental premise. We are in complete sympathy with 
your point of view and inevitably, in the light of this Company's activities, agree with your 

We like your approach to the subject of food for children. It is very good indeed. It is so true 
that the young child has to have its natural taste for raw fruit deliberately diverted in favour of 
cooked foods. And we admire your comprehensive treatment of your subject, for within the space 
of 53 pages you have certainly brought to bear all the arguments in favour, whether from the 
point of view of healthful living, or of overcoming and/or preventing disease, and taking into 
account the medical and economic implications, even touching upon the ethical outcome for the 
world as a whole. 

...Unfortunately would-be benefactors to humanity do not receive acclamation and other 
(material) rewards unless they work through 'the establishment' Otherwise what could one not 
do with even a tenth of the hundreds of thousands of pounds that are donated for 'research' by 
scientists who very often only draw blanks after a time, even if the results have not actually 
done harm. 



Raw Eating 

' Mexico, D. F. April 23, 1 964. 

Dear Mr. Hovannessian: 

We have just received your book RAW-EATING' and only in a glimpse, I realize that it is 
quite interesting and that you are really doing a nice job trying to convince people that the best 
of all is to follow the dictates of Nature without the absurd modifications that mankind has done 
with it. 



Dear Friend, 

Friends House, April 13, 1964. 
Your book on Raw-Eating' came to Friends Service Council and I have been interested to 
read it. I shall be sending it on to the Library of Friends Vegetarian Society, where I hope it may 
be useful to others. Thank you for the good work you have been doing in your writing and in 
living this simple way with the raw natural foods. It seems to me a sign of hope for world feeding 
and for peace on earth. I believe it should make us more sensitive to spiritual light and help us 
to see God in all life. At present I am 'vegan' (vegetarian, not taking eggs, milk, etc.), so I 
value your suggestions, and I am thankful that more people are coming to see this as a right 
way of living. There are now various societies, religious and humanitarian, who are vegetarian 
and peace-loving, and these should help towards world unity. 

QUEENIEDAWE, Friends House, London. 

Dear Sir, 

Israel, 22nd January, 1965. 
After reading your book Raw-Eating', we would like to read your other books in English... If 
people would only think and understand that they can be healthier and happier without all the 
rubbish they are taking into their bodies! 

You are a prophet of our time. We pray to God your people and everybody in the world would 
listen to you. 

M. NEZAH, N.D., D.C, M.H., Doctor of Naturopathy. 

Dear Sir: 

I have read your book Raw- Eating' and I like it very much. It is very interesting in all 
aspects, for the food must be eaten as nature produces it. 

Your fundamental points are the same as those that I have sustained in my books and 
writings, long ago... I would like to translate it into Spanish, if you accept the idea. If you do not 
mind, please send me a copy for myself. I am 


A. T. Hovannessian 

doing a review of it for a Spanish magazine: Bionomia, published at Madrid, Spain... 

A. SEVER ON, Doctor of Naturopathy, Spam. 

Boston, July 5, 1966. 

Greetings Mr. Aterhov: 

Enclosed you will find ten dollars for seven of your booklets entitled Raw-Eating'. This 
will leave a balance of three dollars to cover the cost of mailing as many of your bulletin No. 
1 as you possibly can. 

We are very much interested in your bulletin No. 1 because it is our intention to mail a 
copy of it to the many people who write to us in regard to their health problems. We feel 
certain it will be a blessing to many people. 

We will appreciate it if you will give us permission to make mimeograph copies of your 
bulletin No. 1 since, of course, we would not consider doing this without your permission. If 
permission is given we will not add or subtract a single word. We are a Non-profit 
Organization and are sincerely desirous of helping suffering humanity find their way back to 
the health God intended us to have. We are convinced that you are also motivated by the 
same desire. 

I hope, dear Mr. Aterhov, you will give this your personal attention and let me hear from 
you by air mail as soon as it is convenient for you to do so. We will also appreciate it very much 
if you will enclose a few of your bulletin No. 1 in your air mail letter." 



Los Angeks, June 23, 1 966. 

My dear Frater: 

The writer recently came into possession of your ably written and enlightening book, 
titled Raw-Eating', and has very much enjoyed its perusal. He desires to offer you his 
sincere congratulations upon this learned presentation, and in particular for your 
courageous support and endorsement of eating uncooked, natural foods. 

This dietary procedure has for long been earnestly subscribed to, in fact, when engaged in 
the manufacture of electro-magnetic therapeutic instruments, he wrote several diets for 
physicians and nurses about 40 years ago or during 1926, that recommended a predominance 
of 'raw' foods in the daily diet... 

The writer also conducted lengthy research in the fields of electromagnetic 
emanations and radiations, and later in the vital subjects of agricultural chemistry, involving 
not only quantitative, but qualitative requirements to meet the alarming needs of humanity 


Raw Eating 

Before proceeding further, may we inquire if any of your previous volumes were written in 
English? It is observed that one of them was published in Armenian. If so, the writer would 
like to study same so as to ascertain a fuller degree of understanding your esteemed 
humanitarian work. 

By way of explication, may it be stated that the writer has devoted considerable time 
and effort to the completion of a comprehensive treatise, that is about concluded, tided The 
Supersensible Rescue of Man', that indeed covers a profound subject... 

Before ceasing this missive, may the writer state that your book is a valued contribution to 
mankind and deserves widespread reading and study? Man fails to reckon that plant life is the 
only satisfactory food factory, and that neither the animal nor he can exist without the 
plant, to create and provide in assimilable form the vital minerals and essences in an 
organic state for his sustenance. He seems to still regard 'raw' as unrefined, crude, unfit 
and unprepared for his use or enjoyment... 

As the great Dr. Alexis Carrel wrote several decades ago: 'Men cannot follow modern 
civilization along its present course, because they are degenerating. They have been 
fascinated by the beauty of the sciences of inert matter. They have not understood that their 
body and consciousness are subjected to natural laws, more obscure than, but as inexorable 
as, the laws of the sidereal (astral) world. Neither have they understood that they cannot 
transgress these laws without being punished. They must, therefore, learn the necessary 
relations of the cosmic universe, of their fellow men, and of their inner selves, and also those 
of their tissues and their mind. Indeed, man stands above all things. Should he degenerate, 
the beauty of civilization, and even the grandeur of the physical universe, would vanish.' 
Dr. Carrel often alludes to the fact that the building of more and more great hospitals does not 
overcome the necessity of dealing with causes rather than continuously dealing with effects alone. 

So we have much to do to educate humanity and to return to natural fundamentals, 
common sense and the fulfillment of our duties and responsibilities. 


Allegany, N. Y. October 28, 1966. 

Dear Mr. Aterhov, 

One of your books 'Raw-Eating' has come into my hands and I am greatly impressed by its 
contents; so much so, that I have adopted the Raw Eating regime. I have a farm here where I 
raise my own fruits, nuts and vegetables organically, and I am interested in helping other 
through Raw Eating to attain perfect health; so with this in mind I am sending you a bank 
draft for $20.00 to 


A. T. Hovannessian 

cover payment for 30 copies of your book. Also would appreciate several copies of your bulletin 
No. 1 to give out to my friends... 

I will do all I can to promote your book in this country as it has helped me find a good way 
to real health. I have a big following here in the United States and I am dedicated to the cause of 
GOOD HEALTH through right eating and living. I am a life member of the American Natural 
Hygiene Society. I intend to continue to spread the gospel of Raw-Eating' through your book 
and believe it will bring many more orders in greater quantities for your book. I have a beautiful 
farm here, and should you come to this country, you are welcome to come and stay as my guest. 

"Peace: Good Will Towards Men ", N. Y, U.S.A. 

Meadows of Dan, Sept. 1, 1966. 

Dear Friend, 

I am a vegetarian and raw fooder, I preach and teach this. I found your bulletin No. 1 in the 
Mount Zion Reporter and I cut it out and made a reprint to give out free... Did I trample on your 
feet by doing this without asking you, and do you give me the right to print more of these to give 
away free to my sick friend?... I have a precious book 'Nature The Healer' by John T Richter, but I 
need to see what you say. Please send me 'Raw-Eating', and if this is equal to Nature The Healer I 
will need many of them to give to my fellow men. I am a tract writer also, but I am not a doctor... 

Dec. 11, 1966. 
I was more than glad to receive the books along with your good letter... Friend, I think your 
book is tops; I was looking for a smaller one than Nature The Healer. There is no better work than 
enlightening people on the value of raw food. I think your book serves my needs now, as much as 
the larger book, and it brings out more good things also. Yes, I can use the books you sent... I 
need some more of your books. I am going on a missionary trip to Florida and I could use a lot 
of your books on this tour. I am out to spread raw-eating in this form, and I am also called upon to 
take certain cases over to get them on a raw diet. Right now a lady lies at point of death, almost 
given up to die by the doctors. She is begging me to assist her in getting on the diet, I hope to do 
this soon... 



Raw Eating 

Israel, August 22, 1966. 

Very Dear Mr. Aterhov, 

It is with great pleasure that today I finished reading your excellent book RAW-EATING'. 
If humanity will one day grasp the importance of natural food, this will be the beginning of a 
new era in the history of human life; it will simply be the PARADISE. 

With your permission, let me introduce myself. My name is Joseph Razon, I am 43 years 
old, came to Israel three years ago and work as a physician in the Kupat Holim Medical 
Organization. I do not feel happy in my routine daily work, because I am obliged to prescribe 
drugs (poisons). Though I try to prescribe the least possible amount (primum non nocere), I am 
not satisfied with my poison-pusher practice! I must work because I am a married man! My 
wife is from Teheran... Having read your book, I thought of writing to you and asking if you 
could send us some literature in the Persian language for my wife. I am sure that if she reads 
about natural food and its effect on the human organism, she will not dare to feed our child 
(we are expecting a baby) with dead elements! 

I would like to give you a few details about my activities in Istanbul a few years ago. I 
was the General Secretary of 'The Turkish Vegetarian-Hygienist Society' and was one of the most 
active members of the movement. There the Medical Organizations and the Chemical Industry 
saw a danger in our vegetarian movement for their poisons and as a Jew I was the feeblest 
point that they found easy to destroy. They did quite a lot of harm to my person and I was 
obliged to leave forever the country in which I was born, where I had studied and whose 
people I loved. But I had to come to Israel. Fortunately, here we can speak and write freely 
about vegetarianism and natural living. There are more than 20 naturopathic physicians and 
we have also a village of vegetarians, AMIRIM, near the city SATAD in the Galil 

A week ago I visited this place for the second time, I was feeling happy and wanted to 
stay and live there. But first of all I must convince my wife. Please, I beg you to send me 
some literature in Persian about the subject. 

It was a pleasure to look at ANAHIT's picture, so charming and healthy. One can feel her 
health by just looking at her picture. 

November 12, 1966 
It was a real pleasure to receive your very interesting booklet Raw-Eating' 
in its Persian version. I am grateful to you and hope that my wife will understand 
the subject better. I also hope that my child will be exempt from the harm of 
cooked, unnatural food!... In spite of my work in the medical organization I 
take care of people who want to follow a hygienic way of life. When I was in 
Turkey I was taking care of my patients as a natural hygienist. Now in Israel I 
have first to make a living, so I have to work in the medical organization. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

Sooner or later I shall have to work in the drugless field only. But without a health resort this 
won't be satisfactory enough, so together with some naturopathic physicians we are searching 
for people willing to help us! I hope that in the near future I'll tell you more about it. 

Dr. JOSEPH RAZON, Israel. 

Baldwin Park, Calif. April 14, 1966. 

Dear Friend: 

I was glad to see your article on Raw-Eating in the 'Mount Zion Reporter' of Jerusalem, 
Israel. The Editor is my brother. I am glad you told about your book in his paper. I am very 
interested in more literature on raw food, so I am sending my order, my first, as I intend to 
spread this much needed truth. 

June 20, 1966. 
I received your valuable books. They are just what I need... I value the books very much, 
and hope many people in different nations will find them as I was fortunate enough to do so... 

November 13, 1966. 
I am glad that I can now order some more of your books, Raw-Eating'. They are what people 
need. I wanted to send this order much sooner, but waited till I could spare the money. I think 
next time I can order sooner, as I have some things taken care of... I live alone, I will be 89 years 
old on the 5th of Feb. 1967, so I cannot get out with the books and sell them as a young person 
could. I am writing my name and address in the books and lending them to those who will read 
them. I want the books to move around so I cannot give them out to lie around someone's 
house... I have been trying to follow the natural food method as best I knew for nearly all the 
last two years. I worked in my garden all this forenoon, and I am not tired... 


Alberta, April 9", 1966. 

Dear Sir, 

I am reader of 'Mount Zion Reporter', and am interested in the article "Value of Raw Food. I 
am 75 years YOUNG, and naturally would like to benefit from the qualities of the raw food diet. I 
have been an athlete in earlier days — but dedicated to the cooked food diets. The trouble is to get 
the correct type of vegetables and fruits — free from mineral injections, here in Canada. 



Raw Eating 

Swansea, March 1, 1964. 

Dear Mr. Aterhov, 

Early in January, while watching the 'TONIGHT programme on my television set, I was 
electrified by a view of your book, and by hearing a few extracts read from it. I was very keen to 
have a copy of your book. So I wrote up to the B.B.C. for the necessary details of publisher, etc. 
Alas, I was informed, eventually, that it is unobtainable in this country. However, they sent 
me the only address they had, so I decided to write to you if only to thank you and wish you 
every success in spreading your message. I do agree, fervently, that food addiction is the most 
harmful of all vices. What a different world this could be, if humanity changed its eating 
customs as urged in your book. Your example is the highest effort for human good in the world 
today. Hail to you — the supreme Prophet of this age... 

April 29, 1964. 
What a happy day it was last Wednesday when your book and letter arrived. It has 
absorbed, and sometimes startled me. Above all, it has enlightened and inspired me anew. Since I 
was a child, when I memorized several quotations at Sunday school, I have sought the 
TRUTH. (And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free"). The quest led me 
through different churches, across to Rationalism and Socialism, then to Vegetarianism with 
Food Reform and Nature Cure and, ultimately to Theosophy with the only acceptable (to 
me) explanation of life's problems — Karma and Reincarnation. What a long, plodding journey it 
has been. And here, at last, looking at your book, I feel "THIS IS IT'. Thank you for such a 
wonderful gift, and treasure your letter also... 

February 3, 1966. 
It was a great joy to hear from you again, and to leam from your leaflet of the many 
successes achieved by those who are following your example... You will be interested to know 
about my own grandson. He had a nervous breakdown in 1964, and was in a Mental Hospital 
for a short period. Soon after he came out, I was able to send him a copy of your book... He 
took to Raw-Eating like a duck to water, and made a wonderful recovery. It changed his whole 
outlook and personality, and he is now making good headway in his studies. He is an art 
student at Manchester University. 



A. T. Hovannessian 

Southsea, February 20, 1964. 

Dear Sir, 

I would be obliged if you would give me details on how to obtain the book named 'RAW- 
EATING' by ATERHOV. The British Broadcasting Corporation in London gave me your 
address as they informed me that the book was not obtainable in Britian. I would very much 
like to have a copy. 

19thMarch, 1964. 
Very many thanks for your book on Raw-Eating' which I received last Thursday, the 12th 
March. The contents of your book were indeed a revelation to me, the most wonderful book I 
have ever read on the needs and requirements of the human being. I also thought how sincere and 
heart-warming the theme of the book was throughout. I appreciate the length of study and the 
time that must have gone into the effort of the devising and preparation of the book. This is a 
very poor expression of how I really feel about it and I will do my very best to get other people 
interested, but it will not be an easy task knowing what people are and how reluctant they are 
to change their habits, especially eating ones. Nevertheless, I will try my hardest to convince them 
and get them to send for your book... If you are interested, I will let you know from time to time 
how things are going... 

Mrs. V. M. SNELLING, England. 

Santa Rosa, November 27, 1964. 

Dear Sir, 

I had the pleasure of reading your book, 'Raw-Eating', and would like very much to have 
one for my own. After discussing it with two of my friends, they too, are interested in getting one, 
so I am enclosing a money order for $4.50 for three books... I am most anxious to receive these 
books... I am a 100 per cent 'raw fooder', and am spreading the good word among those who are 
interested. Raw foods have saved my life. 

January 21, 1965. 

Upon receipt of 1 5 copies of 'Raw-Eating' with invoice attached requesting the sum of 
$10.00, 1 am enclosing a bank draft... plus an additional $10.00 for 15 more copies of Raw-Eating' 

"I truly appreciate the opportunity to help people understand the necessity of eating raw 
foods, through this great work of yours. Thank you. 


Raw Eating 

February 2, 1965. 

A copy of 'Let's live' Magazine is yours to read Martin Reinecke's article, "Adventures in Raw 

This month's issue carries my letter telling how my husband and I began eating 1 00 per cent 
raw foods. We are most enthusiastic about this and will continue to help Martin promote this 
way of eating, as much as we can. 

Your own book, v Raw-Eating', is simply terrific. I am so pleased to distribute it among 
people who are seeking this knowledge. It is true that they are very few at the moment, but I 
believe that in time the understanding will come to many. Working quiedy with those who 
will listen is very satisfying. 

May 6, 1965. 
I received your letter requesting the back issues of 'Let's Live' but I am sorry the Health 
Food Store has sold all the copies. I am sending you the May issue and will continue sending 
the following issues unless you would like to take a subscription. 

I sent a copy of your letter to Martin Reinecke for correction of his February article as 

I will be interested to have a copy of your second volume when it is complete. I have had 
good success in selling your first volume and will want to keep some on hand. 

Mrs. HELEN M. BULBECK, California, U.S.A 

Venice, Calif., Sept. 29, 1964. 

Dear Mr. Aterhov, 

Thank you very much for two copies of your book "Raw-Eating' I enjoyed reading it very 

I stopped eating cooked food five months ago. I am 31 years old and feel very good. Every 
other day I run 2-5 miles on the beach, swim, hike in the mountains. Three weeks ago I hiked 
up Mt. Withney in one day. The round trip is 26 miles and the mountain itself is over 14,500 
feet high. My pulse rate is 58-60. I tell you all this to let you know that uncooked food is the 
answer to all the, sufferings of mankind. 

I might be very much interested in selling your book in the United States (and perhaps in 
Canada). Please let me know how much you ask for 500 or 1,000 copies... 

February 6, 1966 

My wife and I are now nearly two years on a 100 percent raw food diet with the very best 
results. Enclosed I am sending you an article, written by Shirley, my wife, and printed in 
'LET'S LIVE' magazine, July 1965. We permit you to use this article and the enclosed pictures. 
One of the pictures is that of 


A. T. Hovannessian 

a very dear friend of ours who is a raw fooder. He wrestles lions (African) barehanded, and 
these lions have all of their teeth and claws. MICKEY SOLOMON is his name. 

We never felt so good in our lives since we eat our food raw. Your book is the best book 
we own about raw foods, and we read your book often. We would like to spread the truth 
about raw food... We think that your wonderful book should be made available to many people. 
Enclosed is a $20.00 money order... 


Columbia, S .C '. January 7, 1965. 

Dear Mr. Hovanessian: 

I greatly enjoyed an article about your booklet RAW-EATING' in Let's Live Maga^ne- 
December 1964. 1 wrote to the author, Martin J. Fritz, and he advised me to write to the British 
Vegetarian Magazine and they in turn gave me your address... 


Extract jrom a letter mitten by a gentleman in Abadan, after reading my Persian book: 

Abadan, 25th July, 1965. 

Dear Mr. Aterhov, 

Your little booklet has brought about a great change in my mental outlook, so that I 
akeady regard myself as a raw-eater. I do not know how to thank you. It is no exaggeration to 
say that I owe my life to you. You are the Jesus of our time, giving life to the sick and the half- 
dead, and what a sweet life at that!... It seems incredible to me that one may read your book 
and not change one's way of life. 

SADARAT, Abadan, Iran. 

Folhwing the publication of my large volume in Armenian, raw-eating has beengaininga considerable folbmngin Soviet 

Erivan, 2¥> March, 1961. 

Dear Mr. Hovannessian, 

The Central Library of the Academy of Sciences of the Armenian SSR has received with 
thanks the first volume of your work entitled Raw-Eating'. 

24 th March, 1961 
In order to satisfy the demands of our numerous readers for your work entitled "Raw 
Eating", please send us five copies of the first volume, in view of 


Raw Eating 

the fact that the two copies already sent are always in circulation and considerable delays 
are incurred in meeting the demands of a great many readers." 

MECHERIAN, Director of the Completive Section. 

Erivan, 20th November, 1961. 

Dear Mr. Hovannessian, 

We have received ten copies of the first volume of your work entitled "Raw-Eating', 
presented to our library, for which we express our sincere gratitude. 

Erivan, 16th June, 1965. 
The Directorate of the State Library of Armenia wish to express their sincere gratitude for 
six copies of your book entitled 'Along the Paths of Raw-Eating', which you have presented to 
the Library. 

The number of people interested in raw-eating is gradually increasing and many of 
them wish to have your books. Could you possibly let us have a few more copies of your 



Subsequently I have often sent twenty to that)! copies of "my books to this library, without expecting any return or recompense. 
Generally speaking in the absence of private tradngfadlities I meet all requests for books received from the Soviet 
entirely free of charge, regardless of whether such requests come from public institutions or private individuals. 
'Extracts from a letter written by the eminent Armenian poet and patriot, Hovhannes, Shira%: 

Erivan, 4th January, 1962. 

Dear Ter Hovannessian, 

It was by mere chance that I came across your admirable book entitled "Raw-Eating'. You 
are destined to become the great savior of the whole of this half-witted mankind. Your 
discovery, raw-eating, is as great as that of great Darwin; indeed, it is greater and more 
humanitarian, nay, I should say more philanthropic, than all the great discoveries of preceding 
centuries. But, alas, there is an invincible rock standing in front of you. If only this blind 
infant, this so-called mankind, which has been deceived for thousands of years, were to come 
to its senses, abandon the fire and follow you along the prudent path that you have opened, 
there would vanish the beast from within the man. But 


A. T. Hovannessian 

mankind, with all this multitude of races and tribes, still clings fast to the fire, as the moss clings 
to the rock. It does not abandon its death-bringing cooked food, and will not abandon it yet... 
Nevertheless, I kiss your sorrowful brow and rejoice at the thought that you were born an 
Armenian. You are indeed immortal..." 


Right from his childhood the miter of the following letter, a young student, had suffered from a great many diseases, including 
measles, scarlet fever, mumps (parotids), malaria, angina, various colds and catarrhs, earache, toothache, constipation, 
diarrhoea, haemorrhoids, appendicitis and chronic inflammation of the gall-bladder (choleystitis) . Today raw-eating has relieved him 
from all those sufferings, for which he expresses his gratitude in the following lines: 

Erivan, 5th February, 1964. 

My dear teacher, I am at a loss for words to express the feeling of gratitude and admiration that 
I have been entertaining towards you for months now, because all words seem ridiculously 

By a single magic move you came to end the nightmare that haunted my life, just as, no 
doubt, you will do the same for other people as well, until the very cause of that nightmare is 
eradicated-thanks to you. 

You came to dispel that open-eyed blindness, that sharp-eared deafness and that unconscious 
madness into which I was immersed, like everybody else. , . 

You came with a magic lamp to portray against the vault of heaven that countenance which 
was truly mine and about which until then I was only able to dream and surmise. 

I bow before your shining figure and greet you as the man to whom I owe more than I have 
ever owed to anyone else. 

I bow before your shining figure and greet you as the hero whose name is today constantly on 
the lips of those whom he has saved, but tomorrow it will be on the lips of all. 

I bow before your shining figure and greet you as a crusader for real civilization, real science, 
real progress, and as a fighter for a bright, civilized, scientific future. 


Erivan, 29th March, 1964. 

Dear Hovannessian, 

Just a few lines to let you know that raw-eating has had another recruit, whose reason for 
adopting the new form of nutrition is based not upon any feeling of despair caused by some 
illness or other, but upon the ideals inspired by your great thoughts. 


Raw Eating 

I must confess that there are a number of obstacles in my way, because my father is a 
biologist, while my brother is a doctor, and in my family I am the only one who feeds on a 
different (normal) diet. It is now nine months that I have changed over to the new method 
of nutrition and I am enjoying excellent health. It seems to me that letters such as this, 
coming to you from all the corners of the globe, will multiply in geometrical progression 
and that you will not have the leisure to read the lines of gratitude addressed to you. Your 
discovery will go down in history, just as the discovery of Columbus has... 

18th June, 1965. 
I am writing from Leningrad. I am continuing my studies in the Conservatoire 
here. Being always with you, I send you my best wishes, confident in the belief that time is 
on your side. The medical examinations conducted on me by my brother always give 
satisfactory results. I feel very well indeed, while my weight keeps on increasing slowly, 
but surely. 


Erivan, 6thjanuary, 1965. 

Dear Mr. Hovannessian, 

It is now six months that I have been practicing raw-eating. Having full knowledge of the 
wonderful reception accorded to your book in every part of the world, I do not wish to 
enter into details and repeat the usual eulogies. Without doubt the conception of raw- 
eating is the greatest victory achieved by the human mind during the whole course of 

I do not want to write about my personal experiences, because, having read the 
extracts quoted by you from various letters of appreciation, I realize that my reactions are 
in full accord with the reactions experienced by other consumers of natural foodstuffs. 

Of special significance are the psychological changes that immediately follow, if indeed 
they do not precede, the physiological reactions. 

Allow me to thank you for the unique gift that you have presented to mankind. 


Christmas message 'from ayoung lady in Moscow. 

Moscow, 20th December, 1964. 

Dear Mr. Aterhov, 

It is with pleasure that I send you the greetings of the season, together with my 
personal thanks and my best wishes for the victory of your great and humanitarian work. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

Your follower, who has recovered from her long and serious heart disease. 
Subsequently, in a letter qftmpqges shegves the 'Jullstory cfher illness andrecovery, tfwhichthefolkmngisa 

31 st March, 1965. 

I changed over to raw-eating in November, 1963. Since then I have never had a moment 
of doubt. In those days I already had a history of heart disease stretching over a period of nine 

But let me start from the beginning. When I was eight or nine years old I had an attack of 
rheumatism. After that about ten times a year I used to contract laryngitis, influenza and colds 
of every description, which generally lasted six to ten days. Gradually chronic tonsillitis 
developed. At the age of fourteen doctors discovered mitral valve lesion in my heart and later they 
found rheumatic carditis. At fifteen they removed my tonsils. I continually suffered from 
prolonged heart pain, neuritis, debility and insomnia. The short sleep that followed hours of 
torment was attended by terrifying nightmares. When I woke up in the night, I dreaded the 
darkness. On the whole, I used to spend three or four months of the year in bed. It was with 
considerable difficulty that I climbed a single flight of stairs; I was always deprived of walks, 
physical exercises, swimming, traveling, reading, and a great many other pleasures and recreations. 

I was always under the care of doctors. They used to 'cure' me by means of pyramidon, 
aspirin, antibiotics, analgesics, vasodilators, soporifics and other similar drugs. My organism kept 
on protesting in a surprising manner against those measures and my condition gradually grew 
worse. Being convinced of the inefficacy of such remedies, I finally dispensed with them all. 

Please forgive me for occupying your attention with such minute details. It seems to me that 
they will interest you, especially as the change took place in an astonishing manner. I gave up 
cooked meals without any difficulty. Raw nourishment awakened in me a pleasant feeling of 
internal purification and lightness. Almost overnight my heart stopped worrying me. Whereas 
formerly I used to feel pains in the region of the heart not merely once a week, but almost 
EVERY DAY and that for HOURS ON END, in the first year of my raw-eating I did not take to 
my bed for a single day, and the pains in my heart were limited from six to eight MOMENTARY 
pangs of little consequence. For a year and a half now I have not had a SINGLE attack of 
influenza or cold. In the very first months my headaches COMPLETELY VANISHED. But the 
greatest miracle for me was the fact that I began to fall asleep within A FEW MINUTES of 
retiring to bed. My capacity for work increased; my former dissipation, nervous tension and 
irritability disappeared. 


Raw Eating 

In the autumn I made a journey to Armenia and worked in the "Matenadaran' (the 
Manuscript Repository). What a joy it was to walk twenty- five to thirty kilometres a day in the 
mountains and then return home with full readiness to repeat the performance at once. I 
became a free human being, whom nature admitted into her bosom at last. This is a great 
happiness indeed, for which once again I should like to express my sincere gratitude. 

Moscow, 16th August, 1965. 

My health continues to give me every satisfaction, especially as my organism has 
endured quite severe trials of mental and nervous strain (hypertension), as well as 
considerable physical fatigue sustained during mountain journeys. 

I shall soon complete the second year of my raw-eating. I can never think of retreating 
from raw-eating any more. The questions that I have put to you are purely for enlightenment 
and must not create in you the least doubt regarding my future. Above all, for me the physical 
aspects of the question are of less importance than the spiritual bases, which have always been 
firm and unshakable. 


As my books are not easily obtainable in the Soviet Union, convinced raw-eaters there translate summaries of my 
publications into Russian and distribute duplicated copies of them amongtheir friends and acquaintances. Many people then copy 
those summaries from each other. The following is a portion of a long letter written by an elderly Russian lady living in the 
district of Moscow: 

Khimki, April 25, 1965. 

I cannot express or, rather, I am unable to find the proper words with which to express 
my boundless gratitude to you. There is no reward in this world worthy enough to recompense 
your sacred labor for the salvation of the body and soul of mankind, your 'RAW-EATING'. I 
bow before you and not only before you, but also before the person who brought me this 
precious recipe for health, comprising several passages extracted from your book. Personally I 
have not been fortunate enough to see your book My friend — a former teacher — had copied 
them out not from your book directly, but from a notebook of a friend of hers — also a former 
teacher, and it is this lady who is now writing you these lines, because my own eyesight is poor. I 
can see with only one eye and that by the help of a magnifying glass, otherwise I should have 
thanked you very much earlier. 

I began my practice on the 15th of February and since then I have consumed no 
cooked food, not even bread... I shall be ninety on August 15, 1966. 1 am more vigorous than 
all my friends, and this fact is attested by others, too. 



A. T. Hovannessian 

Sundsvall, August 12, 1965. 

Dear Mr. Hovannessian, 

My aunt and her husband, who are both doctors in Erivan, Danielian by name, write to me 
that they have derived a great deal of benefit from your recommendations and warmly exhort 
me to adopt your method of nutrition and cure. Hence, in my turn I should like to ask if you 
could send me a copy of your work entitled 'Raw-Eating', for which I thank you in advance. 

I am a gynaecologist from Istanbul. For the last two years I have been working in a 
hospital in Sundsvall, Sweden. It is with great interest and pride that I shall read your book 
and your instructions, from which many people have already obtained so much benefit." 


Moscow, November 19, 1966. 

Dear Mr. Aterhov, 

I am surprisingly delighted at the clearness and simplicity of your thoughts. Is it really 
possible to expound such a great discovery in such a simple manner? '0 man! Nature has created 
and nourished you and your cells with raw food. So long as you are not fully acquainted with 
the structure and the functional activities of those cells, do not disturb their work by means of 
various unnatural, poisonous substances.' This is a prophetic thought, and yet how can one help 
wondering at its sublime simplicity? 

My wife and I are both post-graduate students. I am a physicist and she is a physician. 
We are highly interested in your work... 


Jermook, March 6, 1966. 

Hail to you, O scientist of scientists! Hail to you, O teacher of humanity! 

I am a doctor's assistant at the Health Resort of Jermook in Armenia. I have been 
practicing raw-eating since the 4th of November, 1965, having been convinced by your book. I 
am sure that I shall be cured by the method you propagate. Ever since 1947 I had been 
suffering from rheumatism, polyarthritis and disorders of the coronary arteries. Since 1963 my 
health had deteriorated still further, owing to a sever inflammation of the kidneys, from 
which I was able to obtain only partial relief by eating water-melons. 

From the sixth day of raw-eating I felt severe pains in my joints, but they ceased 
subsequently... During the reactions incident to raw-eating I did not experience the swelling of 
the joints that formerly accompanied every attack of arthritis. Nor did I suffer from the 
paroxysms of fever and dropsy that used to 


Raw Eating 

make their appearance whenever the condition of my kidneys was aggravated. Now I enjoy a 
really sound sleep and my pulse rate has dropped from 120-140 to 90-100 beats per minute 
(under conditions of strain). Gone are the nighdy pains in my heart, the dandruff on my head 
and the perspiration on my feet. I have already lost five kilos in weight and my rheumatic 
pains have vanished. I feel quite well and my strength keeps on increasing. 

My wife and, my six-year old son, too, are adopting raw-eating. I will bring up my third 
son — now a month old — in the same way as you have brought up your daughter Anahit. 

My dear teacher, I have been working as a doctor's assistant for eighteen years and now 
at the age of thirty-seven I am about to complete a correspondence course at the 
Pedagogical Institute. Yet it is in your book that I have at last found the answers to a 
number of problems that have been tormenting me for long — answers which I could not 
find anywhere else. "One of those problems is why babies cannot walk like the young of 
animals from the first day of their birth. I am now convinced that the reason for this and for 
a great many other physiological defects in children is to be sought in the cooked food 
consumed by their parents and ancestors. In my view after three or four generations of 
raw-eaters all those defects will have been eliminated. 

"Now I intend to carry out various investigations by bringing up a number of different 
animals both by raw-eating and by other systems of nutrition. My wife, who is a physician, 
will help me in this experiment... In other questions I feel confident that I shall attain success 
by taking your teachings as a basis. 


My eldest sister lives in Erivan. I regularly send her large parcels of books, which she presents to those who are seriously 
ill or who are convinced raw-eaters. Here are a jew extracts from her numerous letters: 

My dear Arshavir, I know that this letter will give you a great deal of pleasure. Raw- 
eating is making rapid progress both in Erivan and in the provinces. Not a day passes 
without someone ringing or visiting me. They come to seek advice or to ask for books. I 
present your books to those who are really in need. There is a limidess demand for books, 
which pass from hand to hand and are soon reduced to tatters. I am very worried at your habit 
of sending free books to all who ask. How can you bear such crushing expenses? 

You cannot realize how many patients are cured by raw-eating, who simply worship you. 
People here are all humanitarians like you. As soon as somebody regains his lost health, he 
takes upon himself the task of curing his sick relatives and thus five or six others recover from 
serious disorders. They then come to me and narrate their experiences. People who could not 
move a step are now able to walk dozens of kilometers. 


A. T. Hovannessian 

One of those patients had been suffering from oedema of the hands and feet for twenty 
years, and weighted no less than 115 kilograms. After adopting a raw-eating diet, he lost 10 
kilograms in 20 days. His son said, 'My father, who was formerly not able to move his hands 
and feet, now walks like a child.' They continually bless you and Anahit. Another patient had 
been suffering from inflammation of his vocal chords, with an almost total loss of his voice. 
He has now completely recovered his health after a raw-eating diet of only a month and a 
half. Again, a young man of 28 had suppuration of the kidneys, accompanied with 
general dropsy of his whole body. His condition was so serious that all hope had been 
abandoned for him, but he is now quite well thanks to raw-eating. There are so many 
similar cases that it is quite impossible to write about them all. According to their own 
estimates, in Erivan alone there are now 2,500 raw-eaters, many of whom had long been 
seriously ill, but are now enjoying perfect health. People are cured of diseases of the 
heart, salty concretions, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, inflammation of the kidneys, 
the liver and the gall-bladder, calculi and a great many other very serious disorders. 

I was very ill myself. I suffered from high blood pressure with ringing in the ears and I 
had inflammation of the liver. My nose used to bleed two or three times a day, I felt weak 
and I slept badly. My heart was in such a bad state that every night I wondered whether I 
should see daylight again. But now I sleep so fast that I do not hear the family go to work 
in the morning. Indeed, they sometimes feel anxious when I get up too late, thinking that I 
must be ill. I have slimmed quite a lot and no matter how much I walk, I do not feel tired— 
to the great surprise of everybody. 

Raw-eaters cultivate friendly relations with one another. One evening I was invited to 
the home of the Colozians.* There were thirty-two complete raw-eaters, in addition to 
their own family of four. Words fail me to describe the welcome that I received from 
them. They had prepared a most beautiful and sumptuous table, loaded with appetizing raw 
salads, five or six kinds of extremely delicious raw tarts, one of which they had named 
Anahit, a special "pilau' of Indian corn decorated with honey and dried fruit soaked in 
water, and all kinds of fresh fruits and nuts. At the end they brought in a savory dish of 
mixed wheat, oats, walnuts, raisins and honey. 

*Mr. Colo^an is a veteran painter in Erivan. The story of his family is very interesting indeed He himself had been 
sufferingfrom chronic stomach ulcer, accompanied with hemorrhage. Re/usingto accept medicine in hospital, he changed over to raw- 
eatingand completely recovered from his illness. His wfe had a fungus infection (blastomycosis) . Ajier four months qfraw- 
eatingher nails began to grow and her cough disappeared Their daughter married, passed her pregnancy on raw-eating and gave 
birth to her child without a trace of bleeding. She is now bringing up her child on raw nourishment. 


Raw Eating 

All the guests were highly-educated people: doctors, artists, musicians and lecturers. 
They drank your health and mine, and made several speeches. The toasts were drunk with 
honey and rose-water. Finally it transpired that it was the thirtieth anniversary of Mr. And 
Mrs. Colozian's wedding. 

A fair number of doctors have become raw-eaters. A young physician and his wife, who 
was also a doctor, came to see me from the Health Resort at Jermook They told me that they had 
forty to fifty patients a day, all of whom needed your books. They assured me that the demand 
for your books might run into thousands. The doctor at Spitak had delivered a lecture about 
cholera, at the end of which he had spoken about raw-eating and had advised his audience to 
obtain a copy of your book and, after reading it carefully, to put its recommendations into 

A venerable doctor of sixty-four came to me from Kirovakan. He told me that he had 
been seriously ill, but that, together with is wife, he had adopted raw-eating over a year ago and 
as a result he had recovered his health. He also told me that the Director of the Chair of 
Nutritional Hygiene in the Erivan Institute of Medicine, Dr. A. Harootiunian,* had given a 
lecture at Kirovakan in the presence of doctors, patients and, above all, raw-eaters. At the 
end of the lecture, the question of raw-eating had come up for discussion. A number of raw- 
eaters, who had been lying in hospitals for months on end without any result and had now been 
cured by raw-eating had demanded that their hospital records should be examined and 
appropriate comparisons, be made with their present condition. They had also wished to know 
why the speaker had publicly criticized raw-eating without examining the relevant facts. One 
of the raw-eaters had even stood up and asked the Kirovakan doctor if he recognized him. Upon 
receiving a negative reply, he had continued: 'I am the patient whose case you regarded as 
quite hopeless and whom you discharged from your hospital to die at home. And today, thanks 
to raw-eating, I am in perfect health.' The doctor had stood dumbfounded." 


*Thisgenttmanhadpmwusyhsertdanartkkintfanms^ Erivan (1964, No. 

1 71), in which without entirely denying the benefits of raw-eating he had restricted its use to limited cases of certain diseases 
only, and at the same time he had eulogized the pernidous animal 'proteins and ' artifdal vitamins. Finally, he had warned his 
readers not to feed on naturalfoodstuffs without a doctor's advice. To 

these assertions I have already given a crushing reply in my Armenian work entitled "Along the Paths of Raw-eating". 


A. T. Hovannessian 

Erivan, November 20, 1966. 

Dear Mr. Hovannessian, 

In the beginning of last October quite by chance I came across a copy of your book entitled 
'Along the Paths of Raw-eating' (1965), which was entrusted to me for one day only My pen is 
unable to describe the thrill and fascination with which I read your book from cover to cover, 
point by point. At the very first instant there vanished from within me the past, when year by 
year I had been walking towards my last abode with the mark of the false man stamped on 
my face... 

Even before I had finished reading the book, I sent to the devil all the degenerated food 
and the bottles and capsules of medicines that had been my constant companions until the happy 
moment when I read your MASTERLY treatise. This was on the 8th of last October, on my 
sixty-first birthday — a day that will never be forgotten thanks to your wonderful present, which I 
readily accepted to become your devoted follower, a raw-eater. You can well surmise the 
changes that have taken place in my shattered organism from that day to this... For years past I 
had been dragging on a miserable existence under the crushing burden of a number of 
diseases. In particular, the strangling goiter and the unbearable sciatica had banished sleep from 
within my eyes. As for the condition of my heart, I leave it to you to guess. 

Having freed myself from the ruthless clutches of disease, I have become a vigorous, 
active and energetic person. All day long I run about without a support, like a deer on the 
mountains... I cannot find worlds to express my gratitude to you, my unselfish, my TALENTED 
brother. Please accept the warm greetings of your distant sister, who is so proud that he bears 
your surname — Ter Hovannessian. 

Until my regeneration every hour the palpitations of my heart gave me constant warnings 
of the impending stroke, which I had come to regard as a "happy' form of speedy death. But 
now I wish to live in order that I may hear with my own ears the name of my gifted brother on 
the lips of all the peoples of the world... YOUR WORK IS JUST; POISONOUS 


These and thousands of other letters received from raw-eaters of various nationalities all 
over the world prove that those patients who stop the use of drugs and cooked food are 
immediately and invariable cured of every kind of disease once for all. 

The newspaper "AV AN GUARD", which is published in Erivan, the capital of Soviet 
Armenia, writes in one of its issues (1964, No. 98): "A number 


Raw Eating 

of engineers, musicians and painters, all of whom are men of learning, have become raw-eaters. 
They assure you that they feel so light and healthy that they do not perspire and do not feel the 
palpitations of their hearts." 

The Moscow journal called "SCIENCE AND LIFE" confesses in its March, 1965 issue that 
there are many raw-eaters amongst its readers, who have been cured of various diseases and 
have informed the editors of the full details of their recovery. 

In the circumstances one cannot understand why biologists and other responsible 
authorities do not take active measures to implement the principles of raw-eating Why do they 
hesitate when the way has been found to reach their final goal of freeing mankind from diseases 
and ensuring a happy life for everybody? If they choose, they can cure every sick person within 
two months and empty the hospitals of their patients. It is the duty of every noble person to ask 
them whether they wish to achieve this aim or not. 

I solemnly declare to the whole world that HENCEFORTH THE PRESCRIPTION OF 


— -| r. r I • 

The hrst raw-edter or the twentieth century, 

ten-year old Anahit, Aterhov's daughter, who 

has never consumed a single morsel of cooked 

or other degenerated food in her life.